Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Cheats

Enemy hints and Boss hints
1. Enemies if you are stuck on the following read on : were animals, armour and demons/shades ----- werecheaters or jaguars i think fairly annoying when you first meet them my advice is to retrace your steps to a room filled with were bears and a demon thing that shoots purple flame balls and keep training its about 2000 exp every time you go in and kill all the monsters train to level 25 (also you get really good rings of the thing that shoots stuff ) fight in the room in and out until you get 2 strength rings wear them both and if you have a salamander and athunder bird card these will help a lot then go back to fight them . if u use the combination of dss cards then it will be relly easy whip the cheater before it runs away and hold whip ( only if you use the cards ) and th e whip will turn electric and let the cheater run into it killing him self ------ were bear-- piss just stand back a bit and whip----- were wolveannoying because there fast whip run and then again-------demons - earth easy get to lvl 20 and 1 whip will kill it - fire use the poison spray shiled and it cant hit yo with the giant fire balls more to come bosses ------- nymphronic make you have holy cross run and avoid him util he starts bringing up zombies then chuck the holy crosses at him --- goat head stand right of it and chuck crosses at him ---- iron golem just run at him and do as much damage to him as u can ----twin dragons stand on the platform in the middle of them and chuck 3 crosses then make sure you dont cxatch them also when 1 dies quickly kill the other or else hell eat the others head and gain 100 hp back every bite and also use the poison shield .