Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (Xbox 360) Cheats

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
640K Ought to be Enough (30)Win a Technology Victory on at least King difficulty.
80% of Success is Showing Up (5)Accumulate culture to unlock a famous person.
A Great Wind is Blowing (15)Win as a Russian civilization.
A Knight Without Fear or Blame (15)Win as an Arab civilization.
A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned (20)Win an Economic Victory.
A Revelation of Man (20)Win a Cultural Victory.
A Short Life of Glory (15)Win as a Greek civilization.
Absolute Power is Kind of Neat (25)Win without changing governments on King difficulty or higher.
All Others Must Fail (15)Win as a Mongolian civilization.
An Indomitable Will (15)Win as an Indian civilization.
Before all Else, Be Armed (5)Earn a special unit ability in combat.
Blood and Iron (15)Win as a German civilization.
Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride (3)Make contact with another civilization.
Citizen of the World (45)Win a Cultural victory on Deity difficulty.
Culture is Worth a Little Risk (9)Build a Wonder of the World.
Curse of the Drinking Class (25)Develop a city to produce 200 resources per turn.
Destroyer of Worlds (30)Win all types of victories (Domination, Technology, Cultural, and Economic).
Difficulties Mastered (30)Win a victory with each civilization.
Embiggens the Smallest Man (30)Win a Cultural Victory on at least King difficulty.
Fair and Softly Goes Far (15)Win as a Spanish civilization.
Flower and Song (15)Win as an Aztec civilization.
Good Afternoon, Doctor Jones. (9)Discover an ancient artifact.
Have Fun Storming the Castle (20)Win a Domination Victory.
Here's Looking at You, Kid (45)Unlock all famous persons.
Home is Where One Starts From (3)Construct a special building.
I Will Not Be Triumphed Over (15)Win as an Egyptian civilization.
Ideas Control the World (20)Win a Technology Victory.
Imagination Rules the World (15)Win as a French civilization.
Indistinguishable From Magic (45)Win a Technology victory on Deity difficulty.
Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom (15)Win as a Chinese civilization.
Napalm in the Morning (3)Defeat an enemy unit.
Once More Unto the Breach (5)Combine three identical units into an army.
One Mistress and No Master (15)Win as an English civilization.
Organized Knowledge (25)Develop a city to produce 200 science per turn.
Playing the Game (45)Win an Economic victory on Deity difficulty.
Power Never Takes a Back Step (25)Win with only one city on at least King difficulty.
Scientia Potentia Est (3)Complete development of any technology.
Such Joy Ambition Finds (45)Win a Domination victory on Deity difficulty.
That We May Live in Peace (25)Win the game by year 1000 AD on King difficulty or higher.
The Fruit of Labor (5)Build a second city in a game.
The Guy Who Signs the Checks (30)Win an Economic Victory on at least King difficulty.
The Root of All Evil (25)Develop a city to produce 200 gold per turn.
The Universal Brotherhood of Man (25)Develop a city to produce 100 culture per turn.
The Will to Win is Everything (25)Win 20 battles with one unit.
This World is a Harsh Place (15)Win as an African civilization.
Veni Vidi Vici (15)Win as a Roman civilization.
Vi Victa Vis (30)Win a Domination Victory on at least King difficulty.
Victory Over Lesser Men (15)Win as a Japanese civilization.
We the People (15)Win as an American civilization.
What is the City But the People? (25)Grow a city to size 20.


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3 ability elite units
When you settle a great leader in your city it allows you to produce veteran units. Immediately build a barracks and you will produce an elite unit that upon selecting it immediately allows you to select an ability upgrade for your new unit. Do this for 3 units of the same type picking a different ability every time and combine it into an elite army with 3 ability's right out of the starting gate!
Building Up Your Population
Try to build your population as early as you can, since even if you only have a handful of cities with 31 population in the capital, you'll be able to generate enough research and gold to win the Tech or Economic victory conditions.

At 31 population, each population will generate 1 Production and 8 Resoures (Research/Gold), giving you 248 research per turn (without Libraries and Universities).
Catapults & Early-Era Armies
When you notice that an enemy army or catapult is heading your way, your first instinct is to head them off - DO NOT DO THAT. Instead let them come to you. All catapult and early era armies will only have ONE Movement cost, which will mean that unless they are on a road, they will have to be left undefended for a turn.

Usually you'll notice that a Catapult/Catapult Army is with an Archer Army, so what you need to do is get TWO of your offensive units (more if there are more than two armies/catapults heading your way) to be two tiles away. Then wait for them to come near to your tile. At this point attack all the units on the tile.

Your own Horses and Catapult armies will work wonders for this strategy, and I'd highly recommend that you try to get the upgrade that allows an extra movement AFTER they've attacked for both units. This will mean that after attacking you can go back into your own territory, and heal/wait for the next set of armies. Doing this you can slowly advance, into the enemy territory defeating their units before they can even attack.

Note that if they're occupied by Knights, try to leave a weakspot in one of your cities, since the AI seems likely to head for that weakspot. Use this to your advantage by attacking them when they're just behind you (blocking their path will result in them attacking you, so always go for the offensive, and never be defensive).
Easy Wonders, Buildings, & Technology
When you start out in the game set all units to defend and change production to any building or wonder. Then your technology will upgrade also. This will start you out with a big scientific, cultural, economical, and/or military head start. Depending on what you build.
Pretty Much Guaranteed Win On Deity
For a pretty much guaranteed win on Deity difficulty, you need to play the 'Beta Centuari' Scenario as the Mongols. In this scenario, you'll notice a whole load of Barbarians and they are pretty much everywhere.

So when you start the game, fortify your unit and start creating another Modern Infantry/Tank/Artillery - note that in this scenario you start with ALL of the technologies, and Technology victory is disabled.

With this unit start taking down all of the Barbarian huts, and since the Mongols have the special ability to turn Barbarian Huts into Cities when captured, within a couple of turns you'll notice that you have around 5-6 new cities where as your opposing civs will usually only have the one or two (the quicker you go around converting these barbarian huts the better).

Near the end game, you may have some problem with cities with armies of Modern Infantry. The best way to deal with them is with a combination of Battleship Fleets on the side (for +27 Naval Support) and armies of Artillery's that have City Infiltration. Using Spies to destroy fortifications is also very helpful. Sending in multiple bombers to deal heavy damage before you deal the final blows can also help (not to be done if your against the Aztecs who heal themselves after each victory).

Each time you convert a city you should also switch it from producing Research beakers into Gold. This will increase your Gold Reserves immensely.

Also note that you should NOT build the Library unless you have absolutely nothing to build.

If your city is next to a civs, then you should build a Wall before anything else, as well as the Hollywood Wonder (so that they don't). This will stop your cities from being flipped via Culture.
Using 'Retreat' Effectively
I finally discovered how to use 'Retreat' Effectively. You'll often come across enemies that have say '144' defence compared to your measly 100 attack, well normally you'd refrain from attacking them. However you don't actually need to. All you need for this is two units of around 100 attack, or one unit that's 100 and is called 'Lightning' (has the Blitz upgrade). Oh and these units must also be one of those 'Three Man/Unit Armies' (i.e. Tank/Artillery/Catapult) etc...

Now start attacking the enemy and retreat when one of your three units is destroyed. You can stay in there, however you'll have to pay close attention to the battle and retreat before the second unit is destroyed (or else you've lost the unit). If you retreat in time, then you'll have also managed to take one or two health points of the opposing side. This will leave them SEVERELY weaker. From 144 they'll go to something in the 70's. Now with your second 100 attack unit or your lightning unit who will have rehealed completely, attack again and your much more likely to win. As for the side effects of giving them an ability, the ability will not make up for the fact that they are down one unit of health, which should allow you to get the upper hand and take them out.
Using Nukes
When using Nukes, you should keep a unit a minimum of two tiles away from the enemy city that you are about to bombard, otherwise you'll find that your units will have also taken a hit, since the Nuke will destroy everything in the city (and if it's not a capital, then the city itself) and do major damage to the units AROUND the city.