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Civilization II is a turn based strategy game that is one of my favorites. It's depth and gameplay are truly well ahead of their time, thus is the mind of Sid Meier. I enjoyed playing the first title as well as the third after this.

Gameplay is great, you start your civilization out as a mere settler and can expand it to a thriving empire. Control armies, fight and conquer rivals, participate in diplomacy, build wonders of the world and other constructions. There are also numerous civilizations to pick from so you can be your favorite. All this is at your hands and up to you in this game.

I l...


Twas ok..

The bad:

-cheat options
-Too predictable


This game was ok, the only major flaw that i saw in it was the cheat options, which tempted me to use them wayyy too much. This game would have been better without giving players the option of cheating, and just letting them play the game.

I would probably be able to much more adequately review this game if I had not cheated everytime I played it...


Best Game Ever

The good:

random maps, scheming AI, customization, easy learning curve

The bad:

easily mastered


Civilization has been called the greatest strategy game in history for good reason. Though its graphics were functional even in its time, the gameplay shines through.

I hold that randomization is a key to any great game, and the random map generator of Civ2 makes every session different. Stuck on a small island? Rush to get those naval techs. On a huge continent with no one in sight? Military research can wait - crank out those settlers!

After years of playing this, I find the AI a bit predictable, but Civ is still the game I turn to for a quick conquering fix.

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