Chicken Little (PC) Cheats

Chicken Little cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Big comb:
Enter Baseball, Bat, Bat, Baseball as a code
Big feet:
Enter Hat, Glove, Glove, Hat as a code.
Big hair:
Enter Baseball, Bat, Bat, Baseball as a code.
Big head:
Enter Hat, Helmet, Helmet, Hat as a code.
Feather cloud mode:
Enter Bat, Shirt, Shirt, Baseball as a code.
Enter Baseball, Baseball, Baseball, Shirt as a code
Paper pants:
Enter Bat, Bat, Hat, Hat as a code.
Enter Glove, Glove, Helmet, Helmet as a code.
Two player mini-games:
Complete the indicated number of card sets to unlock the corresponding mini-game.

Drone Dash: 2 card sets
Pig Paddle: 2 card sets
Saucer Smash: 3 card sets
Space Shooter: 3 card sets
Super Speedway: 5 card sets
Walker War: 3 card sets
Enter Hat, Hat, Shirt, Shirt as a code.