[edit] Background

Chrono Trigger is a role-playing game that was first released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system; it has since been ported many times with the most recent release being on Android in 2012. The game was developed by Square and ported to the PlayStation and Nintendo DS by TOSE.

The game is set on a fictional Earth with seven playable characters; the characters go on a journey through time to rescue their friend who has become stranded in the timeline and as the journey continues the group gets into more trouble. The player is sent far into the distant past and into a post-apocalyptic future as they search for their friend and a way back home.

[edit] Gameplay

The player controls a party during the entire game as the group travels the overworld and engages in battle. Every character in the game has a specific number of hit points and when party characters lose all of their HP they will faint but can still be revived with items; the battle is lost if the party is wiped out. Characters in the game can attack with physical or magical attacks and hit points can be restored with potions or healing spells. The party can be equipped with different weapons, armor and other accessories that have unique effects; items such a potions can be bought from shops and can be used at any time in battle.

Combat takes place in real time with some turn-based mechanics; each character has an action timer and once that runs out they can no longer do anything until the enemy has taken their turn. Each character in the game has eight special abilities or magic that they can use in combat and some abilities can be used together to perform combos.

The overworld is where the main game takes place; the player travels to different locations and can enter towns through overworld. Touching an enemy will start a battle on the overworld screen and some puzzles can also be solved on this screen however most are completed on a town screen.

The player has seven different time zones to move between using time gates which can be found on each world; there are a variety of side quests that can be completed and the DS version of the game also allows the player to create a new game while keeping their levels and equipment.

It features 13 different endings to discover and the Nintendo DS version of the game contained a brand new ending for a total of 14 potential endings; the game is heavily influenced by how and when the player reaches the final boss in the game.

[edit] Features

Lead the party – Take control of a group of adventurers and lead them through time

Customize – Equip each party member with different weapons and armor

Strategic combat – Battle enemies in real time combat that uses turn timers

7 time zones – Fight through a variety of time zones including a post-apocalyptic world

Unique endings – There are 13 different endings in the original game and some versions have even more endings available

[edit] Players liked

  • The various platform ports are great
  • Good story
  • Nice music

[edit] Players didn't like

  • Maps are hard to navigate
  • Combat is a tedious at times
  • Puzzles can be difficult

[edit] Hardware

Chrono Trigger was first released for the Super Nintendo in 1995 and was first ported to the PlayStation in 1999. Since then the game has been released on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Virtual Console, iOS and Android platforms.


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