Clock Tower Cheats

Clock Tower cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Clock Tower cheat codes.


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Hint Locations
Hint 1: Scenario One, Treatment Room. Examine the filing cabinet.

Hint 2: Scenario One as Jennifer, Storage Room. Examine the cardboard box next to the crates.

Hint 3: Scenario One as Jennifer, Women's Lounge. Examine the dresser.

Hint 4: Scenario One as Helen, Treatment Room. Examine the desk at the far end of the room.

Hint 5: Scenario One as Helen, Waiting Room. Examine the plant.

Hint 6: ???

Hint 7: Scenario Two as Helen, Clock Tower. Examine the clock panel.

Hint 8: Scenario Two as Stan, Kitchen. Examine the china cabinet.

Hint 9: Scenario Three as Jennifer, Sitting Room. Examine the center table.

Hint 10: Scenario Three as Helen, Book Room. Climb the ladder.
Permanent Safety Options
Having trouble figuring out which escape options are more than one-time use while trying to elude Scissorman? Here are a few areas that can be used over and over again.


Storage Room - Striped Cardboard Box
Second Floor Bathroom - Bathroom Stall


Reception Desk - Behind the Desk Counter

(Rick's House)

Kitchen - Pantry Trapdoor
Bedroom - Inside the Wardrobe


Moat - Lower Hallway Two, End Door
This is where Jennifer or Helen swings
out into space while holding onto the knob
Remember to use the panic button to get
back up