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Dimensional Vortex
This new dungeon has three parts to it and can only be unlocked when you've completed the game by defeating Lavos.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Dimensional VortexDefeat Lavos.
Lost Sanctum
The Lost Sanctum is one of the new bonus dungeons added to the DS. In order to unlock this, you must unlock the Black Omen in 12,000 B.C. The Lost Sanctum will appear in 65 Million BC, and 600 AD in certain locations.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Lost SanctumUnlock the Black Omen
New Game+
UnlockableHow to unlock
New Game+Defeat Lavos and obtain any of the 12 original endings.
Unlockable Endings
UnlockableHow to unlock
Ending #1 "Beyond Time"Defeat Lavos after reviving Crono at Death Peak.
Ending #2 "Reunion"Defeat Lavos while Crono is dead.
Ending #3 "The Dream Project"Defeat Lavos in the Oceab Palace or immediately upon starting a new game +.
Ending #4 "The successor of Guardia"Defeat Lavos after saving Leene and Marle, but before visiting the End of Time.
Ending #5 "Good Night"Defeat Lavos after visiting the End of Time, but before returning to the Middle ages.
Ending #6 "The Legendary Hero"Defeat Lavos after arriving in the middle ages, but before obtaining the Hero's Badge.
Ending #7 "The Unknown Past"Defeat Lavos after obtaining the Hero's Badge, but before the Gate key is stolen.
Ending #8 "People of the times"Defeat Lavos after regaining the gate key, but before giving the Masamune to Frog.
Ending #9 "The Oath"Defeat Lavos after giving the Masamune to Frog but before fighting Magus.
Ending #10 "Dino age"Defeat Lavos after facing Magus, but before facing Azala.
Ending #11 "What The Prophet Seeks"Defeat Lavos after facing Azala, but before Schala opens the sealed door.
Ending #12 "Memory lane"Defeat Lavos after Schala opens the sealed door, but before restoring the light to the pendant.
Ending #13 "Dream's Epilogue"Defeat the Dream Devourer beyond Time's Eclipse.


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3 Prism Dresses and 6 Prism Helms the first time around
The Prism Dress and Prism Helms are the strongest defensive items avaiblable outside of the new bonus content, but you're only allowed to choose either 1 dress or 3 helmets when you do the Rainbow Shell sidequest. So how do you get everyone equipped with Prism gear without playing all the way through 5 times? The Black Omen, that's how.

When facing Queen Zeal's final form (Big head and 2 hands) you can steal a Prism Dress from one hand and a Prism Helm from the other. They will counter with Life Shaver and MP Buster respectively, so be prepared. But wait, once you go through the Black Omen it's destroyed and you're thrust into a battle with Lavos, so how do you get enough for your entire party? Well, the game's all about time travel, so let's abuse the space/time continuum for fun and profit.

First do the Rainbow Shell sidequest and have Melchior craft you 3 Prism Helms. Then go to 1000 A.D. and do the Black Omen sidequest (You can't get into it in 2300 A.D. because Lavos's power is too strong and it wouldn't do any good) When fighting Zeal, take Ayla (equipped with the Alluring Top) and Marle. Use Twin Charm on each hand to get your goodies, then beat Zeal as normal. You'll then have to face Lavos. Just kill his outer shell and when you go inside there will be a gate. Use it to return to the End of Time, then go to 600 A.D. Lo and behold, the Black Omen still exists because you destroyed it in the future. Run through it (about half of the enemies will be gone, unfortunately including those wonderful wall panels that love to let you steal speed capsules from them. You did steal a speed capsule from each panel the first time through, didn't you?) and face Zeal again with the same party. Charm again to get your 2nd dress and 5th helm, trounce her, then you're thrust into Lavos again, but his shell is already dead so you go inside and use the gate again. Go to 12,000 B.C. and repeat the process one last time for your 3rd dress and 6th helm. Now everyone should have the best equipment outside of the new content.
A simple way to stop overleveling.
We all have those characters that are about 3 or 4 levels ahead of everyone else. An easy way to solve this is through the Workman's Wallet, which converts EXP into gold when equipped. To get this make sure Marle's pendant is at full power. Teleport to 2300AD and head to Bangor Dome. Walk up to the door and press A, and the power of the pendant will unlock the door. Head north and you'll find three chests. One contains the Workman's Wallet (effect explained above), another contains the Alluring Top, which is a fantastic accessory for Ayla. It increases her Charm sucess rate, which is SUPER handy for bosses, since she only needs 1 or 2 tries to get the item. The third chest contains a Hi Either, which heals your MP by 60 when used.
Easy Golden Stud.
When you get the ability to activate Marle's pendant go to 2300AD. Then, go inside Trann Dome and approach the previously sealed door. Press A and the door will open with the power of Marle's pendant. Walk north and you'll find two treasure chests. Inside the trasure chest on the right is a Golden Stud, on the right is a Hi Ether. Then, go to the top left and you'll notice a sparkling blue light on the ground. Approach it and press A, and you'll obtain a magic capsule.

Here are what the items do:
Golden Stud (Decreases MP consumption by 75%. Great for Lucca.)
Hi Ether (Heals MP by 60)
Magic Capsule (Raises max magic stat by 1.)
Easy starter Gil
When you start the game and head to the Millennial Fair, start doing activities to earn Silver Points (fighting Gato and betting on races). Then, go to the man right next to the stairs leading to Lucca's new machine and he'll offer 50 Gil for 10 Silver Points. Because fighting Gato and winning racing bet is easy, you should have an ample amount of Silver Points.

This is a great way to buy new armor, weapons, and items before you hardly start the game!
Giga Gaia strategy
To defeat Giga Gaia easily, use the triple tech Twister (Crono, Robo, and Ayla) each turn. Every time it is used, it will do 1200 sum damage to both of it's arms and head, destroying both arms, and causing major damage to it's head. Be sure to take some time to heal if your HP drops below 300, and keep an eye on your MP.

You need the techs Cyclone (Crono), Laser Spin (Robo), and Tail Spin (Ayla) to use the Twister Triple Tech.

Note - Since you have Ayla, Charm Giga Gaia's head for a Speed Capsule if you manage to get the chance.
Good Trial
There's a way to keep Crono from a sentence of being executed when he goes on trial for kidnapping Nadia. You have to do these things at the fair before she goes through time or before you take her back to the castle.

Don't eat the old mans lunch, even though it restore's all health and magic.

Take the cat back to the little girl. Walk up to the cat by the path you take to fight Lucca's robot, press A while facing it and next to it and it will follow you. Go to the path on the right side and talk to the little girl with the cat right behind you.

Check on Nadia first before grabbing her dropped pendant.

If you talk to Melchior don't say you'll sell the pendant.

If you do all that usually all the jury members except one will vote 'Not Guilty' for you.
Magus's Ultimate Equipment
To get Magus's ultimate equipment, go to Ozzie's Fort in 600 A.D (Where Madina is in 1000 A.D). Once you reach the room where Ozzie is dropping a pendulum up and down in front of a chest, go in front of the door leading further into the fort and go down. You will enter a room with three chests containing Magus's ultimate equipment!
Opening Sealed Chests.
To open certain sealed chests you must first go to 600AD. Examine the chest and it will ask you to open it or not. SAY NO. Then, go to 1000AD and attempt to open the chest again. It will upgrade the item to a better item. Note not all chests are in both time eras.
Recruiting Magus
To recruit the powerful Magus, when you destroy the Ocean Palace in 12,000 B.C (Dark Ages), the people in Last Village will mention there is someone looking for you, and that he went to North Cape. Head to North Cape and inspect the glittering spot on the edge and Magus will appear.

He will talk to you a bit, and then challenge you. DO NOT accept his challenge, and simply begin to leave. As you leave, Magus will stop you and join you. Magus is the only optional character in the game, and is a VERY potent magic user and character in general. If you accept his challenge, you will fight him to the death, and you won't have a chance to recruit him again.

Note - You should NOT have Frog with you. If he is with you, Frog will fight Magus ALONE.
Silver Stone.
To get the Silver Stone, go to 65 000 000BC and go to Laruba Ruins. Talk to the Nu in the top right and he'll offer to rename your character for free, and then talk about not needing a Stone. He'll give you a silver stone, one of the many stones that teaches a Triple Tech.
some Boss HP's
HP: 920

Boss: Dragon Tank
Head - HP: 266
Body - HP: 600
wheel - HP: 208

Boss: Guardian
Guardian - HP: 1,200
Bits - HP: 200 each

Boss: R Series[6]
HP: 150 each

Boss: Heckran
HP: 2,100

Boss: Zombor
Top Half - HP: 960
Bottom Half - HP: 800

Boss: Masa & Mune
Masa - HP: 1,000
Mune - HP: 1,000

Boss: Masamune
HP: 3,600

Boss: Nizbel
HP: 4,200

Boss: Slash
First Form - HP: 3,200
Second Form - HP: 5,200

Boss: Flea
HP: 4,120

Boss: Ozzie
HP: 1000

Boss: Magus
HP: 6,666

Boss: Nizbel II
HP: 6500

Boss: Azala
HP: 2700

Boss: Black Tyranno
HP: 10,500

Boss: Golem *
HP: 7000

Boss: Mud Imp
HP: 1200

Boss: Blue Mudbeast
HP: 5000

Boss: Red Mudbeast
HP: 5000

Boss: Giga Gaia
HP: 9500

Boss: Defense Arm
HP: 2000

Boss: Attack Arm
HP: 2000

Boss: Dalton
HP: 3500

Boss: Lavos*
HP: 30,000

Boss: Golem Overlord
HP: 15,000

Boss: King Dalton
HP: 2800

Boss: Lavos Spawn (Mouth)
HP: 4000

Boss: Lavos Spawn (Shell)
HP: 10,000

Boss: Melphyx (Upper Body)
HP: 5000

Boss: Melphys (Lower Body)
HP: 4800

Boss: Melphyx (Core)
HP: 1000

Boss: Diva Flea
HP: 2500

Boss: Super Slash
HP: 2500

Boss: Diva Flea (2nd form)
HP: 4000

Boss: Super Slash (2nd form)
HP: 4000

Boss: Ozzie the Great
HP: 6000

Boss: Atropos XR
HP: 6000

Boss: Mother Brain
HP: 5000

Boss: Display
HP: 1

Boss: Son of the Sun
HP: 12,000

Boss: Prominence
HP: 30,000

Boss: Rust Tyranno
HP: 25,000

Boss: Yakra XIII
HP: 18,000

Boss: Mega Mutant (Upper Body)
HP: 4600

Boss: Mega Mutant (Lower Body)
HP: 3850

Boss: Giga Mutant (Upper Body)
HP: 5800

Boss: Giga Mutant (Lower Body)
HP: 4950

Boss: Tera Mutant (Upper Body)
HP: 7800

Boss: Tera Mutant (Lower Body)
HP: 20,000

Boss: Elder Lavos Spawn (Mouth)
HP: 10,000

Boss: Elder Lavos Spawn (Shell)
HP: 13,500

Boss: Queen Zeal
HP: 12,000

Boss: Mammon Machine
HP: 18,000

Boss: Queen Zeal (Face)
HP: 20,000

Boss: Queen Zeal (Right Arm)
HP: 28,000

Boss: Queen Zeal (Left Arm)
HP: 28,000

Boss: Lavos
HP: ???

Boss: Lavos
HP: 10,000

Boss: Lavos (Body)
HP: 20,000

Boss: Lavos (Left Hand)
HP: 12,000

Boss: Lavos (Right Hand)
HP: 8000

Boss: Lavos Pod
HP: 2000

Boss: Center Pod
HP: 10,000

Boss: Lavos Core
HP: 30,000

*: You do not have to win (the first encounter in Golem's case) in order to proceed with the story.
Super Easy TP.
When you're on Mt.Woe trying to revive Crono fight as many enemies as possible. The enemies in this area give a whooping 100TP, and allows you to get ultimate techniques early.

Be sure to get as much as possible though, this is a 1 time dungeon.
Unlimted Strength Capsules!
An easy way to get Strength Capsules easily and quickly is by using Ayla's technique, Charm, which works like steal, on Blubber Hulks upon the Black Omen. Go back to the previous room and fight it again. I'd give them to Lucca and Marle, so they have some better physical damage output.