Chocobo Racing Cheats

Chocobo Racing cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Chocobo Racing cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

Chocobo Racing Cheats

Quick start
Hold Square + Up immediately before the race begins. Alternately, press X when "Go!" appears.

Bahamut class
In grand prix mode begin game play. Continue until requested to choose between Chocobo and Behemoth class. Finish in first place in every stage to get the crown for that stage and class. Bahumut class will be unlocked after collecting all crowns for both classes (and the Final Fantasy 8 track).

Mirrored tracks
Collect all crowns in Bahamut class (including the Final Fantasy 8 track) to unlock the mirror mode selection on the options screen.

Bonus characters
Each time Story Mode is completed a bonus character will be unlocked. Highlight Squall at the Character Selection screen and press the indicated button(s).

Times completed Character Code
4Mumba (FF8)L2
5Cloud (FF7)R1
7Aya (Parasite Eve)L1 + L2
8SD-style ChocoboR1 + R2
9IbenSuper airshipL1 + R1
10JackL2 + R2


Keep you from spinning out horriblysubmitted by Emily Blank -
  1. Instead of holding down the X button, tap it furiously.
  2. If you forget to tap the X button and spin out, take your hands off of the accelerator button(square),and the brake(X), and then immediately press the accelerator button (square) before you stop. However, make sure you're pointing in the right direction when you press the accelerator button(square), or you might end up dashing in the wrong direction.


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Secret Characters
There are eight secret characters that you can play after meeting certain requirements. First, you must unlock Squall in Arcade Mode. Second, you must finish Story Mode several times to unlock the secret characters. Then, start an Arcade race. Highlight Squall, and hold the following buttons down to select these characters:

Cid's Tank / L1
Mumba / L2
Cloud / R1
Cactuar / R2
Aya's Cop Car / L1 & L2
Original Chocobo / R1 & R2
Highwind / L2 & R2
Jack / L1 & R1
Unlock Bahamut Class
Get first place in every race in Arcade Mode, including the Final Fantasy 8 track in both Chocobo and Behemoth classes.
Unlock Mirror Mode
Finish in first place in every race in Arcade Mode in Bahamut Class. Mirror Mode should appear in the Options menu, and will reverse every track in the game.