Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Tips

Extra Transformation AND insane high level xp
Last two DSS cards combined and activated turn you into a skeleton right? Well, if you drop down that really long hole (think the one Dracula dropped you down in the begginning) with the Ice, Fire, or Holy (bubble) shields, while falling along the left hand wall, you will break through and come into a room with a powerup. after getting this, jump up and hit the ceiling with either whip or afore-mentioned shields to find yet another secret room. Now, you need a crap load of strength to do this next part: I would personally recommend putting your GBA on ac power and leaving Nathan in a room with ghosts or zombies for a few days, so you level, and have 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds on your game timer to use the Pluto+Thunderbird DSS combo (Strength increased by amount of time played). So to kill this skeleton medalist dude that runs down the secret corridor, you have to start in the lower room, dash and roc wing up into the room. You will land pretty near the skele medalist and (with the Pluto+Thunderbird combo on) start hitting him with your whip. You pretty much need to one hit him, so equip all your strenght gear. after killing him a few times, he will drop something called a Bear Ring, which has the worst stats of anything but will turn you into a goofy looking bear if you have it on when you use the Pluto+Black Dog Combo.

Also, Killing the monster called Lilith is awesome xp. shes in the underground warehouse in a hidden wall on the right side of the well where your first meet those flying succubus people. Two ways to kill her: either whip out a thunderbird summons repeatedly, or use the Pluto+Thunderbird combo to do massive damage. She gives 20k xp per kill and drops Sage Robe (best caster robe in the game) and mind Ex's which restore all magic points.