Club Penguin Unlockables

Unlock all Medals in Missions
Unlock each medal by completing the required mission.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Golden Puffles MedalUnlock by finding Aunt Arctic's two disoriented puffles in mission 1.
Wilderness Survival MedalUnlock by surviving yourself in the wild with the materials used in mission 2.
Electromagnet MedalUnlock by removing the giant magnet on top of the gift shot in mission 3.
Golden Tube MedalUnlock by rescuing the distressed penguins on top of the ski mountain in mission 4.
Gold Investigation MedalUnlock by capturing the crab and finding the remains of the polar bear fur in mission 5.
Golden Box MedalUnlocked by receiving credits that you thought outside the box in mission 6.
Silver Watch MedalUnlocked by repairing the clock tower quickly in mission 7.
Boiler Spoiler MedalUnlocked by perfecting the plumbing system in mission 8.
Stealthy Spy Surveillance MedalUnlocked by camera coverage in mission 9.
Secret Squad Success MedalUnlocked by managing other multi-members in mission 10.