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1000g for free at the beggining !
So what you do is , after you get your team, most of us will surely make their own, get one of your chars and place him in team with 5 in-game characters (the ones already designed for lazy people) you then go shop (campus store )and click "stack all" when your character is marked (the one you made ofc) now split the team and do the same with the other in-game characters.
Backrow Strategy (Diablons/Drakes)
Diablons and Drakes are known for their skill breath which can attack enemies of different rows even if they are placed in the back row.

But they are also very good in being offensive.

One strategy (maybe you may already know this) is to put them on the top box of the backrow. As shown below...

 Fr    Bck
[  ]   [X]
[  ]   [  ]
[  ]   [  ]

So in case 1 of you front row character dies or gets the fear status, your Diablon/Drake will go to the front row and can still kick ass <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

-Hope this helps-
Cleric Appraisal Tip
Sometimes during Appraisal, Clerics will gain a Fear status after failing to Appraise an Item. This can be countered more easily than returning outside a dungeon by use of the Magic, Calm. Calm is a White Magic that cures any single ally from Fear status, which Devouts receive early on, and Clerics and other White Magic Majors receive a bit later in their stages of development. However you must have another White Magic Major in your party to use Calm on your Cleric, as Fear also renders all Magic unusable to the character affected.