Championship Manager 03/04 Cheats

Any Player at Any Price
Simply find a player you want to buy eg. Cristiano Ronaldo firstly send an 'enquiry' bid. If they re-send an offer they want, simply scroll up to the top of the offer screen and click the name of your club eg. Millwall. It should show your team sheet. Then click on the news icon on the left-hand side of the screen bringing you back to the screen saying 'Man Utd have asked for £xx,xxx,xxx for Ronaldo. Then instead of clicking 'make bid' right click 'Ronaldo' and click withdraw offer. Then right click again and make a bid of whatever you want to pay for Cristy and click confirm. Next, click 'back up' and 'back up' again till you get back to the screen were you once where. It should say, that Man U are offering whatever you wanted them to pay. Understand. Then click confirm and wait for the player to sign. However, if they don't say what they want for the player then keep making bids till they do. It's a long process but very well worth it.