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Chocobo's Dungeon 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

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Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Cheats

Bonus ending
After you've completed the game, let the credits pass by and you can continue playing. Just complete this part and you get to see the bonus ending.

Get the Feathers

Rahmu Feather
In the restaraunt there is a drunk marlboro in the top left corner. Keep on using thunder books on him until he turns back into Rahmu.

Sylph Feather
Go to the beach. When you see a treasure chest, take it and keep going back until you see a treasure again. Do this 3 times and Sylph will appear giving you the feather.

Titan Feather
Examine the statue in the center of town. After looking at it a few times you should see Ben there (a brown behemoth). He should ask you what the statue needs - if you answer by saying "an earthy smell" and come back in a while he'll ask you for a quake book. Come back in a bit and the statue will turn into Titan.

Fight Black Goblin at the Beginning
When you get to the second floor of the first dungeon, you will see a goblin fighting a muz. It will win and turn into a dark goblin. Let Mog get beat up by it and it will turn into a black goblin. You can try to fight it. You need to be at least level 15 or more to win.


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Monster Cheat.
Turn into a monster and use special ability on doom (frog). He might turn into a frog and you can escape (not item keeper).


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" How to level up magic "
to level up magic you have to use that item alot like say i wanted to get thunder to the next level and make it stronger u have to use thunder books and use 10 to get lv 2 thunder
feathers :summon,area atk, others
to get :
ramuh feather:go to the restaurant above chubby chocobos store, talk to the malboro(repeatedly) until he asks you to hit him with thunder books say yes and hit him with thunder til he turns into ramuh

slyph feather:go to the beach til you find a chest open it and leave the beach go back and do this repeatedly till slyph appears

other feathers :
get claws that have attributes (dwarf,silence,flame,ect.) and get them to +1 at least then use them till they break by a 99.9%chance you will get a feather related to the claw attribute (dwarf is dwarf chaos gets confusion but no healing :<
get bahamut fether hahahahahahaha
first of all its quite easy first stock up on leveledup saddles (wood,iorn,mythril 4 no waste )make sure u make a total of 10 or more like 10 +1 woods ect. then get a lamia ecsence then mix it with any 2 saddels make sure theyr leveled up and keep mixing until its at least +10 break it and ha ha ha here coms bahamut buhaaaa