[edit] Background

Alyssa Hamilton is an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams who is about to discover a side of herself that she never knew she possessed. Only she has the power to destroy the evil that threatens to plunge the world into darkness. Her destiny is to end the brutal crusade of the Evil Servants, foul spirits who thrive on the trapped life force of their murdered victim's souls. To save herself and these tortured innocents, Alyssa must unlock the mysteries surrounding the death of each soul. However, the legions of the dark world won't succumb easily. Alyssa must summon the sacred weapons necessary to banish these demonic creatures to the nightmare realms that spawned them before the clock tower strikes midnight.

[edit] Gameplay

Set in London, England, Clock Tower 3 puts players in the role of Alyssa Hamilton, an ordinary girl who learns that her ancestors have fought the powers of evil for centuries. Throughout the game she must escape from the murderous violence of the Evil Servants, spirits of pure hatred who thrive on the ensnared life force of their victim's souls. In order to save herself and the tortured souls trapped by the Evil Servants, Alyssa must unlock the mysteries surrounding each death. But it won't be easy. The relentless Servants want nothing more than to add her soul to their collection will pursue Alyssa at every turn. The key to survival is unraveling these puzzles and summoning the sacred weapons necessary to banish these demonic creatures from which they came. Can she free the trapped souls before the Evil Servants stop her? Who is the mysterious Dark Man and what is his connection to the Clock Tower? Time is running out for Alyssa. Can she survive and escape the clutches of the Evil Servants until the clock strikes midnight?

[edit] Features

  • Summon your courage in this excursion into terror
  • Spectacular visual effects and state-of-the-art motion capture bring the tension and fear to life
  • Battle a host of evil ghouls and terrifying spirits as you unlock your destiny in this epic tale of good vs. evil
  • Use your strength to bring peace to a host of tormented souls

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Sep 10, 11 10:45pm
Completed CT3 tonight ... that final boss fight was difficult. It's a great game though with a decent plot! On to another game ... ClockTower3
Oct 3, 10 7:45am

My experience with survival horror games has so far been a rocky one, with the main...

Mar 11, 09 11:08am
added 3 new concept art
Feb 18, 09 2:50am
Alyssa is a 14 year old with lots of babyfat. She wears a kilt like school uniform, and crawls around. A lot. She is diagnosed with... ClockTower3
Miss Razz
Jan 1, 09 7:08pm
added 23 new concept art
May 5, 08 5:58am
Snippity snap! ClockTower3
Feb 12, 07 1:58am
Chopper kicks almighty @$$! ClockTower3
Oct 20, 06 11:32am
I really dont like this game much, but i still have it ClockTower3
Evelina Sabbath
Aug 17, 06 11:55am

Clock Tower three, I must say is the best in its series. However, there are a few...

Nov 26, 05 11:34pm
Liked it quite much (quite scary), but lost the Clock Tower feeling. ClockTower3
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  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Genre: Mystery Adventure (PS2)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
Release Dates
  • North America: Dec 12, 2002
  • Japan: Dec 12, 2002
  • Europe: Jun 25, 2003
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