Championship Manager 4 Tips

Easy money!
Start a new game as a conference(or low division side) choose your most rubbish player. fine him and dont play him in games and put him in your reserve team. take control of man utd,barcelona or real madrid and make an offer for him of as much money as they own.also add a 50% of next sale clause and add extras like 20 million every 6 months etc.add a minimum fee release cause of 100m.accept with your team and offer a contract with the rich team. the player will accept because he hates the manager of the team.Do not retire as the manager as the rich team until the transfer is completed. Now youve got rid of your rubbish player and rich. the rich team will now become bankrupt because they are paying you millions every month and will hav to sell the player but if youve put the min fee release cause up they wont be able to so you will carry on getting money! if they do get rid of him for that money you will get 50% of it because that was in the offer and your team will now be able to buy lots of players and will get promoted and your stats will go up and you can move to another club and steal the money from your old club by doing the same thing!