Civilization IV Cheats

Debug Codes
After enabling Cheats, during any game, open the console by pressing the tilda key "~", and type in one of the following then pressing enter.

Crashes game - App.crash
Clear the console - Console.Clear
Writes HTML documentation for the current console commands - Console.CreateDocumentation <filename>
Dump console command history - Console.History
Forces AI to plat a certain number of turns - Game.AIPlay <turn #>
Debugging - Game.showWBPalette bool bCreate
Toggle output of texture loads/accesses to debug output - Game.toggleTextureAccessInfo
Rebuilds terrain and lighting - Graphics.ReBuildTerrain
Sets hills' scale - Graphics.SetHillScale <number>
Sets peaks' scale - Graphics.SetPeakScale <number>
Displays all console codes - help
Sets players gold (0 is active player) - Player.setGold <player #>, <amount>
Morph the globeview count times. - Profile.morphGlobe <integer>
Rebuild city indicated number of times - Profile.rebuildCity <x coordinate>, <y coordinate>, <integer>
Rebuild plot indicated number of times - Profile.rebuildPlot <x coordinate>, <y coordinate>, <integer>
Stops music - Sound.noMusic
Reloads audio scripts - Sound.reload
Stops soundscapes from playing - Sound.stopSoundScape
Reload Civ4ArtDefines.xml - Xml.reloadArtDefines
Reload Game Text xml files - Xml.reloadGameText
Reload Civ4TerrainSettings.xml - Xml.reloadLandscapeInfo