Chopper Attack Cheats

Chopper Attack cheats, and Codes for N64.

Older Cheats:

Chopper Attack Cheats

Alien Disrupter Weapon
Beat level 7 on the expert difficulty level.

Debug Mode
From the Title screen, when "Press Start" appears, hold Z and press Right, Left, Up, Down, A, B, Start.

Super Choppers
From the Main Menu, hold L + R + Z and press Start before selecting a chopper.

Level Select
From the Title screen, when "Press Start" appears, press the C-Up (x7) to activate the level select.

Presidential Bailout
During a game, press Z + C-Up + C-Down, then launch a homing cluster at your opponent. If it hits, you will see the president jump out of the plane.

Chopper Preview
On the chopper selection screen, highlight a chopper. Then, press L to display the statistics screen. Press the Analog-Stick to rotate the model of the chopper.


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Debug Menu
Type in: c-down,c-up,R,L,c-left and R when
the screen says Start
Various Cheats
Infinite Weapon First Position - 8012943b0063

Infinite Weapon Second Position - 8012943f0063

Infinite Weapon Third Position - 801294430063

Gun Four-Way Shot - 801297230004

Infinite Fuel - 81129726ffff

Infinite Armor - 811296c80045