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This is an excellent game!!! The graphics are good/bad I'm not sure I don't pay much attention but it is a great game and Square did a good job on this one. This game makes me want to become a programmer even more.

Gameplay-No Rating

Ok, this is kinda mind boggling...
First of all, the battles, not too great, as all you do is walk up to a monster and start pelting him with your claws, spell books, and whatever else Chocobo has. The, ''almost undefeatable'' monsters are very annoying, but of course, you did something to make them appear. The best part is the spell effects. I hate the first dungeon, as you can't buy/sell anything and you don't always have a Teleport Tag to smuggle you out of big trouble. Also it's SO annoying to lose all of your items. It is especially bad if you had stuff like 15 Fire Books, 11 Aero Books,21 Quake Books, 15 Blizzard Books, 8 Drain Books, 19 Thunder Books, 5 Cantrip Books, 13 MegaSpell Books, all the summon stones and claws and saddles that are 5+.


Wait a sec...
White Mages, Chocobos, Moogles and the names of spells,(Fire then Fira then Firaga.) Are from Final Fantasy! Thats cool. Why? Because if you played any Final Fantasy games you'll know what some of the characters are. The story...

Ok, Mog and Chocobo encounter a mysterious dungeon and decide to explore it. Inside, Mog loses Chocobo and Chocobo meets Shiroma, a White Mage. After They explore the dungeon, they meet Mog. Mog distrusts Shiroma and goes into a room that holds a floating crystal. Mog scares away a Kuz looking at the crystal (I think thats what it's called) and makes a grab for the crystal. Then...

You didn't expect me to write the WHOLE thing down, did you?
If so, I'm very sorry but I don't want to spoil everything.


The audio is great! It really blends in with the area. For example, in a forest with alot of water and alot of slug and frog like monsters, the music is a calm, refreshing tune.

This Square is good when it comes to audio, and this game shows it.

To throw out? To get? To rent?

DO NOT throw out this game, it is good and it was enjoyable.
(I have not beaten the bonus round yet, but I will.) Also, people may dislike it, so I recommend renting it first.

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