Championship Manager 4 Tips

Drastic Improvement & Fantastic Players
When a player get's injured assign him the "None"" schedule. Even if he's out for a week. when the player fully recovers from his injury assign him the schedule that u are using because, not everybody is using the same training schedule. Anyway, U will now see that your player improved. Do this everytime your player get injured and your player's attributes will reach the 20 in no time however, don't you ever mess with the "None" schedule, becuase if you do then the cheat won't work.

Here are the best and cheap youngsters that are or will turn into Wonderkids:
Diego (Santos)
Robinho (Santos)
Fernando Covenaghi (River)
Dagoberto (Atletico Paranaense)
Freddy Adu (Free Transfer) The next Maradonna!

And players:
Tinga (gremio) DM
Anderson Polga (gremio) DM
Mancini (Athletico Mineiro) D/AM
Alex (Cruzeiro) AM/F
Cris (Cruzeiro) D
Marinho (Ponte Preta) D
Silvio Luiz (Sao Cataeno) GK
and of course there are more..
Just get good scouts with the attributes Judging Player Potential and Abilty and Determination at 20.