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Clock Tower 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Clock Tower 3 cheat codes.


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Extra hiding place in concert hall
When escaping from Sledgehammer in the concert hall, if you cant make it to the curtain on the stage Alyssa can duck down behind the reception desk and can not be seen. Keep her crouched/crawling to make sure sledgehammer doesnt catch her.
Get Rid Of Moths
When the moths get near you just use holy water on them. but, if you don't want to use it, just keep pressing X until Alyssa gets them off.
never panic
once you die highlight continue press "triangle,circle,square,L1,R2,X" enter this 3 times and your panic meter will never fill up
Tips to beat Lord Borroughs
Heres what I did. Save all special arrows from the first one you get to the last one you get. Shoot him with moderately charged arrows and move a couple steps sideways. Repeat and keep Alyssa moving in only in a little area. Every time you shoot him with a moderately charged arrow it will cancel his attack. When he says "There`s no escape!" you should run a few steps away from where you were, that way you won`t be trapped in the red ooze. When he makes a grunty noise like "WHOO-A-HAAA", that means he`s gonna unleash a purple orb that chains you to the ground. When chained down he will try to throw more orbs to chain you even more. If he chains you down with 3 chains, its an instant death. To avoid this power attack, try to run away and Alyssa will get jerked off her feet, hopefully evading an orb. Also try to be on opposite sides of the screen at all costs. If not, he will slash you with his powerful broadsword. Not fun.
I hope this helps! XOXO ALY


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Alternate costumes
Successfully complete the game. Load the saved game to start a new game with a key in your inventory that will open the closet in Alyssa's room, allowing five different costumes to be worn.
Alternate game
Successfully complete the game. Load the saved data to play a more difficult version of the game.
Art Gallery
After beating the game, you can also access artwork featuring character and pre-production area designs. To access the art gallery, press R1 when in the cinema viewer.
Concert Hall Safe Password
Since Clock Tower 3 is infamous for not giving you enough time to do ANYTHING before each bad guy shows up, here's the code for the Concert Hall Safe. This should save you some time so that you can get the Master Key right away should you need to exit the building to escape from Hammer Man. The passcode is 103.
Concert Hall Safe Password / Additional
Note that you still have to get the memo on the safe password before you can enter it into the Concert Hall Safe. It's just a quick trip behind the curtain in the Concert Stage area. Pull the lever at the end and when the gantry lowers down, pull the memo off the dead man and hurry to the lobby to enter 103 as the code.
Hiding Spots
The following is a list of some of the areas Alyssa can use for hiding from the Subordinates. Many of these are essential for keeping them off your tail during your item searches. Keep in mind that most of these require Alyssa to be unseen entering them if they are to be effective. So if you have a Subordinate on your tail, splash them with your Sacred Bottle just outside the hiding spot area to blind them. If they see Alyssa go in, she's toast.


Phone Booth, Street
Tailor Shop, Lobby Curtain
Music Hall, Behind Stage Curtain
Music Hall, Locker


Fish Tank Room, Behind Fish Tank
Hatchway Area, Underground
Mausoleum, East Portal, Chopper Shed
Item Lists
The following is a list of panic items, battle items and required game items for Clock Tower 3. Keep in mind that this may not be a complete list, as it's completely possible I missed a healing item or arrow somewhere. However, all the required items to finish the game are there.

Intro (Alyssa’s House)

Lavender Water / Alyssa’s Room
Sacred Bottle / Fireplace Tunnel

Chapter One (Sledgehammer Stage)

Engagement Ring / Phone Booth, Street
Sigil Stone / Engagement Ring Ghost
Gold Fountain Pen / Waterfront, Cafe Area
Invisibility Band / Fountain Pen Ghost
Lavender Water / Waterfront, Tailor Area
Lavender Water / Tailor Shop, Lobby Desk
Red Drawer Key / Tailor Shop, Bedroom Desk
May’s Room Key / Tailor Shop Work Area, Red Drawer
Invitation / Tailor Shop, May’s Room
Safe Code / Music Hall Stage Elevator, Dead Man
Master Key / Music Hall, Lobby Safe
Matches / Music Hall Storage Room, Coat Pocket
Lavender Water / Music Hall, Second Floor Niche
Pliers / Music Hall, Plank Area Above Stage
Repellant Arrow / Tailor Shop, Wire Door Room, Chair
Pocket Watch / Tailor Shop, Wire Room Fireplace, Box
Clover Of Love / Sledgehammer

Intermission A (Alyssa’s House)

Dick’s Room Key / Dennis
Winding Keys / Dick’s Room, Portrait

Chapter Two (Corroder Stage)

Lavender Water / Fountain Yard, Near Fence
Teddy Bear / Street, Trashcan
Sigil Stone / Teddy Bear Ghost
Kitchen Key / Dining Room
Half Heart Pendant / Dining Room
Invisibility Band / Heart Pendant Ghost
Dick’s Desk Key / Fountain Yard, Ground

Intermission B (Alyssa’s House)

Strange Mask / Dick’s Desk
Repellant Arrow / Dick’s Office, Mask Room
Film / Dick’s Office, Mask Room, Box

Chapter Two (Corroder Stage, Continued)

Hidden Switch Photo / Photographer Corpse, Ghost
Invisibility Band / Albert’s Workshop
Toolbox Key / Albert’s Workshop, Store Room
Hexagonal Wrench / House, Second Floor, Toolbox
Daughter’s Letter / Sewer Area
Lavender Water / Sewer Area
Binding Arrow / Daughter’s Letter Ghost
Shawl / Dam Tunnel
Repellant Arrow / Dam Area Escape Hall
Clover Of Courage / Corroder

Chapter Three (Chopper Stage)

Lavender Water / Intro Cavern
Worker’s Key / Fish Tank Room
Sigil Stone / B3 Elevator Area
Crowbar / B2 Elevator Area
Invisibility Band / B1 Elevator Area
Rubber Gloves / B1 Elevator Area
Spectacles / Hatchway Area, Rock
Card Key / Spectacle Ghost
Repellant Arrow / Card Key Room

Sub Level A (Mausoleum)

Lavender Water / Rooder Area
Lavender Water / East Portal, Chopper Shed
Compass Of Shadows / East Portal, Lion Statue Puzzle, Pedestal
Earth Rooder Stone / West Portal, Air Rooder Chamber
Repellant Arrow / West Portal, Earth Rooder Chamber Hall
Sea Rooder Stone / West Portal, Earth Rooder Chamber
Repellant Arrow / West Portal, Sea Rooder Chamber Hall
Sky Rooder Stone / West Portal, Sea Rooder Chamber
Compass Of Light / West Portal, Rooder Stone Puzzle
Binding Arrow / Compass Portal
Old Rooder Arrow / Compass Portal
Clover Of Hope / Chopper

Chapter Four (Scissor Duo Stage)

Photo Of Mother / Intro Hospital Room, Stand
Lavender Water / Hospital Lobby, Couch
Invisibility Band / Mother Photo Ghost, Crutch Man
Labeled Key A / Hospital Lobby Desk
Looking Glass / Second Floor, Patient Room
Release Form / Mirrored Area, Second Floor Patient Room
Lavender Water / Mirrored Area, Second Floor, Cabinet
Photo Of Child / Mirrored Area, First Floor Patient Room
Labeled Key C / Mirrored Area Bathroom
Repellant Arrow / Child Photo Ghost, Nurse
Labeled Key B / Second Floor, Cabinet
Sigil Stone / Release Form Ghost, Prisoner

Chapter Five (Clock Tower Castle)

Lavender Water / Clock Tower Gate
Repellant Arrow / Clock Tower Lobby
Repellant Arrow / Clock Tower Lobby
Binding Arrow / Clock Tower Lobby, Behind Staircase
Charred Skull / Kitchen, Inside Oven
N Crest / Library, Behind Bookshelves
Lavender Water / Library, Table
A Crest / Kitchen, Fireplace
Repellant Arrow / Charred Skull Ghost
D Crest / Burroughs’ Portrait Room
Invisibility Band / Dungeon Area

Chapter Six (Final Stage, Burroughs Battle)

Binding Arrow / Top Of Tower, Gear Area
Repellant Arrow / Top Of Tower, Ledge Area
Final Clover / Dennis
Rooder Sword / Broken Statue Of Mother
Lavender Moths
To get those annoying little moths off your case, you can splash them with Sacred Water to kill them. Note that it is usually a good idea to get rid of them as soon as they appear, because they will temporarily stop Alyssa's progress, making her easy prey for subordinates.
Panic Meter Hint
With no real weapons (aside from the refilable Holy Water) to defend herself with, Alyssa must, instead flee confrontations and find smart places to hide in order to keep her 'Panic Meter' down. If she its maxium panic she will become to freaked out an it becomes harder to control her. You can lower her Panic Meter by hiding in safe spots.

Note- If you get swiped in Maxium Panic you will die.
Panic Mode
When Alyssa's panic meter starts to rise, you've got to keep a good tab on it depending on what kind of situation you're in.

If your panic meter starts getting into the danger zone and you've got a bad guy hot on your tail, use a Lavender Water to calm her down a bit. However, if you're running low on Lavender Water and want to save it, or you're not sure you'll be able to get to an evasion item in time, sacrifice an invisibility band to befuddle the enemy while you gain some ground to think.

Sacred Water is good used in conjunction with hiding spots. For example, if a subordinate is right on your heels and you're headed towards the tailor shop in chapter one to hide behind the curtain; Pause just outside the tailor door, splash Hammerman in the face with the Sacred Water to blind him and also give you just enough time to hide inside the building so that he doesn't actually see where you went.

If Alyssa reaches full panic mode, it's a really good idea to use Lavender Water no matter what, because she will alternately run around flailing and then stop dead in her tracks, making it easy for a bad guy to get another hit on her. If she does stop like that, you can keep pressing X rapidly to bring her out of it quicker. Note that Alyssa will also NOT enter any hiding spots if she is in a dangerous panic mode.
The Lodgers Ghost
There is an extra ghost available later in the game during Alyssa's final trip back to her house prior to the clock tower stage. Use Alyssa's sacred water bottle to unlock the seal on the room to the left of the door that had the boards nailed to it (Second Floor). Inside is the ghost of one of the mysterious Lodgers mentioned earlier in the game. This ghost is completely optional and as such, can be easily overlooked. The sentimental item for this ghost is also unique, and won't be found like other items. In fact, it's a normal item. Head all the way into the bathroom and use a Lavender Water on the Lodger Corpse as the sentimental item to help the ghost leave. *This information was supplied with help from the gracious members of the Clock Tower 3 discussion board*
Unlockables for beating the game
After you have successfully completed Clock Tower 3 there are a number of new options that you unlock.

1. There is a new option on the Title Screen called ''Cinema Theatre.'' With this option you can view every Cut-Scene from the game and also view production art of the game.

2.When you load your data from your previous game you will start the new game with a key to the wardrobe in Alyssa's room. You can choose from 5 outfits to wear: Greek Style Dress, Blue Sailor School Uniform, White Sailor School Uniform, Santa's helper / Mrs. Clause Costume, Default Private School Uniform.
View FMV sequences
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Cinema Theater" option at the main menu. Press R1 in the Cinema Theater screen to view art from the game.