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Chu Chu Rocket: God puzzler or just another for the trash can?

The good:

- Fun puzzle game, is orientated in a way that doesn’t need to appeal to a puzzle gamer
- Music is great
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The bad:

- Gets frustrating, then boring
- Could have a few more modes
- Could have a few more levels
- Could have an awesome level creation tool.


Chu Chu Rocket for Sega Dreamcast. This is a quirky puzzle game that requires you to think, but also adds an element of fun in there too. It was also the first popular game to use the Dreamcast’s online service, Dreamarena, with a popular response, although SegaNet users couldn’t get online with Chu Chu Rocket.

In the game, you have mice, also known as ChuChus, which need to get away from the level they are on using rockets. The cats (KapuKapus) in the game want to stop the mice getting away and eat them. To get to the rockets, you have to place arrows on the ground in certain places. You ha...


Chu Chu Rocket

The good:

Graphics are great, sounds are good, music are good, the gameplay is easy to use, it is from sega YAY!, the controls are ok, and the characters have good details on the way they look.

The bad:

I have nothing to say about this game. There nothing wrong with it. Except the sounds needed a bit more creative.


This game is sooooo cool to play it on the dreamcast version than the Gameboy Advance version. This game is my 2nd best sega game with the side of the sonic game too. The Graphics 5/5, Sounds 4.5/5, Music 5/5, Gameplay 5/5, Controls 5/5, it is from sega 5/5, and last but not least character's details 5/5. The overall is 4.9/5
The price on this game must depend of the store, the seller, and the........ store. This game will rock your house!!!!


Rocket Blastin

The good:

controls are cool,Music okay,

The bad:

Graphics could have been better, but the grphics are still okay.Slow replay value.


Music:Nothing that special really just okay,not bad not good.

Controls:The Controls are pretty simple after you've played it a few stages.

Graphics:The Graphics are pretty cool. It has 3d characters and the background of the puzzle is 2d.

Game: This game is a puzzle game.( Of course)
It has over 100 stages(I think).And it's 4 players and online sega net gaming too(I don't even use sega net)
The game is about mice running away from cats. And you use arrows (up down left right)to move both animals. You have to get all the mice into the rocket ship to launch.In multiplayer when you get a weird colo...


Climb into the ChuChu Rocket...

The good:

The modes are challenging and entertaining. I especially enjoyed Puzzle Mode. It made me want to sit it out for quite a while, figuring it out.

The bad:

Well, let's just say we can work a little harder to make a sequal. I've got some pretty good ideas for some.


This game is a pretty 'simple-sounding' game, with a goal that could make plenty of people laugh, but, there you are. The first instinct you'll get when you hear the words "Guide the mice to the rocket safely and avoid cats" is probably "What-is this some kind of kindergarten game?". But you've gotta admit that the people who made this meant a bit more.

The game was quite entertaining, even though the box's picture doesn't look quite as attractive as some people might take it. The things you have to do to get the mice to the rocket are very entertaining, challenging, and overall, part of a ...


Chu Chu!!

The good:

Fact Paced
Loads to do
Create characters/stages

The bad:

Too challenging for some


Chu Chu Rocket is a puzzle game with a deviously simple concept - guide the mice to the rocket using arrow panels but keep the cats away.

The presentation is severely disappointing, with some simple animations and sounds that don't do the GBA much justice. Gameplay is another matter.

Puzzle mode is the best. Place a set number of panels and then run it to guide all mice to rockets without error. Very addictive and fun.

Next is Challenge mode. It features different challenges such as Cat Soccer. Each gives you 30 seconds only. Fantastic and very difficult.

Now the battle and team battle modes. C...

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