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What The Hell? This Game Sucks

The good:

Updated teams and stats.
Thats it.

The bad:

No editor.
No player histories from before the games start date.
2D view sucks.
Pretty much everything.


This is probably one of the worst games in CM history. This is like two steps backwords from 01/02. I brought this game and within a month I lent it to a mate and borrowed his CM 01/02. This game is that bad.

On the box it says 'most realistic football game in history'. How wrong can they be? What manager doesn't how their players have performed before June in 2002? That is such a glaring mistake. It is like they have
rushed the game out in time for the new season meaning they didn't have time to finish it.

My advice. Avoid this game because if you do play it you are likely to want to commit s...


The game in whole

The good:

offering players to clubs is a really good feature and real life money crisis is good too as it make the game more relistic and better to play as a whole

The bad:

the 2d game it is terrible and the game is very slow compared to the last one


Champ, i am really disappointed about your new game i waited so long for it and for what? A 2d match game. when you have something good you improve it not totally renew it.offering players to clubs was good but why didnt you keep the game the same and add a few new features after all people wernt complaining about the game but they are now. I hope you improve the new game and good luck. But please forget the 2d game it is terrible! i think you need a very good game next time to win back the supporters of this game.That game could have been the best too but yous wasted it


Championship Manager 4


Big fan of all previous champ man series, really the only game ever play since cm2 - had success and failure along the way and always loved the game.
was really looking forward to the new release after so many delays. finally got and well looked fantastic - amazing detail and looked great.
started playing over network with few mates and after giving it good many months and ran the updates for the bugs ,have to say extremely disappointed.Never though would ever say this about a champ man game but this is awful.Maybe too used to the amazing high standards set by the prev games. Champ Man was al...


Developed Perfection


Ive known every incarnation of Championship Manager since CM2, so the news that SI Games 4th revision of the game was due out simply thrilled me.

I mastered CM2, taking any team I chose as far as they could go winning every major championship or cup on the way. CM3 saw me struggle at first with the revised game engine and mountains of statistics, but finally, after much study and late nights (and a few amazing signings) I was able to realise my dream in becoming the England Manager.

Now with CM4, fully loaded and ready to run, I'm simply taken aback by its bottomless depth. The old 3-5-2 ta...


What else is there to say?

The good:

Graphics are great on the 2D match, very very addictive. really. really. addictve.

The bad:

so addictive that it could take away your social life, no kidding. I once had one.


Wow. I don't know what it is, but Si have a champion here. I am addicted, can't get enough of it. There aren't enought good things to say about Champ man. At times it gets annoying. At times its pure bliss. Most times Champ man is a perfect way to release your footballing stress. So bad things... hmm... Well I wasn't too keen on the long loading times, for me it could take up to twenty minutes to save or load the dam thing, and this is the major problem which stops this game from gettin a perfect 5 from me. The people demand a quick champ man! Seroiusly, this is an awesome game to buy, and ...


CM4 - The Next Step

The good:

<li>New Match Engine
<li>Updated Transfers
<li>Whole new Layout

The bad:

<li>Incredably Slow
<li>Thousands of bugs


CM4 was quite the disapointment when released. Slow, buggy and quite different. I considered taking it back before finally agreeing not to an giving it a full chance, and I'm glad I did. Once it has been gotten used to CM4 can be quite the addictive game, like it's very successful predecessor. The amrchair managers who think they know better then the real thing can go out and put their skills to the most realistic thing to actually taking charge of Arsenal.

With a wide range of leagues from nearly 100 countries CM4 offers the player a massive amount of clubs to take control of, so gtting bor...

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