Championship Manager Season 01/02

  • Released on Dec 30, 2002
  • By Gusto Games for PSP, Xbox

Championship Manager Season 01/02 (Xbox) Cheats

Championship Manager Season 01/02 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Amusing Coach Report
Click on the Action - Set Nickname - enter one of the following names:

Oliver Collyer
Paul Collyer
Paul Norman
Kevin Turner
Marc Duffy
Svein Kvernoey
Mark Woodger

After setting the nickname ask for a coachreport!
Free Players
To get free players (as long as you can afford to pay the wages)add a new manager and select the team you want then once you are in controll of the team click on the player you want to buy and click on the action button at the top right hand corner of the screen and select set transfer status. Then put him on the market for £0. then go to discipline player and fine him 2 weeks wages for no reason the player should want to leave the club. then select the team you are at the start and put in an offer of £0 for him go to change manager and with you being the other manager accept your offer and on your next turn you will offer him a contract . Once you have the player retire as the other teams manager and the player should be able to play in your next League match.
Lower player's status without lowering morale
If you want to lower a player's Squad Status, but don't want him to get angry/unhappy with you, do the following:

Firstly, Put him on the Transfer Market.
After this, change his squad status to ''Backup'' or ''Hot Prospect'' (while still Transfer listed)
Wait 2 or 3 days. Come back and remove him from the transfer market. You can then give him a new status if you like, and he will be still Happy with his Role at the Club.

Note: This works with all players, even Superstars like Figo, Zidane.
Manage an International Team
If you want to manage an international team without earning it, go to Add Manager. Then choose a club to manage, click on Competitions from the menu bar at the left of the screen and go to International - World Rankings. Choose the nation, and then click on Take Control of Team.
Recommended players
If you have two players up front, the best two players to have are Henrik Larsson and Andriy Schevchenko. They are guaranteed to score every game, as long as you have a brilliant play maker like Zinedine Zidane.

As soon as you start a season, buy Cherno Samba who is 15 and plays for Millwall. If you play about 10 seasons he will become one of the best strikers. Also, Arjen Robben who is 17 from Groningen and Rafael Van Der Vaart who is 18 from Ajax are excellent prospects for the future.
Sell players for more money
When someone comes in with a bid for one of your players, Choose 'Exchange Player' and choose to exchange a player who is alot more expensive than your player. Then negotiate the deal. The other team will come back in about 2/3 days with a much higher offer which you can gladly accept.