Classic NES Series: Zelda II review
Worst Zelda game ever!

The good:

-Level-up system makes the game seem more like an RPG.
-The story is continued from the first Legend of Zelda game.
-There are some nice things about the side-scrolling adventure but not much.

The bad:

-Repetitive gameplay lowers the score quickly.
-Side Scrolling camera angle makes things harder.
-When you shut off the game or die you start at the very beginning of the forcing you to get back to where you were with a high chance of dieing again on the way.


The Story
The story takes place in Hyrule, where the beautiful Princess Zelda was cursed to an eternal sleep, because of the death of Ganon. Link is then asked to find all of the crystals hidden in the palaces and guarded by strong foes. Of course while searching for these hidden palaces Link will come across many towns and find many people that will help him.

New Things
The Legend of Zelda series has allot of great games. Though this game is not one of them it may have some good qualities. The game's camera angle is Side Scrolling making it different from the any other Zelda game. Using this new angle the player can block attacks, jump, and fight in new and different ways. Meaning that to block a low attack press down and Link will crouch, to attack a large or flying enemy jump and use your sword to damage it. Another thing that Nintendo added was a level up system which was good because after most Zelda games there isn't much reason to play the file you just beat. But with a level-up system you can go back and just keep leveling your character up. When accumulating an enough exp. points LInk's level will increase allowing you upgrade one attribute like attack, heart, or magic. Attack is how much damage Link's
sword will do to an enemy, heart will increase Link's health meter, and magic will increase Lin's magic meter. These attributes will all come in handy in this game because it's a repetitive game. Apart from all of this the game did do something good...It told Nintendo not to develop the Zelda series like this one.

Zelda II The adventure of Link sucks. Because of the side scrolling and the repetitive gameplay and the fact that when you die or shut off the game it starts you back at the beginning and it's hard to get around Hyrule. All other reasons are okay but would've still needed work to be considered a good game. If your trying to collect all of the Zelda games you might buy this but any other reason rent it.

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