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Championship Manager 96/97

[edit] Background

CM 2 96/97 was one of the first seasonal updates to appear in the Championship Manager series ; CM fans were not sure what to expect from such a release. However just like its forerunners, CM 2 96/97 helped make an already excellent game even better paving the way for future seasonal updates in the CM series to become regulars.

CM 2 96/97 was somewhat of a unique effort in the sense that Sports Interactive and Eidos worked together in the actual developement of this title. Sports Interactive worked on the English and Scottish player, team and manager databases. On the other hand, Eidos were busy updating the foreign player database and made the necessary changes to bring the game up to the start of the 96/97 season. However, these were not the only changes that appeared in the game. Sports Interactive also proposed many new improvements and bug fixes to be included in the new version making CM 2 96/97 much more than just a mere update many feared.

[edit] Features

  • All players/teams/managers are up to date
  • Player histories updated for the English and top Scottish players
  • Game starts at the start of 96/97 season
  • Tournament histories updated
  • Automatic stadium upgrade facility
  • Lessened influx of foreigners
  • Game should run slightly faster
  • GKs no longer taking corners, set pieces
  • Home advantage lessened
  • 5 subs in Premiership
  • EFTA countries now included under Bosman ruling

[edit] Hardware Requirements

486 SX IBM Compatibles
MS DOS 5.0 or higher or Windows 95 (DOS MODE)
Double Speed CD Rom drive
VESA compatible SVGA card Supports all major sound cards
Microsoft compatible Mouse (with DOS driver)
Install. Now (optional) requires 18.5 MB free hard disk space

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Release Dates
  • North America: Sep 26, 1996
  • Europe: Sep 27, 1996
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