Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Tips

Ultimate Walkthrough
I am going to give you my ultimate walkthrough of Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force. It shall tell rewards on the way. Let us begin.

Mission 1:The Mystery Unfolds

Head to the coffee shop and read the newspaper. Eventually a blue hairball called a puffle appears. Take the paper it has. The blue puffle now follows you. Give the penguin this paper. Go to the Snow Forts(out the coffee shop then go right). Tap the snowman(note it moved). Another paper received. Now we'll use the puffles ability. First tap your blue puffle. Now tap the hat stuck on the clock. That puffle will throw a snowball at it. Give the hat to the penguin like back at the coffee shop.

Reward Earned: disguise

Proceed right(to the plaza). Tap the mailbox there. Another paper. Now proceed to town and head left(to the dock). Tap the tubes. The last piece. Now combine them to lead a trail to the light house. Go in the light house. Now tap the barell closest to you. The mysterious D shows up. You have a long talk. You discover the puffle is Bouncer and is an Elite Puffle that was looking for you.

Mission complete!
Reward Earned: map
Puffle Earned: blue

Mission 2: Left to your own devices

Go to the dojo on your map. Talk to D. She'll give you a pin. Tap the pin in your inventory. Drag it to the 2nd wall right of the door. find the place the pin goes. You automatically go in the secret entrance and meet the director.Then you meet PH with a red puffle. Observe the red puffle, Blast. Now break the second crate. Simply tap Blast and then the crate. Talk to PH. Go to the ski village PH marked on your map. Now you also get a whistle.

Reward Earned: Puffle Whistle

Go in the sport shop. hold the computerized mouse on the curtain closest to the entrance. When alllocks are gone go in. Tap the closet in this room.

Answer: 3000

Go in. You have a long talk. Tap the two gadget pieces. Tap one of them in the inventory. Now tap the other.

Reward Earned: Spy Gadget

Use Blast to destroy the crate in the room. Tap the Gadget. Now tap it in the inventory. Now on the Spy Gadget. Tap your Spy Gadget. Tag the weird font. Now the ones on the screen. Don't have to read, lets get to the metal box in the table center.

Pattern: red, blue, blue, red, red, blue

Take the antenna. Put on your Spy Gadget the antenna. Tap the Spy Gadget. Tap the new useable item. Tap D. Have this long talk. You get another long talk.

Mission Complete!

To be continued...