Chessmaster 10th Edition Cheats

Chessmaster 10th Edition cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Cheat code for chessmaster 10th edition
This code works only if you have two user accounts in the computer. You can start the game with the user account you have logged into. Minimise the game and then right click on the game icon and select the option call RUN AS, and select the second user. So you have two chess master game windows running at the same time.

Now you can go for the ranked play and play as black in one user account while you play as white in the second user account.Though this process is time consuming, you can set different times for ranked play and training mode.

So if you are playing ranked game with one user account with 20 minutes set as the time limit, in the second user account you can play against the Chessmaster with a time limit of 10 minutes. Also you can pause the ranked play game while you are playing the Training mode game against the Chess master