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Championship Manager 01/02 FAQ/Strategy Guide

by AlaskaFox   Updated to v1.2 on

        -=       C H A M P I O N S H I P   M A N A G E R          =-
        -=          Championship Manager 2001/2002 FAQ            =-
        -=                    For PC/Windows                      =-
        -=              By: AlaskaFox(Ronan Murphy)               =-
        -=               Created: October 16, 2002                =-
        -=          Date last Updated: October 25, 2002           =-
        -=                     Version 1.2                        =-
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        -=                     Gamefaqs CRP:                      =-
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Version 1.2 (Started: October 22, 2002)
- League Guide *Completed*
- Player Guide: Lower League Players Added
- File Size: 111k

Version 1.1 (Started: October 17, 2002)
- User Strategies: My Strategies Added
- Cheating: Codes & Secrets Added
- CM for Cheaters Updated
- League Guide Updated
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Version 1.0 (Started: October 16, 2002)
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- Playing CM Added
- League Guide to Russia Added
- CPU Tactics Added
- Training Added
- Cheating Added
- One FAQ Added
- My CM Achievements
- Disclaimer, Questions Notice Added
- Outro, Credits Added
- File Size: 88k

   -) Introduction
   i) Game Setup
      a) Starting a New Game
      b) Game Settings
  ii) Playing CM
      a) Club Expectations
      b) Transfer Market
      c) Player Attributes
      d) Coaches
 iii) League Guide
      a) Argentina
      b) Australia
      c) Belgium
      d) Brazil
      e) Croatia
      f) Denmark
      g) England
      h) Finland
      i) France
      j) Germany
      k) Greece
      l) Holland
      m) Italy
      n) Japan
      o) Northern Ireland
      p) Norway
      q) Poland
      r) Portugal
      s) Republic of Ireland
      t) Russia
      u) Scotland
      v) Spain
      w) Sweden
      x) Turkey
      y) USA
      z) Wales
  iv) Player Guide
      a) Attacking Players
      b) Defensive Players
      c) Lower League Players
   v) Tactics
      a) Internet Tactics
      b) CPU Tactics
  vi) Training
      a) Goalkeeping Training
      b) Defence Training
      c) Defender/Defensive Midfielder Training
      d) Defensive Midfield Training
      e) Midfield Training
      f) Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder Training
      g) Attacking Midfield Training
      h) Forward/Striker Training
      i) General Training
 vii) Cheating
      a) CM for Cheaters
      b) Codes & Strategies
viii) User Strategies
      a) My Strategies
  ix) Frequently Asked Questions
   x) My CM Achievements
  xi) Outro

          -=                  INTRODUCTION                 =-

Throughout this FAQ you will see the words "Index Number" and "Search
Field". These are to help you locate certain sections of the FAQ, as
listed in the index. Use Ctrl + F on most Word Processors and in Internet
Explorer to use the Find/Locate command.

Example: If you are looking for The section "Game Setup - New Game", type
'i-a' into the Find box. 'i' is the Index Number and 'a' is the section
number. This will take you to the beginning of the section.

          -=                   GAME SETUP                  =-

Index Number: i
                  =-           NEW GAME            -=

Search Field: i-a

Click on 'New Game' when you're ready to start.

Choosing a League
At the beginning of Championship Manager 2001/02, you will have a choice
of  26 leagues. Depending on your system specifications, you will be able
to select from 1 to 26 to play simultaneously. The chart below shows how
many leagues you can play at one time on your computer.

Processor   Memory    Number of Leagues*
All         16MB      1
P133-P200   32MB      2(Max 3)
P200-P350   64MB      3(Max 6)
IMAC 233    32MB      1
IMAC 300+   64MB      4
P350-400    64MB      6(Max 6)
G3/G4       128MB     16
P400+       128MB     10(Max 15)
P400+       256MB+    All

*Background Leagues count as 1/2 Leagues

Foreground/Background Leagues
Foreground Leagues are leagues that you wish to begin management in. If you
wish to manage Manchester United, you must have England Selected as a
Foreground League.

Background Leagues are leagues that you do not wish to manage in straight away,
but may want to manage in in the future. Only add a league as a background
league if your memory is very high and you will want to manage in said league.
Adding unneeded leagues as background leagues only wastes precious memory.

Initialising Game
After you have selected your leagues, the game will load all it's required
stats. This may take a while depending on your processor, so be patient.
On my old 166, Initialising used to take around 45 minutes, but only takes
3 or 4 on my new 1.8GHz PC. Go read a book or watch TV if you're computer is
pretty old.

Add Manager
When your game has finally loaded, you will come to the Add Manager screen.
This is where you select the club you wish to take to success(or maybe to
relegate, if you have a personal vendetta against the club). Who you
manage is up to you, but in my League Guide section(Section iii), I will
tell you who are easy teams to manage, and which teams provide a challenge,
if you are up to it. To manage a club, click on their name, check out their
players if you wish, and finally click 'Take Control' to install yourself
as the new Guus Hiddink.

What next....
You can add more managers if you want, or you can continue with the game.
Once you've decided to continue, you'll be in the big bad world of football
management. If you're stuck, and need help, read the manual that comes with
the game.

                  =-         GAME SETTINGS         -=

Search Field: i-b

You can play Championship Manager in one of ten languages:
Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese,
Spanish, or Swedish. Select the language which is your native tongue.
(Or if you want to use Championship Manager to progress your linguistics,
choose a language that's not your own, and try to figure out what's going
on!) Unfortunately, Gaeilge is not featured in CM 01/02, maybe it might be
in a future version, who knows?

Here you select the currency you will use in Championship Manager. There
are a variety of currencies ranging from the old Irish Punt to the Dollar.
Don't worry Euroites, the Euro is included too. Although, it's just
represented by an 'E' rather than the Euro symbol. And remember, The change
is in your pocket! (And the facts are in your Euro handbook)

Select the font you wish to use. NOTE: you cannot add your own fonts,
just select the in-game ones. Wingdings would be to hard to understand
when playing CM.

Wages can be shown in 3 seperate ways in CM - Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
Select the system you are most used to. NOTE: Although wages can be
shown as yearly, they are still payed out every week.

Screen Mode
You can select Full Screen or Window. Full screen is quicker, but if you wish
to do other things while playing CM, you can use a windowed version.

Background Changes
This option selects whether the in-game picture changes or not. If you have a
slow computer, I would recommend this option to be turned off.

On or Off - I have this turned off as the only sounds are the crowd chants
during the matches. I prefer to listen to my mp3s instead.

This option selects how many players your game contains.
Minimum means just important players and players in your league are selected.
Normal means all major players and lague players.
Maximum means almost everyone.
Minimum is recommended for slower computers.

Matches Stored
This is how many matches are stored in the match database, for you to look
back at during the game. Choose 5000 if you have a slow computer.

The game can automatically save if you want it to. This feature only
really helps if you've got a buggy computer, as it can become very

Save Compressed
Your save files are compressed which takes less disk space, but more
time to save.

Save Safely
Always have this on, as it checks to see if you have enough HD space
before saving.

Flashing Text
Exactly what it says on the tin. All that flashes is your News and your
next Fixture on matchday.

Background Matches
If Normal or On, you can check the latest scores in the other matches
while playing your own. If this is off, you can't.

Print To
Selects what the game prints to when you select the Print option in the
game. You can select whether tha game prints to a TXT file, the printer,
or both.

          -=                  PLAYING CM                   =-

Index Number: ii
                  =-       CLUB EXPECTATIONS       -=

Search Field: ii-a

After you select your team, the Chairman and/or Board of Directors
will set you a goal for the upcoming season. This is what they
expect from you. If you don't achieve their goal, you could be
facing some time on Unemployment Benefit. But if you're lucky,
they might not sack you even if you don't achieve the goal.

At the end of each month, your Directors will assess your
position at the club. If they tell you that they are "dissapointed
with your role as manager", your head might be next on the excutioner's

The Club Expectations are, as follows:

Serious Championship Challenge
You have to finish 1st at the end of the season. Nothing more,
nothing less.

Expect Continental Qualification
You have to get into a Continental competition, any competition
will do(with the exception of the Super Cup and Intertoto Cup).
The board don't care how you do it, but get it done!

Expect Promotion
You have to get your club up to the next footballing level,
possibly without the use of play-offs.

Expect Play-Offs
Your club needs to be in the Play-Offs at the end of the season.
You don't necessarily need to win the Play-offs, just be in them.

Respectable League Position
Your club should be in the top half of your league, come closing
day - the higher the better!

Stay Clear of Relegation
Exactly what it says on the tin. Do not get relegated, but you
better not be just on the edge of the Relegation Zone, or your
job could be in jeopardy(And I don't mean the TV show).

Battle Bravely Against Relegation
Try not to be relegated, but if it happens, it happens. It's not
your fault you're managing a team of no-hopers.

Improve Club Squad
Do whatever you like. Any result will satisfy the Directors(except
getting no points, or close to it).

                  =-       TRANSFER MARKET         -=

Search Field: ii-b

Searching for Players
There are two ways you can look for players, by going through
tonnes of information i.e. trawling through Teams/Nations; or
the easy way - use the Player Search & Scouts. These can be found
in the main menu, by clicking on your name.

Player Search
From here you can search from all the players in your region,
and all reputable players. You can also use the Filter to
block out players you don't want(i.e foreign players, expensive
players, goalkeepers, whatever...), or look for players with
certain stats(e.g. Tackling 20, Dribbling 15, etc.). Once
you've filtered out all unwanted players, you can click on
the the names of the players to see their info. If you
want to buy/loan a player, click Action in the corner of
the screen, then click on your preferred action.

You can assign your scouts certain tasks, so they find the correct
players for you. You can select to scout a team, a country, a region,
a competition, or to scout your next opposition. After the scout has
completed his task, you will be presented with the list of players he
has found. Then you select the new "Damien Duff".

Bidding for a Player
When you've found the player you want, and clicked "Bid", you will
have to compose your bid. On this screen you will find the player's
current valuation, as well as other options. If the player is on
the Transfer List, just bid his valuation and it will be accepted,
but if not, you will have to make a bid higher than the valuation.
You can pay in instalments, add a sell-on clause, or pay a fee
after a certain number of appearances. See the manual for more info.

Offering a Contract
When the club accepts the offer, you will be given the option of
offering a contract. Firstly, you will have to select the player's
Squad Status. Only give the greatest players "Indispensable" or
you will be regretting it later. If the player doesn't want the
status you've offered him, he will say so on the wages screen,
and you'll have to give him more money to entice him to come.
On the wages screen, you can select how much the player gets paid,
his signing-on fee, his contract length, and any clauses and bonuses.
NOTE: He will have to agree with the contract you offer him, or else
he won't join your club.

                  =-      PLAYER ATTRIBUTES        -=

Search Field: ii-c

Invisible Attributes
                     - How dirty he is.
Free kicks
                     - How good he is at taking free kicks in dangerous positions.
Important matches
                     - How well he performs in important matches

Injury proneness
                     - How likely he is to get injured.

                     - How well he leads and inspired his team mates.
Left foot
                     - How strong his left foot is.
Natural fitness
                     - His natural fitness level.

One on ones
                     - How good he is at saving in one-on-one situations. 
                       Note: Valid for goalkeepers only.
                     - How good he is at taking penalties.

Right foot
                     - How strong his right foot is.
Throw ins
                     - How good is at taking throw-ins.
                     - How easily he adapts to playing in unfamiliar positions.

                     - How good he is at recognising players in 
                       good positions to pass to.

Visibile Attributes
                     - How quickly he can reach full speed from a stand still.
                     - How aggressive he is (without necessarily 
                       being dirty – see dirtiness).
                     - How agile he is.
                     - How well he anticipates what is about to happen on the pitch.
                     - How well he keeps balance when challenged.
                     - How brave the player is.
                     - How consistently he performs from match to match. 
                       If  this is 5, he will perform to his Current ability 
                       only 25% of the time. 20 means 100% of the time.
                     - How good he is at taking corners.
                     - How good he is at crossing the ball.
                     - How good he is at making the right decision 
                       as to what to do with the ball.
                     - How good he is at dribbling with the ball.
                     - How good he is at scoring when given an opportunity.
                     - How likely he is to do something special and unexpected.
                     - How good he is at handling the ball. 
                       Note: Valid for goalkeepers only.
                     - How good he is at heading the ball. 
                       This does not include his jumping ability.
                     - How good he is at jumping for the ball.
Long shots
                     - How good he is at striking long range shots.
                     - How good he is at marking opponents.
off The Ball
                     - How good he is at moving into good attacking positions.
                     - How fast he can run when at top speed.

                     - How accurately he can pass the ball.

                     - How good he is at keeping a good defensive position. 
                       Note: This includes goalkeeper positioning.
                     - How good he is at making reflex saves. 
                       Note: Valid only for goalkeepers.
Set Pieces
                     - How good he is at taking set pieces.
                     - How long he is able to play before tiring.
                     - How physically strong he is.
                     - How good he is at making tackles.
                     - How good he is at playing for the team rather than for himself.
                     - How good his technique and ball control is.
Work rate
                     - How hard he works in a match.

                  =-           COACHES             -=

Search Field: ii-d

You will need coaches to train your players - the better the coach
the better the training. But how do you know if a coach is good or
not? Certain coaches are good at coaching in certain areas, e.g.
a former goalkeeper usually makes a good goalkeeping coach. When training, 
have each coach only coaching in 3 areas, selected from the General screen.

The Attributes needed for coaching are as follows:

Fitness     - Coaching Outfield Players, Discipline
Shooting    - Coaching Outfield Players
Skills      - Coaching Outfield Players
Tactics     - Tactical Knowledge
Goalkeeping - Coaching Goalkeepers

But what do all the Coaching Ratings mean?
NOTE: These are also applicable to other Staff members.

Invisible Attributes
                     - Extent to which he likes to use an 
                       attacking style of football.
                     - How good he is at running the business side of the club. 
                       Note: Applies to chairmen only.
Coaching techinque
                     - Extent to which he is a technical coach 
                       rather than a fitness coach.
                     - Extent to which he prefers a direct style of play.
Free roles
                     - Extent to which he allows players to play in a free role
                     - Extent to which he interfers in the manager’s tasks. 
                       Note: Applies to chairmen only.
                     - Extent to which he likes to employ a man-marking system.
                     - Extent to which he likes to use the offside trap.
                     - How much patience he has in managers to succeed. 
                       Note: Applies to chairmen only.
                     - Extent to which he likes to play a pressing game.
                     - Extent of financial resources he is prepared 
                       to put into the club. 
                       Note: Applies to chairmen only.

Visible Attributes
                     - How well he adapts to living in a country 
                       which isn’t his own.
Coaching Goalkeepers
                     - How well he can train Goalkeepers
Coaching Outfield Players
                     - How well he can train Outfielders
                     - His determination to reach his goals.
Judging Player Ability
                     - How well he judges how good players are.
Judging Player Potential
                     - How well he judges how good staff could become.
Level of Discipline
                     - How severely he punishes players who misbehave.
Man Management
                     - His ability to psychologically handle those below him.
                     - His ability to motivate players.
                     - How good he is at physiotherapy.
Tactical Knowledge
                     - The coach's knowledge of tactics.
Working with Youngsters
                     - How well he works with young players.

Coaching Style
Fitness-based        - Makes sure his players are fit before training in
                       other areas.

Preferred Formation
Which formation the coach prefers. These are:
5-3-2 Sweeper

Preferred Style
Whether the coach prefers attacking or defensive play. The styles are:
"Has no preferred style of play"
"Prefers a patient style of play"
"Prefers a direct style of play"
"Prefers a cautious but direct style of play"
"Prefers an attacking style of play"
"Prefers an attractive attacking style of play"
"Prefers a defensive style of play"
"Prefers a patient and defensive style of play"

This lists anything else known about the coach, such as:
"Likes to play the offside trap"
"Likes his players to close down the opposition"
"Likes to deply a man-marking system"

          -=                  LEAGUE GUIDE                 =-

Index Number: iii

In this section, I will list the best teams to pick in each league,
the worst teams, the richest teams, etc. For a full League Guide, check
out Colin's CM Team/League Guide on

Top Seeds: The teams who expect to win the league or be in the running.
Rich Teams: Exactly that.
Poor Teams: Any team that is in debt or has insufficient finances for
            their current division.
Popular Teams: The teams with the highest reputations.
Easy Teams: Easy Teams to manage. (The easiest team listed first)
Tough Teams: Teams which require lots of skill to manage.

Short Team names vary slightly from the Long Team Names shown here.

                  =-           Argentina           -=

Search Field: iii-a

Argentine Premier Division
Top Seeds:     River Plate, Boca Juniors
Rich Teams:    River Plate, Boca Juniors, Veléz Sarsfield, Independiente
Poor Teams:    Neuva Chicago, Colón de Santa Fé, Chacarita Juniors
Popular Teams: Boca Juniors, River Plate, San Lorenzo de Almagro
Easy Teams:    River Plate, Boca Juniors, San Lorenzo
Tough Teams:   Chacarita Juniors, Colón de Santa Fé, Newell's Old Boys

Argentine Second Division
Top Seeds:     Platense, Quilmes, Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy
Rich Teams:    Quilmes, Almagro, Platense
Poor Teams:    Huracán de Tres Arroyos, Racing de Córdoba
Popular Teams: Platense, Quilmes, Arsenal de Sarandí
Easy Teams:    Quilmes, Platense, Los Andes
Tough Teams:   Huracán de Tres Arroyos, Villa Mitre de Bahía Blanca

                  =-           Australia           -=

Search Field: iii-b

Australian National Soccer League
Top Seeds:     Northern Spirit, Perth Glory, Wollongong Wolves
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    Canberra Cosmos, Marconi
Popular Teams: Northern Spirit, Perth Glory, South Melbourne
Easy Teams:    Northern Spirit, Perth Glory, Olympic Sharks
Tough Teams:   Canberra Cosmos, Marconi, Adelaide City

                  =-            Belgium            -=

Search Field: iii-c

Belgian First Division
Top Seeds:     RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge KV, R Standard de Liège
Rich Teams:    RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge KV, R Standard de Liège
Poor Teams:    KSK Beveren 
Popular Teams: RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge KV, R Standard de Liège
Easy Teams:    RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge KV, R Standard de Liège, KRC Genk
Tough Teams:   KSK Beveren, KFC Lommelse SK, KVC Westerlo

Belgian Second Division
Top Seeds:     KV Mechelen
Rich Teams:    KV Mechelen, KSV Roeselare
Poor Teams:    KRC Zuid-West-Vlaanderen, KSK Ronse
Popular Teams: KV Mechelen, KSV Cercle Brugge, KRC Zuid-West-Vlaanderen
Easy Teams:    KV Mechelen, KRC Zuid-West-Vlaanderen
Tough Teams:   KSK Heusden-Zolder, KFC Strombeek

Belgian Third Division A
Top Seeds:     KVK Kortijk
Rich Teams:    RRC Gent - Zeehaven, KFC Vigor Wuitens Hamme
Poor Teams:    AC Olen, KSV Zulte Waregem
Popular Teams: KVK Kortijk, KV Oostende, KFC Turnhout, KSV Zulte Waregem
Easy Teams:    KVK Kortijk,  KFC Vigor Wuitens Hamme
Tough Teams:   AC Olen, KFC Turnhout

Belgian Third Division B
Top Seeds:     Royal Union Saint-Gilloise
Rich Teams:    Racing Mechelen, RW Walhain CG, Royal Union Saint-Gilloise
Poor Teams:    ROC Charleroi-Marchienne, K Bocholter VV, FC ZD Oud Heverlee
Popular Teams: Royal Union Saint-Gilloise, KAS Eupen, ROC Charleroi-Marchienne
Easy Teams:    Royal Union Saint-Gilloise, Racing Mechelen, KSK Tongeren
Tough Teams:   ROC Charleroi-Marchienne, KTH Diest, KVV Overpelt Fabriek

                  =-            Brazil             -=

Search Field: iii-d

Brazilian National First Division
Top Seeds:     Club de Regatas do Flamengo
Rich Teams:    Clube Athlético Paranaese, São Paulo Futebol Clube
Poor Teams:    None
Popular Teams: Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, Clube de Regatas de
               Vasco da Gama, Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras
Easy Teams:    Clube Athlético Paranaese, São Paulo Futebol Clube,
               Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, Cruzeiro Esporte Clube
Tough Teams:   Guarani Futebol Clube, Sociedade Esportiva do Gama

Brazilian National Second Division
Top Seeds:     América Futebol Clube (RN), Avaí Futebol Clube,
               Fortaleza Esporte Clube
Rich Teams:    Clube Atlético Bragantino, Clube Náutico Capibaribe,
               Criciúma Esporte Clube
Poor Teams:    Serra Futebol Clube, Esporte Clube XV de Novembro*
Popular Teams: Clube Náutico Capibaribe, America Futebol Clube (RN),
               Paysandu Sport Club
Easy Teams:    Sociedade Esportiva Caixas do Sul, Avaí Futebol Clube
Tough Teams:   Esporte Clube XV de Novembro*, Clube de Regatas Brasil

* Esporte Clube de Novembro - Short Name: XV de Piracicaba 

Brazilian National Third Division
Top Seeds:     Olaria Atlético Clube
Rich Teams:    Rio Branco Esporte Clube, Centro Sportivo Alagaono,
               Villa Nova Atlético Clube
Poor Teams:    Clube Atlético Sorocaba, Agremiação Sportiva Arapiraquense,
               Sport Club Corinthians Alagoano, Esporte Clube Flamengo
Popular Teams: Bangu Atlético Clube, Associação Atlética Portuguesa,
               Clube Atlético Juventus, Olaria Atlético Clube,
               Centro Sportivo Alagaono, Villa Nova Atlético Clube,
               América Football Club (RJ)
Easy Teams:    Centro Sportivo Alagaono, Clube Atlético Juventus
Tough Teams:   Esporte Clube Comercial, Brasiliense Futebol Clube      

                  =-           Croatia             -=

Search Field: iii-e

Croatian First Division
Top Seeds:     NK Dinamo, HNK Hajduk, NK Osijek
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    NK Dinamo, HNK Hajduk, NK Cakovec, NK Osijek
Popular Teams: NK Dinamo, HNK Hajduk, NK Osijek, HNK Rijeka
Easy Teams:    NK Slaven Belupo, NK Varteks, NK Zagreb
Tough Teams:   NK Dinamo, HNK Hajduk

Croatian Second Divsion North
Top Seeds:     NK Koprivnica, NK Belisce, NK Bjelovar, HNK Vukovar '91
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    NK Valpovska Satnica, NK Bedem, Ivancica, NK NASK-Nasicecement
Popular Teams: NK Belisce, NK Bjelovar
Easy Teams:    NK Bjelovar, HNK Vukovar '91
Tough Teams:   NK Bedem, NK Graficar Vodovod

Croatian Second Divsion South
Top Seeds:     NK Solin Gradja, NK Imotska Krajina, NK Mosor, NK Orijent,
               HNK Segesta
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    NK Orijent, NK GOSK, NK Vrbovec
Popular Teams: HNK Segesta, NK Solin Gradja
Easy Teams:    NK Istra, NK Trnje
Tough Teams:   NK GOSK, NK Uljanik, NK INKER

                  =-           Denmark             -=

Search Field: iii-f

Danish Premier Division
Top Seeds:     Brøndbyernes Idræts Forening, Aalborg Boldspilklub,
               Football Club København
Rich Teams:    Brøndbyernes Idræts Forening, Football Club København,
               Akademisk Boldklub, Aalborg Boldspilklub
Poor Teams:    Aarhus Gymnastik Forening, Lyngby Football Club
Popular Teams: Football Club København, Brøndbyernes Idræts Forening,
               Akademisk Boldklub, Aalborg Boldspilklub
Easy Teams:    Football Club København, Brøndbyernes Idræts Forening
Tough Teams:   Aarhus Gymnastik Forening, Lyngby Football Club,
               Viborg Fodsports Forening

Danish First Division
Top Seeds:     HFK Sønderjylland, Herfølge Boldklub
Rich Teams:    Herfølge Boldklub
Poor Teams:    FC Fredericia af 1991, Boldklubben af 1909,
               Kolding Idrætsforening
Popular Teams: Herfølge Boldklub, Køge Boldklub
Easy Teams:    Herfølge Boldklub, Farum Boldklub
Tough Teams:   Kolding Idrætsforening, Boldklubben af 1909

Danish Second Division
Top Seeds:     Boldklubben Fremad Amager, Hjørring Idrætsforening,
               Ølstykke Fodbold Club
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    All teams have 50k or less
Popular Teams: IF Skjold Birkerød, Boldklubben Fremad Amager
Easy Teams:    Football Club Nordjylland, Ølstykke Fodbold Club
Tough Teams:   Kalundborg Gymnastik og Boldklub, Hellerup Idræts Klub

                  =-           England             -=

Search Field: iii-g

English Premier Division
Top Seeds:     Manchester United, Leeds United, Arsenal
Rich Teams:    Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester United
Poor Teams:    Derby County, Everton
Popular Teams: Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool
Easy Teams:    Leeds United, Blackburn, Manchester United, Fulham
Tough Teams:   Southampton, Derby County, Everton

English First Division
Top Seeds:     Bradford City, Manchester City
Rich Teams:    West Bromwich Albion, Wolverhampton Wanderers,
               Manchester City, Birmingham City
Poor Teams:    Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United,
               Norwich City
Popular Teams: Birmingham City, Coventry City, Manchester City,
               Sheffield Wednesday
Easy Teams:    Wolverhampton Wanderers, Manchester City, 
               West Bromwich Albion, Millwall
Tough Teams:   Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday

English Second Division
Top Seeds:     Queens Park Rangers, Wigan Athletic
Rich Teams:    Wigan Athletic, Cardiff City, Stoke City, 
               Notts County, Swindon Town
Poor Teams:    Brnetford, Queens Park Rangers
Popular Teams: Bristol City, Huddersfield Town, Notts County,
               Queens Park Rangers, Stoke City
Easy Teams:    Wigan Athletic, Cardiff City, Stoke City
Tough Teams:   Brentford, Brighton and Hove Albion, Wrexham

English Third Division
Top Seeds:     Bristol Rovers, Hull City, Luton Town, Oxford United
Rich Teams:    Rushden & Diamonds, Hull City, Darlington, Torquay United
Poor Teams:    Southend United, Oxford United, Mansfield Town
Popular Teams: Hull City, Leyton Orient, Luton Town, Oxford United
Easy Teams:    Rushden & Diamonds, Hull City, Torquay United
Tough Teams:   Southend United, Cheltenham Town, Rochdale

                  =-           Finland             -=

Search Field: iii-h

Finnish Premier Division
Top Seeds:     FC Haka Valkeakoski, HJK Helsinki, Myllykosken Pallo-47
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    FC Jazz, Vaasan Palloseura
Popular Teams: HJK Helsinki, FC Haka Valkeakoski
Easy Teams:    HJK Helsinki, FC Haka Valkeakoski, Myllykosken Pallo-47
Tough Teams:   FC Jazz, Vaasan Palloseura, Kuopion Palloseura

Finnish First Division North
Top Seeds:     TPV Tampere, TP-Seinäjoki
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    Musan Salama
Popular Teams: FC Hämeenlinna, FC Mikkeli, FF Jaro, TPV Tampere
Easy Teams:    TPV Tampere, FF Jaro, Oulun Tervarit
Tough Teams:   Musan Salama, IF Kraft

Finnish First Division South
Top Seeds:     FC Jokrut, Jalkapallo TPS
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    FC HIFK
Popular Teams: Jalkapallo TPS, Hangö Idrottsklubb
Easy Teams:    FC Jokrut, Jalkapallo TPS
Tough Teams:   FC HIFK

                  =-            France             -=

Search Field: iii-i

French First Division
Top Seeds:     Olympique Lyonnais, AS Monaco
Rich Teams:    AS Monaco, Olympique Lyonnais, Girondins de Bordeaux
Poor Teams:    None
Popular Teams: Olympique Lyonnais, AS Monaco, Paris-Saint-Germain
Easy Teams:    AS Monaco, Paris-Saint-Germain, Stade Rennais
Tough Teams:   FC Lorient, FC Sochaux-Montbéliard, Montpellier Hérault SC

French Second Division
Top Seeds:     AS Nancy-Lorraine, AS Saint-Etienne, Racing Club Strasbourg
Rich Teams:    Amiens SC, Le Mans Union Club 72, Le Havre Athletic Club
Poor Teams:    US Créteil, OGC Nice, Racing Club Strasbourg
Popular Teams: AS Nancy-Lorraine, OGC Nice, AS Saint-Etienne, 
               Racing Club Strasbourg
Easy Teams:    AS Nancy-Lorraine, AS Saint-Etienne, Racing Club Strasbourg
Tough Teams:   OGC Nice, US Créteil, FC Martigues

French National Division
Top Seeds:     SCO Angers, AS Cannes, Clermont Foot Auvergne,
               Racing Club de Paris, Toulouse FC
Rich Teams:    Toulouse FC, ASO Arménienne Valence, Stade de Reims Champagne,
               SAEMS Louhans-Cuiseaux 71, Pau FC, Clermont Foot Auvergne
Poor Teams:    AS Cannes
Popular Teams: Calais Racing UFC, AS Cannes, Clermont Foot Auvergne,
               Racing Club de Paris, Toulouse FC
Easy Teams:    Toulouse FC, Clermont Foot Auvergne, Stade de Reims Champagne
Tough Teams:   US Boulogne-sur-Mer, FC Sète

                  =-           Germany             -=

Search Field: iii-j

German First Division
Top Seeds:     BV Borussia Dortmund, FC Bayern München, Hertha BSC Berlin,
               Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Rich Teams:    BV Borussia Dortmund, FC Bayern München, Bayer 04 Leverkusen,
               Hertha BSC Berlin, FC Schalke 04
Poor Teams:    1.FC Nürnberg, FC Hansa Rostock, FC Energie Cottbus
Popular Teams: FC Bayern München, BV Borussia Dortmund, Hertha BSC Berlin,
               Bayer 04 Leverkusen, FC Schalke 04
Easy Teams:    FC Bayern München, BV Borussia Dortmund, Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Tough Teams:   1.FC Nürnberg, FC Hansa Rostock, FC Energie Cottbus,
               VfL Wolfsburg

German Second Division
Top Seeds:     VfL Bochum, Eintracht Frankfurt, SpVgg Unterhaching
Rich Teams:    Eintracht Frankfurt, VfL Bochum
Poor Teams:    None
Popular Teams: VfL Bochum, Eintracht Frankfurt
Easy Teams:    VfL Bochum, Eintracht Frankfurt, Karlsruher SC
Tough Teams:   SV Babelsberg 03, 1.FC Schweinfurt 05, Rot-Weiß Oberhausen

German Regional Division North
Top Seeds:     TSV Eintracht Braunschweig, VfB Lübeck
Rich Teams:    TSV Eintracht Braunschweig, SC Rot-Weiss Essen,
               Fortuna Düsseldorf, Fortuna Köln, KFC Uerdingen 05
Poor Teams:    FC Erzgebirge Aue, VfB Lübeck, SC Wattenscheid 09
Popular Teams: TSV Eintracht Braunschweig, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Fortuna Köln,
               VfB Lübeck, VfL Osnabrück, SC Rot-Weiss Essen,
               KFC Uerdingen 05, SC Wattenscheid 09
Easy Teams:    Fortuna Düsseldorf, TSV Eintracht Braunschweig
Tough Teams:   FC Erzgebirge Aue, SC Verl

German Regional Division South
Top Seeds:     Kickers Offenbach, Stuttgarter Kickers
Rich Teams:    Kickers Offenbach
Poor Teams:    SV Wehen-Taunusstein, FC Rot-Weiss Erfurt, 
               SV Wacker Burghausen, VfR Aalen
Popular Teams: Kickers Offenbach, Stuttgarter Kickers
Easy Teams:    Kickers Offenbach, VfR Mannheim
Tough Teams:   SV Wehen-Taunusstein, SV Wacker Burghausen, VfR Aalen

                  =-            Greece             -=

Search Field: iii-k

Greek National A Division
Top Seeds:     Olympiakos Piraeus, Panathinaikos
Rich Teams:    Panathinaikos, Olympiakos Piraeus, AEK Athens
Poor Teams:    Akratitos
Popular Teams: Panathinaikos, Olympiakos Piraeus, AEK Athens
Easy Teams:    Panathinaikos, Olympiakos Piraeus, PAOK Salonika, AEK Athens
Tough Teams:   Akratitos, Aigaleo City, Panachaiki

Greek National B Division
Top Seeds:     None
Rich Teams:    
Poor Teams:    Patraikos
Popular Teams: I.S. Paniliakos, Apollon Athens, Apollon Kalamarias,
               Chalkidona, Pas Giannena, Proodeftiki
Easy Teams:    I.S. Paniliakos, Apollon Kalamarias
Tough Teams:   Patraikos, Chalkidona, Agios Nikolaos

                  =-           Holland             -=

Search Field: iii-l

Dutch Premier Division
Top Seeds:     Ajax, PSV
Rich Teams:    PSV, Ajax, Willem II, FC Twente
Poor Teams:    FC Den Bosch
Popular Teams: PSV, Feyenoord, Ajax, Vitesse
Easy Teams:    Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord
Tough Teams:   FC Den Bosch, FC Groningen

Dutch First Division
Top Seeds:     None
Rich Teams:    Cambuur Leeuwarden
Poor Teams:    MVV, TOP Oss
Popular Teams: Cambuur Leeuwarden, MVV, RBC Roosendaal
Easy Teams:    Cambuur Leeuwarden,, RBC Roosendaal
Tough Teams:   MVV, TOP Oss, Dordrecht 90

                  =-             Italy             -=

Search Field: iii-m

Italian Serie A
Top Seeds:     Internazionale, Juventus, AC Milan, Parma, AS Roma
Rich Teams:    Internazionale, Juventus, AC Milan, Parma, AS Roma, Lazio
Poor Teams:    Fiorentina
Popular Teams: Juventus, AC Milan, Internazionale, Lazio
Easy Teams:    AS Roma, Internazionale, Juventus, AC Milan, Lazio
Tough Teams:   Fiorentina, Chievo Verona, Brescia

Italian Serie B
Top Seeds:     Bari, Napoli, Reggina, Sampdoria, Vicenza
Rich Teams:    Vicenza, Bari, Reggina, Empoli, Cagliari
Poor Teams:    Napoli, Sampdoria, Salernitana
Popular Teams: Sampdoria, Nappoli, Bari, Cagliari, Vicenza
Easy Teams:    Bari, Vicenza, Reggina
Tough Teams:   Salernitana, Messina, Modena, Crotone

Italian Serie C1/A
Top Seeds:     Treviso
Rich Teams:    Treviso, Monza, Reggiana, Livorno
Poor Teams:    None
Popular Teams: Treviso, Cesena, Monza, Reggiana
Easy Teams:    Treviso, Monza, Livorno
Tough Teams:   Lumezzane, Carrarese, Albinoleffe

Italian Serie C1/B
Top Seeds:     Pescara
Rich Teams:    Catania, Ascoli, Pescara, Viterbese
Poor Teams:    Lanciano, Sora, Chieti, Taranto 1906
Popular Teams: Pescara, Ascoli, Avellino
Easy Teams:    Ascoli, Pescara
Tough Teams:   Sora, Chieti

Italian Serie C2/A
Top Seeds:     Alessandria
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    Meda, Sangiovannese, Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Viareggio
Popular Teams: Cremonese, Alessandria, Montevarchi 1902, Novara,
               Pro Patria, Pro Vercelli
Easy Teams:    Alessandria, Rondinella Impruneta, Prato
Tough Teams:   

Italian Serie C2/B
Top Seeds:     Brescello
Rich Teams:    Brescello, Rimini
Poor Teams:    San Marino, Gubbio, Mestre, Sassuolo
Popular Teams: Rimini, Brescello, Mantova 1994
Easy Teams:    Rimini, Mantova 1994, Brescello
Tough Teams:   San Marino, Thiene Valdagno, Poggese

Italian Serie C2/C
Top Seeds:     Fedilis Andria
Rich Teams:    Foggia
Poor Teams:    Igea Virtus Barcellona, Giugliano, Nuova Nardò
Popular Teams: Foggia, Fedilis Andria
Easy Teams:    Fedilis Andria, Foggia
Tough Teams:   Igea Virtus Barcellona, Palmese, Tricase

                  =-             Japan             -=

Search Field: iii-n

Japanese J-League 1
Top Seeds:     Jubilo Iwata
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    FC Tokyo, Consadole Sapporo, Vissel Kobe
Popular Teams: Jubilo Iwata, Kashima Antlers
Easy Teams:    Jubilo Iwata, Kashima Antlers, Shimizu S-Pulse
Tough Teams:   Consadole Sapporo, Vissel Kobe, FC Tokyo

Japanese J-League 2
Top Seeds:     Kyoto Purple Sanga, Shonan Bellmare
Rich Teams:    Oita Trinita, Montedio Yamagata, Sagan Tosu FC,
               Vent Foret Kofu
Poor Teams:    Yokohama FC, Omiya Ardija, Kawasaki Frontale
Popular Teams: Shonan Bellmare, Kyoto Purple Sanga
Easy Teams:    Shonan Bellmare, Vegalta Sendai
Tough Teams:   Yokohama FC, Kawasaki Frontale

                  =-       Northern Ireland        -=

Search Field: iii-o

Northern Irish League Premier Division
Top Seeds:     Glenavon, Linfield
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    All teams, especially Glentoran
Popular Teams: Linfield
Easy Teams:    Glenavon, Glentoran, Linfield
Tough Teams:   Portadown, Ards

Northern Irish League First Division
Top Seeds:     None
Rich Teams:    Ballymena United
Poor Teams:    All except Ballymena United
Popular Teams: Ballymena United, Bangor, LiSburn Distillery
Easy Teams:    Ballymena United, Larne
Tough Teams:   Carrick Rangers, Institute

                  =-            Norway             -=

Search Field: iii-p

Norweigan Premier Division
Top Seeds:     Rosenborg BK
Rich Teams:    Rosenborg BK, Stabæk IF, Viking FK, Molde FK
Poor Teams:    None
Popular Teams: Rosenborg BK, Odd Grenland
Easy Teams:    Rosenborg BK, Molde FK, Viking FK
Tough Teams:   Bryne FK, Lillestrøm SK

Norweigan First Division
Top Seeds:     Strømsgodset IF, Tromsø IL
Rich Teams:    Tromsø IL, Strømsgodset IF, Hamarkameratene Toppfotball
Poor Teams:    Tollnes BK, FK Oslo Øst, Lørenskog IF
Popular Teams: Strømsgodset IF, Hamarkameratene Toppfotball
Easy Teams:    Strømsgodset IF, Hamarkameratene Toppfotball, Tromsø IL
Tough Teams:   Tollnes BK, FK Oslo Øst

                  =-            Poland             -=

Search Field: iii-q

Polish First Division
Top Seeds:     Legia Warszawa, Polonia Warszawa, Pogon Szczecin
Rich Teams:    Wisla Krakow, Legia Warszawa, Groclin Grodzisk
Poor Teams:    Gornik Zabrze, Widzew Lodz, Stomil Olsztyn
Popular Teams: Legia Warszawa, Pogon Szczecin, Polonia Warszawa,
               Wisla Krakow
Easy Teams:    Wisla Krakow, Legia Warszawa
Tough Teams:   Gornik Zabrze, Stomil Olsztyn, GKS Katowice

Polish Second Division
Top Seeds:     Orlen Plock, Ruch Radzionkow
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    Lodzki Klub Sportowy, Polar Wroclaw
Popular Teams: Orlen Plock, Lech Poznan
Easy Teams:    Orlen Plock, Lech Poznan, Ruch Radzionkow
Tough Teams:   Polar Wroclaw, Swit Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki

                  =-           Portugal            -=

Search Field: iii-r

Notes: Although the Portugeuse Second Division B is split into 3
       sections, I combined them as they are all just one below
       the Second League.

Portuguese Premier League
Top Seeds:     Futebol Clube do Porto, Sporting Clube de Portugal
Rich Teams:    Futebol Clube do Porto, Sport Lisboa e Benfica,
               Sporting Clube de Portugal
Poor Teams:    Gil Vicente Futebol Clube, Futebol Clube Paços de Ferreira
Popular Teams: Futebol Clube do Porto, Sport Lisboa e Benfica,
               Sporting Clube de Portugal
Easy Teams:    Futebol Clube do Porto, Sport Lisboa e Benfica,
               Sporting Clube de Portugal
Tough Teams:   Futebol Clube Paços de Ferreira, Gil Vicente Futebol Clube

Portuguese Second League
Top Seeds:     Associação Académica de Coimbra, 
               Sporting Clube Campomaiorense, C.F. Estrela da Amadora
Rich Teams:    C.F. Estrela da Amadora, Futebol Clube da Maia
Poor Teams:    Clube Futebol União de Lamas
Popular Teams: Associação Académica de Coimbra, C.F. Estrela da Amadora,
               Rio Ave Futebol Clube
Easy Teams:    Associação Académica de Coimbra, C.F. Estrela da Amadora
Tough Teams:   Associação Desportiva Ovarense, União Desportiva Oliveirense

Portuguese Second Division B
Top Seeds:     Leixões Sport Clube, Clube Desportivo Feirense,
               Grupo Desportivo Estoril-Praia
Rich Teams:    Grupo Desportivo Estoril-Praia, Gondomar Sport Clube,
               Imortal Desportivo Clube, Clube Futebol União Madeira
Poor Teams:    Associação Beneditense C. D., Ermesinde Sport Clube,
               Padernense Clube, Sporting Clube S.J. Ver
Popular Teams: Grupo Desportivo Estoril-Praia, Leixões Sport Clube
Easy Teams:    Grupo Desportivo Estoril-Praia, Leixões Sport Clube
Tough Teams:   Padernense Clube, Sporting Clube S.J. Ver

                  =-      Republic of Ireland      -=

Search Field: iii-s

Irish Premier Division
Top Seeds:     Bohemian F.C., Shelbourne F.C.
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    Galway United, Longford Town
Popular Teams: Shelbourne F.C., Saint Patrick's Athletic
Easy Teams:    Bohemian F.C., Shelbourne F.C., Cork City
Tough Teams:   Longford Town, University College Dublin

Irish First Division
Top Seeds:     None
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    Sligo Rovers, Waterford United, Limerick F.C.,
               Drogheda United, Finn Harps
Popular Teams: Athlone Town, Drogheda United, Dublin City F.C.,
               Finn Harps, Sligo Rovers, Waterford United
Easy Teams:    Dublin City, Athlone Town, Kilkenny City
Tough Teams:   Limerick F.C., Finn Harps, Drogheda United

                  =-            Russia             -=

Search Field: iii-t

Russian Premier Division
Top Seeds:     Lokomotiv Moscow
Rich Teams:    CSKA Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow, Spartak Moscow
Poor Teams:    Krylja Sovetov Samara
Popular Teams: Lokomotiv Moscow, Spartak Moscow
Easy Teams:    CSKA Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow, Spartak Moscow
Tough Teams:   SC Rotor Volgograd, FC Torpedo-ZiL Moscow

Russian First Division
Top Seeds:     Chernomorets Novorossiysk, Fakel Voronezh
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    Kristall Smolensk, Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk,
               Volgar-Gazprom Astrakhan
Popular Teams: Chernomorets Novorossiysk
Easy Teams:    Chernomorets Novorossiysk
Tough Teams:   Kristall Smolensk, Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk,
               Volgar-Gazprom Astrakhan, Fakel Voronezh

                  =-           Scotland            -=

Search Field: iii-u

Scottish Premier Division
Top Seeds:     Glasgow Celtic, Glasgow Rangers
Rich Teams:    Glasgow Rangers, Glasgow Celtic
Poor Teams:    Heart of Midlothian, Dunfermline Athletic
Popular Teams: Glasgow Celtic, Glasgow Rangers
Easy Teams:    Glasgow Celtic, Glasgow Rangers
Tough Teams:   Heart of Midlothian, Dunfermline Athletic

Scottish First Division
Top Seeds:     None
Rich Teams:    Ayr United
Poor Teams:    St. Mirren, Inverness Caledonian Thistle
Popular Teams: Ayr United, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, St. Mirren
Easy Teams:    Ayr United
Tough Teams:   St. Mirren, Inverness Caledonian Thistle

Scottish Second Division
Top Seeds:     Greenock Morton
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    Greenock Morton, All teams
Popular Teams: Greenock Morton, Alloa Athletic, Clydebank, 
               Stenhousemuir, Stranraer
Easy Teams:    Alloa Athletic, Queen Of The South
Tough Teams:   Greenock Morton

Scottish Third Division
Top Seeds:     Brechin City, Stirling Albion
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    All
Popular Teams: Stirling Albion, Queen's Park
Easy Teams:    Brechin City, Montrose, Dumbarton
Tough Teams:   Queen's Park, East Fife

                  =-             Spain             -=

Search Field: iii-v

Note: The Spanish Second Division B is a 4 group league, but
      for reference purposes I have combined their stats.

Spanish First Division
Top Seeds:     F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., Deportivo de La Coruña,
               Valencia C.F.
Rich Teams:    F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., Valencia C.F.,
               Deportivo de La Coruña
Poor Teams:    U.D. Las Palmas
Popular Teams: F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F.
Easy Teams:    F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F.
Tough Teams:   U.D. Las Palmas, Real Valladolid

Spanish Second Division
Top Seeds:     Atlético de Madrid, C.D. Numancia, Real Oviedo C.F.,
               Racing Club de Santander
Rich Teams:    Atlético de Madrid, Racing Club de Santander,
               Real Oviedo C.F., Real Sporting de Gijón
Poor Teams:    None
Popular Teams: Atlético de Madrid, Racing Club de Santander
Easy Teams:    Atlético de Madrid, Racing Club de Santander
Tough Teams:   Racing de Ferrol, Xerez C.D.

Spanish Second Division B
Top Seeds:     None
Rich Teams:    Cádiz C.F., C.D. Castellón, S.D. Compostela, Getafe C.F., 
               U.E. Lleida, C.D. Logroñés, C.D. Ourense, C.D. Toledo, 
               Universidad de Las Palmas
Poor Teams:    Most teams have 400k or less
Popular Teams: S.D. Compostela, Cultural Leonesa, C.D. Ourense,
               Pontevedra C.F., U.D. Atlética Gramanet, C.E. Sabadell,
               C.D. Castellón, Getafe C.F., C.D. Mensajero, C.D. Toledo,
               Cádiz C.F., Granada C.F.
Easy Teams:    S.D. Compostela, U.E. Lleida
Tough Teams:   C.D. Alfaro, Terrassa C.F., Real S.D. Alcalá,
               C.F. Ciudad de Murcia, C.D. Díter Zafra, U.D. Mérida

                  =-            Sweden             -=

Search Field: iii-w

Note: The Swedish Second Division is alos split into groups

Swedish Premier Division
Top Seeds:     AIK, Helsingborgs IF
Rich Teams:    AIK, Halmstad BK, Helsingborgs IF
Poor Teams:    Örebro SK, Djurgårdens IF, GIF Sundsvall
Popular Teams: IFK Göteborg, AIK, Helsingborgs IF
Easy Teams:    AIK, Helsingborgs IF, IFK Göteborg
Tough Teams:   Djurgårdens IF, GIF Sundsvall, Landskrona BOIS

Swedish First Division
Top Seeds:     BK Häcken, Trelleborgs FF, Västra Frölunda IF
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    Västerås SK, Östers IF
Popular Teams: Östers IF, Västerås SK
Easy Teams:    Mjällby AIF, Trelleborgs FF, BK Häcken,
               FC Café Opera/Djursholms IF
Tough Teams:   Gefle IF, Ängelholms FF

Swedish Second Division
Top Seeds:     None
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    BK Forward, Göteborgs AIS, Grimsås IF, 
               IFK Hässleholm, Helsingborgs Södra BIS, Hjulsbro IK, 
               Höllvikens GIF, Katrineholms SK, Karlslunds IF, 
               Kiruna FF, Laholms FK, Panos Ljungskile SK, IFK Luleå, 
               Lunds BK, Rynninge IK, Skellefteå AIK, Slätta SK, 
               Syrianska Föreningen, IFK Timrå, IFK Trelleborg, 
               Trollhättans FK, Umeå FC, Växjö Norra IF
Popular Teams: Göteborgs AIS, Umeå FC
Easy Teams:    Göteborgs AIS, Gunnilse IS, Umeå FC
Tough Teams:   Helsingborgs Södra BIS, Hjulsbro IK, Laholms FK,
               Syrianska Föreningen

                  =-            Turkey             -=

Search Field: iii-x

Note: Turkish 2. Division Category B is split into groups

Turkish First Division
Top Seeds:     Besiktas JK, Fenerbahçe SK, Galatasaray SK
Rich Teams:    Galatasaray SK, Besiktas JK, Fenerbahçe SK
Poor Teams:    Malatyaspor
Popular Teams: Galatasaray SK, Besiktas JK, Fenerbahçe SK
Easy Teams:    Fenerbahçe SK, Galatasaray SK, Besiktas JK
Tough Teams:   Malatyaspor, Diyarbakirspor

Turkish 2. Division Category A
Top Seeds:     Adanaspor A.S., Altay, Kayserispor, Kombassan Konyaspor,
               Sakaryaspor A.S., Sekerspor, Siirt JETPAspor
Rich Teams:    Siirt JETPAspor, Altay, Kombassan Konyaspor,
               Dardanelspor A.S., Erzurumspor
Poor Teams:    Erciyesspor, Sivasspor
Popular Teams: 
Easy Teams:    Siirt JETPAspor, Altay
Tough Teams:   Adanaspor A.S., Altay

Turkish 2. Division Category B
Top Seeds:     None
Rich Teams:    Gaziantep Büyüksehir Belediyespor, 
               Kardemir Demir-Çelik Karabükspor, MKE Kirikkalespor, 
               Mobellaspor A.S., Türk Telekomspor, Vanspor A.S.
Poor Teams:    Küçükköyspor, Kütahyaspor, Maltepespor, Sapancaspor
Popular Teams: Sariyer Spor Kulübü, Eskisehirspor, Karsiyaka,
               Kardemir Demir-Çelik Karabükspor
Easy Teams:    Kardemir Demir-Çelik Karabükspor,
               Gaziantep Büyüksehir Belediyespor, Vanspor A.S.
Tough Teams:   Agrispor, Küçükköyspor, Kütahyaspor, Maltepespor, Sapancaspor

                  =-              USA              -=

Search Field: iii-y

American Major League
Top Seeds:     Columbus Crew, Kansas City Wizards, NYNJ Metrostars
Rich Teams:    All have around the same
Poor Teams:    As above - None
Popular Teams: All teams have same
Easy Teams:    No easiest, easier - Columbus Crew, Kansas City Wizards
Tough Teams:   None really, Miami Fusion FC might be the toughest

                  =-             Wales             -=

Search Field: iii-z

Welsh Premier Division
Top Seeds:     Barry Town
Rich Teams:    None
Poor Teams:    All the teams
Popular Teams: Aberystwyth Town, Afan Lido, Bangor City, Barry Town,
               Caersws, Carmarthen Town, Cwmbran Town, Llanelli AFC, 
               Newtown AFC, Total Network Solutions
Easy Teams:    Barry Town, Carmarthen Town, Cwmbran Town
Tough Teams:   Connah's Quay Nomads, Bangor City, Caernarfon Town

          -=                PLAYER GUIDE                   =-

Index Number: iv

Note these players will not all be excellent in every game. Just in
certain games, search a bit and you'll find excellent players. If you
want to add a player to one of the lists, post it on my message boards.

                  =-       Attacking Players       -=

Search Field: iv-a

 Name                 | Age   | Position      | Club 
 Ioannis Amanatidis     19      AM/F L/C	Vfb Stuttgart   
 Maxim Tsigalko 	19      SC  		Dinamo Minsk 
 Abel Salami 		21      SC  		Stomil 
 Abgar Barsom 		24      AM/F L/R/C  	Djurgården 
 Ackon, Richard		22      AM/F L  	Stabæk 
 Aghahowa, Julius	18      AM/F L/R/C	Shakhtar 
 Agostinho (Joaquim 	26      D/AM L		Free Transfer
  Agostinho Da Silva)
 Mido (Ahmed Hossam)  	18      AM/F L/C 	Ajax 
 Alan Pouton 		23      AM   R/C 	Grimsby 
 Alan Quinn 		22      AM   L/C  	Sheffield Wednesday 
 Alan Shearer 		32      SC  		Newcastle United 
 Alessandro Del Piero 	26      AM/F L/C 	Juventus 
 Alex (Alexsandro de    24      AM   L/C  	Cruzeiro
 Allan Delon 		22      AM/F C  	Vitoria 
 Allesandro Melli 	32      F    R/C	Free Transfer	
 Alonso Solis 		22      AM   R/C  	Free Transfer 
 Alvaro Recoba 		26      AM/F L/C 	Inter 
 Andres D'Alessandro 	20      AM   C		River Plate 
 Andrey Vorobey 	23      F    L/C	Shakhtar 
 Andriy Shevchenko 	25      SC 		AC Milan 
 Andy Booth 		27      SC  		Huddersfield Town 
 Antonio Cassano 	19      AM/F C 		AC ROMA 
 Arjen Robben 		17      AM/F L/C        Groningen (Future Transfer to PSV)
 Ariel Ortega 		27      AM/F R/C	River Plate 
 Arkadiusz Bak 		27      AM/F C  	Polonia 
 Atsushi Yanagisawa  	24      SC  		Kashima Antlers 
 Attila Tököli 		25      AM/F L/R/C  	Dunaferr
 Barros Schletto,       28      F    L/R	Boca Juniors
 Barry Ferguson 	23      MC  		Rangers 
 Bernado Romeo 		24      SC  		San Lorenzo 
 Bojan Djordjic 	19      AM   L/C  	Manchester United 
 Botti (Raphael José	20      AM  		Vasco 
  Botti Zacarias)
 Branko Boskovic 	21      AM   L/R/C  	Red Star Belgrade 
 Bruno (Bruno Ferraz 	17      AM/F C 		Gremio 
  das Neves)
 Caetano (Caetano 	17      SC  		Sao Paulo 
  Prósperi Calil)
 Catanha (Henrique	29  	F    R/C  	Celta de Vigo 
  Guedes da Silva)
 Cherno Samba 		16  	SC  		Millwall 
 Chris Sedgewick 	21  	AM/F R  	Rotherham 
 Chris Thompson 	19  	SC	  	Grimsby 
 Claudio Pizarro 	23  	SC	  	FC Bayern 
 Clayton Zane 		24  	SC	  	Lillestrøm 
 Collins Osunawa 	17  	SC  		Nationale 
 Cristian Vieri 	28  	SC	  	Internazionale 
 Cristiano Doni 	28  	AM   L/C	Atalanta 
 Daniel Pancu 		24  	F    L/C  	Rapid Bucharest 
 Danny Webber 		19  	F    R/C	Man Utd 
 Darren Bent 		17  	SC  		Ipswich Town
 David Suarez  		22	SC  		Cannes 
 David Collins 		21  	AM/F C  	Radcliffe Town (Non - League) 
 David Poole 		16  	SC	  	Free Transfer 
 David Town 		25  	SC  		Boston United 
 David Trezeguet 	23	SC	  	Juventus 
 Antonio de Nigris 	23  	SC  		Monterrey
 Dejan Petkovic 	28      AM/F R/C  	Flamengo
 Demis Nikolaidis  	27	SC  		AEK 
 Denilson (de Oliveira)	24  	AM/F L/C  	Real Betis 
 Derek Boateg 		18  	AM   C		PAO 
 Derek Riordan 		18   	SC		Hibs 
 Diego Forlan 		22  	SC  		Independiente 
 Diego Quintana 	23  	F    L/R  	Murcia 
 Diego Tristán 		25  	SC  		Deportivo 
 Djibril Cisse 		19  	SC  		Auxerre 
 Drosos,Manolis 	19  	SC  		Kavala 
 Dwayne DeRosario 	24  	SC  		San José Earthquakes 
 Ebbe Sand 		28  	SC  		Schalke 04 
 El-Hadji Diouf 	21  	AM/F L/R/C  	Lens 
 Eldar Hadzimehmedovic 	17  	AM/F R/C  	Lyn 
 Emanuele Calaio 	19  	SC  		Torino 
 Emil Debski 		16  	F    R/C	Dalum 
 Emil Mpenza 		23  	SC  		Schalke 04 
 Emiliano Bonazzoli 	21  	SC  		Parma 
 Emmanuel Osei Kuffour 	24  	AM/F C 		Hearts Of Oak 
 Enzo Maresca 		20  	DM   L/C  	Juventus 
 Eric Sabin 		26  	F    R/C	Swindon 
 Erik Mykland 		30  	MC  		1860 Munich 
 Eyal Berkovic 		29  	AM   C  	Manchester City 
 Fabián O'Niell 	27  	AM   L/C  	Juventus 
 Fausto Rossini 	23  	SC	  	Atalanta 
 Fernando Cavenaghi 	18  	SC  		River Plate 
 Fernando Morientes 	25  	SC	  	Real Madrid 
 Francesco Totti 	26    	AM/F L/R/C	AS Roma 
 Frédéric Kanouté 	23  	F    R/C  	West Ham 
 Gaetán Tomas Guzmán 	19  	AM   F/C  	Juventus 
 Gary Teale 		23  	AM/F R  	Ayr 
 George Weah 		34  	SC  		Al Jazeera (UAE) 
 Giacomo Cipriani 	20  	SC  		Bologna 
 Glenn Salmon 		24  	SC  		NAC 
 Gonzo (Georgi Ivanov)	25  	SC  		Levski 
 Guilherme (de Cássio 	27  	SC	  	Atletico Miniero 
 Gustav Andersson 	26  	SC  		IFK Göteborg 
 Haim Revivo 		27  	AM/F L/C  	Fenerbahçe
 Halil Altintop 	18  	SC  		Wattenscheid 
 Hamit Altintop 	18  	AM   C		Wattenscheid 
 Harpal Singh 		19  	AM   L/C  	Leeds 
 Hasan Sas 		24  	AM/F L/R/C	Galatasaray 
 Helstad, Thorstein 	24  	AM/F C  	Brann 
 Henrik Larsson 	29  	AM/F C   	Celtic 
 Hernan Jorge Crespo 	25  	SC  		Lazio 
 Ilhan, Mansiz 		26  	AM/F C 		Besiktas 
 Ismael Urzaiz 		29  	SC	  	Athletic Bilbao 
 Ivan Rousef 		20  	AM   C  	Apollon 
 Jairo Fernando 	23  	F    L/R/C   	Free Transfer
 James Beattie 		23  	SC	  	Southampton 
 James Knowles 		18  	AM   C		Garforth 
 Jan Vennegoor of  	23  	SC  		PSV 
 Jardel (Mário Jardel	28  	SC	  	Sporting 
  Almeida Ribeiro)
 Jaroslaw Piatkowski 	18  	AM/F C 		Siarka 
 Javier Saviola 	19  	SC  		Barcelona 
 Jeremie Aliardiere 	18  	SC	  	Arsenal 
 Jermaine Jenas  	18	MR  		Nottingham Forrest 
 Jermaine Defoe 	19  	SC  		West Ham 
 Jesper Redin 		17  	SC	  	Malmö FF
 Joao Paralta 		18  	AM/F R/C  	Gouveia 
 Joe Cole 		19  	AM   L/C	West Ham 
 Jonas Lundén 		20  	AM/F R/C  	IFK Göteborg
 Juan Carlos Valerón 	24  	AM   R/C  	Deportivo 
 Juan Roman Riquelme 	23  	AM   C 		Boca 
 Juninho Paulista 	28  	AM   C 		Atlético Madrid 
  (Osvaldo Giroldo Júnior)
 Justin Georcelin 	17  	SC	  	Northampton 
 Jürgen Rische 		31  	SC		Wolfsburg 
 Kaká (Ricardo Izecson	19  	AM   R/C  	São Paulo 
  dos Santos Leite)
 Karlheinz Pfilpsen 	30  	AMC  		Free Transfer
 Karwan, Bortosz	27  	AM   L/R  	Legia 
 Karyaka, Andrey 	23  	AM   L  	Krylja Sovetov
 Keiron Dyer 		22  	DM/AMR/C	Newcastle United 
 Kevin Kyle   		20	SC		Sunderland 
 Kevin McLeod 		20  	AML		Everton 
 Kiegan Parker 		19  	F R/C  		St Johnstone 
 Kim Kallstrom 		19  	AM/F C  	Hacken 
 Michalis Konstantinou  24  	SC  		PAO 
 Kristian Bergstrom 	28  	AMC  		Norrkoping 
 Landon Donovan 	18  	AM/FC  		San Jose Earthquakes
 Lee Chun-Soo 		20  	AM/F L/C  	Korea Univ. (future to: Ulsan )
 Lee Hodges 		23  	AM/F L/R/C  	Scunthorpe 
 Leon Knight 		19  	SC  		Chelsea 
 Louis Saha 		23  	F R/C  		Fulham 
 Lomana Lua-Lua 	21  	AM/F L/R/C  	Newcastle 
 Luizao 		26  	SC  		Corinthians 
 Mads Timm 		16	Am/F C		Man utd 
 Marc Nash 		20 	SC  		Free Transfer 
 Marcel majoros 	22  	AM R/L/C	PSV 
 Marcelinho Carioca 	30  	AM L/R/C  	Gamba 
 Marcelo Gallardo   	25	AM R/L/C  	AS Monaco 
 Marcin Harasimowicz 	21	FC		Gwardia W.   
 Marco Di Vaio 		25 	SC  		Parma 
 Marco Negri 		31  	SC  		Free Transfer 
 Marco Reich 		23  	FC  		1.FC Köln 
 Marel Johann Baldvinsson 21  	FC  		Stabaek 
 Mario Frick 		27  	SC  		Verona 
 Mark Burchill 		20  	SC  		Portsmouth 
 Mateja Kezman 		21  	SC  		PSV 
 Matt Jansen 		23 	FC  		Blackburn Rovers 
 Matthew Hamshaw 	20  	AMR  		Sheffield Wednesday 
 Maxi Lopez 		17  	SC  		River Plate 
 Maxim Tsigalko 	20  	SC  		Dynamo Minsk 
 Michael Bridges 	23  	SC  		Leeds Utd. 
 Michael Dunwell 	22  	SC  		Bishop Auckland 
 Michael Mols 		29  	SC  		Rangers 
 Michalis Konstantinou 	24  	SC  		PAO 
 Mido 			18  	F L/C  		Ajax 
 Milan Baros 		22  	FC  		Banik Ostrava
                                                (future to: Liverpool)
 Mogens Laursen 	20  	SC		FC Midtjylland 
 Nacho Novo 		22 	SC  		Raith Rovers 
 Neculita Irinel 	18  	SC  		FCM Bacau 
 Nelson Cuevas 		22 	AM/F R/c  	River Plate 
 Nicolas Anelka 	23  	SC  		Paris-SG 
 Oktay Derelioðlu 	26  	SC  		Fenerbahçe 
 Ole Gunnar Solsjaer 	26  	SC  		Man Utd 
 Oliver Neuville 	28  	AM/F R/C  	Bayer Leverkusen 
 Olivier Kapo 		20  	F R/C  		Auxerre 
 Onesimo 		33  	F L/C  		Palencia 
 Ørjan Berg 		33  	AM R/L/C  	Rosenborg BK
 Pablo Aimar 		22  	AMC  		Valencia 
 Pagguy Zunda 		20  	F L/C  		Djurgarden 
 Paolo Di Canio 	33  	AM/F C  	West Ham 
 Patrick Suffo 		23  	SC  		Sheffield United 
 Paul di Giacomo 	19  	AM/F L/C  	Kilmarnock 
 Paul Kitson 		31  	SC  		West Ham 
 Pauleta 		24  	SC  		Bordeaux 
 Paulo Sergio 		32  	SC  		Bayern Munich 
 Pedro Barbosa 		31  	AM R/L/C  	Sporting Lisbon 
 Pedro Mantorras 	19  	SC  		Benfica 
 Petr Katchouro 	28  	SC  		Dinamo Minsk 
 Qu Bo 			19  	FC  		Qing Dao 
 Rade Prica 		21  	AM/F R/L/C  	Helsingborg 
 Raul 			24  	F L/C  		Real Madrid 
 Raul Tamudo 		26  	SC  		Espanyol 
 Ricardo Quaresma 	18  	AM R  		Sporting 
 Robert Earnshaw 	19  	SC  		Cardiff City 
 Roberto Baggio 	33  	FC  		Brescia 
 roberto baronio 	24  	MC  		Fiorentina 
 Roberto Palacios 	29  	AML  		Free Transfer
 Robin Nelisse 		23  	Sc  		AZ 
 Rocky Baptiste 	28  	SC  		Farnborough 
 Rodrigo 		25  	AM/F L/C  	Real Madrid (loan to Portuguesa) 
 Roman Vasilyuk 	22  	SC  		Spartak Moscow 
 Romario 		35  	SC  		Vasco 
 Ronald Gomez 		27  	SC  		OFI 
 Ronaldinho 		21  	F L/C  		Paris SG 
 Ronaldo 		23  	SC  		Inter 
 Roni 			24 	F R/C  		Fluminese 
 Roque Santa Cruz 	20  	SC  		Bayern Munich 
 Rudy Haddad 		14  	SC  		Paris SG 
 Rui Gomes 		20  	SC  		Penafiel 
 Ruud van Nistelrooy 	25  	SC  		Man Utd 
 Samuele Dalla Bona 	20  	M C  		Chelsea/Milan AC 
 Sergey Nikiforenko 	23  	AM F/C  	Shakhtar Soligorsk 
 Sibusio Zuma 		26  	F R/L/C  	Fc Kobenhavn 
 Simone Inzaghi 	25  	SC  		Lazio 
 Stefan Selakovic 	24  	AM/F C  	Halmstad 
 Stefano Fiore 		25  	AM L/C  	Lazio 
 Stephen McPhee 	20  	FC  		Port Vale 
 Steve Finnan 		25  	D/DM R/L  	Fulham 
 Steven Reid 		20 	M/AM/F L/R/C	Millwall 
 stillian Petrov 	26  	AMC  		Celtic 
 Thierry Henry 		23  	Striker  	Arsenal 
 Tó Madeira 		22  	SC  		Gouveia 
 Tommy Smith 		21  	F R/C  		Watford 
 Toninho 		32  	FC 		Ansar 
 Tumer, Metin 		25  	AM C  		Besiktas 
 Vicente 		20  	F L/C  		Valencia 
 Victor Hugo Arisitizabal 29  	AM F/R/C  	Free Transfer 
 Vincenzo Montella 	28  	SC		AS Roma 
 Vitaly Kutuzov 	20  	Am/F C  	AC Milan 
 Walter Ferreira 	21  	SC  		Central 
 Wesley Sonck 		22  	SC  		KRC Genk 
 Wilfred Bouma  	23	D/M/AM/F L  	PSV 
 Wilfred Dalmat 	18  	F R/C  		Nantes 
 Yossi Benayoun 	22  	M/AM R/L/C  	Racing Santander 
 Youssof Hersi 		19  	AM/F L/C  	Ajax 
 Ze Roberto 		27  	DM/AM L  	Bayer Leverkusen 
 Zekonja Stevan 	21  	FC  		FC Donji Dorcol 
 Zhang Yuning 		24  	SC  		Liao Ning 
 Zizi Roberts 		22  	SC  		Olympiakos 
 Zlatan Ibrahimovic 	19  	FC  		Ajax  

                  =-       Defensive Players       -=

Search Field: iv-b

 Name                 | Age   | Position      | Club 
 Alexander Holokov 	30  	DC  		Dinamo Kiev 
 Alpay 			26  	DC  		Aston Villa 
 Anderson 		17  	D/DM L  	Flamengo  
 Andrey Milevskiy 	24  	D/DM L/C  	Shakhter Soligorsk 
 Angelo Schembri (II) 	17  	D R/C 		Gattopardo 
 Aros 			25  	D R/C  		Universidad de Chili 
 Assane N'Diaye 	26  	D/DM C  	Shakhtar 
 Beletti 		25  	D/DM R/C  	Sao Paulo 
 Beto 			25  	DC  		Sporting 
 Billy McKinlay 	30  	DMC  		Free Transfer 
 Bobby Pearce 		19  	DMC  		Man Utd 
 Brett Emerton   	23	D/DM R  	Feyenoord 
 Callum Davenport 	18  	DC  		Coventry 
 Carles Puyol 		23  	DR  		Barcelona 
 Carlos Gamarra 	30  	SW/D C  	AEK 
 Carrado Zanotto 	17  	GK  		Roma 
 Christian Chivu 	20  	D L/C  		Ajax 
 Christian Gyan 	24  	D R  		Feyernord 
 Christian Worns 	29  	Dc  		Dortmund 
 Christos Patsatzoglou 	22  	D/DM R/C  	Olympiakos 
 Claudio Suarez 	33  	DC  		Atlante 
 Clint Hill   		22	D L/C  		Crewe 
 Daniele Addario 	20  	GK  		Pescara 
 Daniele Bonera 	21  	D R/C  		Brescia 
 David Dei 		29  	GK  		Pistoiese 
 David Prutton 		19  	D/DM R/C  	Notts Forest 
 Dean Williams 		29  	GK  		Telford 
 Diego Crosa 		27  	DC  		Betis 
 Dimitris Eleftheropoulos 25  	GK  		Olympiakos 
 Dionisis Chiotis 	24  	GK  		AEK 
 Eddie Howe 		24  	DC  		Bournmouth 
 Edouard Cisse 		25  	DM C  		PSG 
 Emanuele Troise 	22  	DR/C  		Napoli 
 Eric Addo 		22  	D/DM L/C  	PSV 
 Fabian Andres Vargas 	19 	D/DM C  	America de Calì 
 Fabien Barthez 	29  	GK  		Man Utd 
 Fabien Carini 		22  	GK  		Juventus 
 Fabio Rustico 		26  	D R/L/C  	Atalanta 
 Fillipos Darlas   	18	D/DM/M R/C  	Panathinaikos 
 Francesco Baldini 	27  	SW/D C  	Napoli 
 Franco Costanzo 	20  	GK  		River 
 Fredrick Risp 		20  	DC  		Góteborg 
 Gabriel Milito 	20  	DC  		Independiente 
 Gennero Ivan Gattuso 	23  	DM R/C  	Milan 
 Gianluca Palguica 	34  	GK  		Bologna 
 Godfrey Nwankpa 	22  	DC  		Heerenveen 
 Hakan Mild 		31  	DM C  		IFK Goteberg 
 Hannu Tihinen 		25  	DC  		Viking 
 Hatem Trabelsi 	23  	D R  		Ajax 
 Ibrahim Said 		21  	SW/D/DM C  	Al Ahly 
 Ifeani Udeze 		20  	SW/D C  	PAOK 
 Ijaah Anderson 	25  	DR  		Brentford 
 Isaak Okoronkwo 	23  	D R/L/C  	Shakthar 
 Ivan Hurtado 		26  	DC  		La Piedad 
 Ivan Javier Cuadrado 	23  	DC  		Barcelona 
 Ivan Pelizzoli 	23  	GK  		AS Roma 
 Jamie Langfield 	19  	GK  		Dundee 
 Jason Dean 		20  	GK  		Wolves 
 Javier Musa 		22  	DC  		Free Transfer 
 Javier Zanetti 	28  	D/DM R 		Inter Milan
 Jens Jeremies 		28  	DMC  		Bayern Munich 
 Jerry Vastenhouw 	18  	DL  		Free Transfer 
 Ji-Sung Park 		20  	DMC  		Purple Sanga 
 Johann Vogel 		24  	DMC  		PSV 
 John Heitinga 		17  	SW/D C  	Ajax 
 John Terry 		21  	DC  		Chelsea 
 John Welsh 		18  	D R/L/C  	Liverpool 
 Joos valgaeren 	25  	DC  		Celtic 
 Josep Guardiola 	30  	DMC  		Free Transfer 
 Josson 		25  	DC  		Halmstad 
 Juan 			22  	DC  		Flamengo 
 Juio Arca 		20  	D/AM L  	Sunderland 
 Julien Escude 		23  	D L/C  		Rennes 
 Jurgen Colin 		19  	D R/C  		PSV 
 Kakhaber Kaladze 	24  	D/DM L/C  	AC Milan 
 Kamouna 		29  	Sw/D R/C  	Al-Ahly 
 Kevin Hofland 		23  	DC  		PSV 
 Kevin Muscat 		27  	SW/D C  	Wolves 
 Kleberson 		25  	DMRC  		Atletico Parnaense 
 Klompe, Tieme 		22  	DC  		Herenveen 
 Kovacevic, Branko	20  	GK  		Free Transfer 
 Leandro Cufre 		23  	D R/L/C  	AS Roma 
 Lee Harrison 		29 	GK  		Barnet 
 Lee Kendall 		20  	GK  		Cardiff 
 Leigh Bromby 		21  	DC  		Sheffield Wednesday 
 Lewis Emanuel 		17  	DL  		Bradford 
 Li Tie 		24  	DM C  		Liao Ning 
 Lilian Thuram 		30  	D R/C  		Juventus AC 
 Marc Bircham 		25  	D R/C  		Milwall 
 Marcin Szulik 		24  	DMC  		Stomil 
 Mario Silva 		24   	DL  		Porto 
 Mario Yepes 		26  	DC  		River Plate 
 Mark Van Bommel 	24  	DMC  		PSV 
 Markus Pröll 		22  	GK  		1.FC Köln 
 Martie Mirel Radoi 	21  	DC  		Steua 
 Marvin Andrews 	24  	DC  		Livingston 
 Massimo Ambrosini 	24  	DM C  		AC Milan 
 Matei Mirel Radoi 	20  	SW/D C  	Steau 
 Matthew Upson 		20  	D L/C  		Arsenal 
 Max Tonetto 		28 	D/DM L/C  	Lecce 
 Michael Essien 	19 	DC  		Bastia 
 Michael Karemaker 	21  	DL  		Volemdam 
 Mikael Gustavsson 	26  	DL  		Helsingborg 
 Mike Duff 		23  	D/DM R  	Cheltenham 
 Nathan Murray 		18  	DMC  		Blackburn 
 Nicolas Mendina 	20  	DMC  		Sunderland 
 Oliver Kahn 		32  	GK  		FC Bayern 
 Oscar Mascorro   	21	DC  		Puebla 
 Ousman Nyan 		26  	DMC  		Start 
 Patrick Vieira 	25  	DMC  		Arsenal 
 Patrik Errikson-Olsson 19  	DC  		Halmstad 
 Paul Bannister 	22  	DR  		WBA 
 Paulo Bento 		31	DM C  		Sporting 
 Peter Hansson 		23  	D/AM C  	Halmstad 
 Peter Mård 		17  	DC  		Norrköping
 Phil Babb 		30  	DC  		Sporting 
 Phillipe Mexes 	19  	SW  		Auxerre 
 Rãdoi, Matei Mirel 	21  	SW/D C  	Steaua 
 Radoslaw Kaluzny 	25  	DMC 		Wisla 
 Roger 			26  	DM L/C  	Gremio 
 Ruslan Nigmatullin 	27  	GK  		Lokomotiv Moskow 
 Sami Hyypia 		28  	DC  		Liverpool 
 samuel kuffour 	25  	D R/C  		Bayern Munich 
 Samuel Okoronkwo 	23  	D R/L/C  	Shaktar Donestk 
 Sander Westerveld 	27  	GK  		Liverpool 
 Scott Young 		25  	DC  		Cardiff 
 Sean Davis 		23  	DM R/C  	Fulham 
 Sebastian Kehl 	20  	SW/DM C  	SC Freiburg 
 Sebastian Mendez 	24  	SW/D C  	Velez  
 Stephen Crainey 	20  	DL  		Celtic 
 Steve Howey 		30  	DC  		Man. City 
 Steven Gerrard 	21  	DM R/C  	Liverpool FC 
 Stilian Petrov 	23  	DM C  		Celtic 
 Stipe Pletikosa	22   	GK  		Hajduk 
 Suat Usta 		21  	DC  		PSV
 Sun Jihai 		24  	DM R/L/C  	Dalian 
 Sven Beuckert 		25  	GK  		Union Berlin 
 sylvinho 		27  	DL  		Celta de Vigo 
 Taribo West 		27  	D L/C  		Free Transfer 
 Teddy Lucic 		28  	D R/C  		AIK 
 Tobias Willi 		21  	D/DM R  	SC Freiburg 
 Tomas Repka 		28  	D R/C  		West Ham  
 Tommy Gronlund 	31  	DMC  		HJK 
 Tommy Johnson 		25  	DC  		Halmstad 
 Tuomas Aho	 	18  	DC  		My-Pa 
 Van der Kruis, Michael	22  	DC  		De Graafschap 
 Vinicius 		19  	DR  		Palmeiras 
 Vladislav Vaschuk 	26  	SW/D C/R 	Dinamo Kiev 
 Walter Baseggio 	23  	DMC  		Anderlecht 
 Walter Samuel 		23  	DC  		Roma 
 Wes Brown 		21  	D R/C  		Man Utd 
 Yakubu 		19  	D/DM C  	Ajax 
 Zauri, Luciano		22	D/DM L/R  	Atalanta 
 Ze Elias 		25  	DMC  		Olympikos 
 Zebina 		22  	D R/C  		AS Roma 

                  =-      Lower League Players     -=

Search Field: iv-c

Adam Nowland    
Age:         24
Value:       £350k 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Wimbledon 
Nationality: English 

Age:         19 
Value:       Free 
Position:    FC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish 

Age:         24 
Value:       Free 
Position:    DMC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish 

Alan Reid    
Age:         20 
Value:       £220k 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Morton 
Nationality: Scottish 

Albert Jorquera    
Age:         22 
Value:       Free 
Position:    GK 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish 

Age:         25 
Value:       Free 
Position:    GK 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish 

Andy Burgess    
Age:         21 
Value:       130k 
Position:    AML 
Club:        Rushden 
Nationality: English

Andy Williams    
Age:         23 
Value:       Free 
Position:    D/AM/F R/L/C 
Club:        Free Transfer
Nationality: Wales 

Angelo Danotti    
Age:         21 
Value:       Free 
Position:    DC 
Club:        Free Transfer
Nationality: Italian

Ben Sly    
Age:         16 
Value:       £20k 
Position:    Gk 
Club:        Port Vale 
Nationality: English

Age:         23 
Value:       Free 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish

Chris Byrne    
Age:         26 
Value:       £150k 
Position:    AM/F C 
Club:        Macclesfield 
Nationality: Irish

Chris Holloway    
Age:         20
Value:       Free 
Position:    MC 
Club:        Free Transfer
Nationality: Welsh

Constant Mantey    
Age:         24 
Value:       Free 
Position:    GK 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Ghanaian

Daniel Braithwaite    
Age:         19 
Value:       Free 
Position:    D/DM C 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: English

David Collins    
Age:         20 
Value:       £2-10k 
Position:    FC 
Club:        Radcliffe 
Nationality: English

David Poole    
Age:         16 
Value:       Free 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: English 

Dean Keates    
Age:         22 
Value:       £500k 
Position:    DM L/C 
Club:        Walsall 
Nationality: English  

Dean Williams    
Age:         27 
Value:       £12k 
Position:    GK 
Club:        Telford 
Nationality: English 

Eifion Williams    
Age:         25 
Value:       £50k 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Torquay 
Nationality: Welsh 

Enrique Estebaranz     
Age:         35 
Value:       Free 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish 

Age:         22 
Value:       Free
Position:    F L/C 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spain

Gareth Jones    
Age:         21 
Value:       £30k 
Position:    Striker 
Club:        Dalton Utd. 
Nationality: England

Gennady Zubov    
Age:         23 
Value:       Free 
Position:    AM/F R 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Ukraine

Glen Crowe    
Age:         24 
Value:       200k 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Bohemians 
Nationality: Irish

Gonzalo Sorondo    
Age:         21 
Value:       Free 
Position:    D/DM C 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Uruguayan

Gorka Goragarza    
Age:         28 
Value:       Free 
Position:    DR 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish

Graham Marchant    
Age:         19 
Value:       £20k 
Position:    F R/L/C 
Club:        Garforth 
Nationality: English

Age:         18 
Value:       £200 
Position:    DC 
Club:        Omniworld 
Nationality: Dutch

Helder Rosario    
Age:         20 
Value:       Free 
Position:    DC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Portuguese

Hernan Diaz    
Age:         36 
Value:       Free 
Position:    D/M R 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Argentinian

Ivan Peral    
Age:         22 
Value:       Free 
Position:    M L/C 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish

Ivica Beljan    
Age:         35 
Value:       Free 
Position:    D/S R/C
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Croatian

Jakob Hadda    
Age:         17 
Value:       £700 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Syrianska 
Nationality: Swedish

Jamie Forrester    
Age:         26 
Value:       £350k 
Position:    FC
Club:        Northampton Town 
Nationality: English

Joao Paiva    
Age:         19 
Value:       Free 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Portugal

Joey Dunn    
Age:         37 
Value:       £5k
Position:    AM R/L/C 
Club:        Runcorn 
Nationality: English 

John Rankin    
Age:         18 
Value:       Free 
Position:    M L/C 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Scottish 

Age:         29 
Value:       £1m 
Position:    MC 
Club:        W.B.A 
Nationality: Portugese 

Justin Walker    
Age:         25 
Value:       £210k 
Position:    MC 
Club:        Lincoln 
Nationality: English 

Kim Kallstrom    
Age:         18 
Value:       £250k 
Position:    AM/S C 
Club:        Hacken 
Nationality: Swedish 

Kim Nørholt    
Age:         29 
Value:       £30k 
Position:    FC 
Club:        Kolding 
Nationality: Danish

Lee Hodges    
Age:         23 
Value:       £55k 
Position:    AM/F R/L/C 
Club:        Scunthorpe 
Nationality: English

Leon Kelly    
Age:         18 
Value:       £10-20k 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Cambridge (on loan at Stalybridge) 
Nationality: English

Ludovic Michel    
Age:         20 
Value:       £26k 
Position:    AMC 
Club:        Fecamp 
Nationality: French

Marek Szmid    
Age:         19 
Value:       Free 
Position:    D/M R 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: English

Michael Dunwell    
Age:         21 
Value:       £26k 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Bishop Auckland 
Nationality: English

Michel Yourrasowski    
Age:         18 
Value:       Free 
Position:    FC
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Dutch/Ukrainian

Mike Duff    
Age:         22 
Value:       £35k 
Position:    D/DM R 
Club:        Cheltenham 
Nationality: English

Age:         19 
Value:       Free 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish

Oleg Sisoev    
Age:         34 
Value:       £1k 
Position:    SW/D C 
Club:        Gomel-2 
Nationality: Belarus

Paul Rachubka    
Age:         20 
Value:       £475k 
Position:    GK 
Club:        Manchester United 
Nationality: English/American

Per Ekerven    
Age:         24 
Value:       £25k 
Position:    MC 
Club:        IFK Luleå 
Nationality: Swedish 

Piotr Trowchowski    
Age:         17 
Value:       £300k 
Position:    AMC 
Club:        FC Bayern 
Nationality: Polish

Rajko Lekic    
Age:         20 
Value:       Free 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Free Transfer  
Nationality: Danish

Age:         28 
Value:       Free 
Position:    GK 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Spanish

Ramon Calliste    
Age:         16 
Value:       Free 
Position:    Sc 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Welsh

Rhodri Jones    
Age:         19 
Value:       Free 
Position:    DC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Welsh

Scott Maxfield    
Age:         26 
Value:       £6k 
Position:    D/DM L 
Club:        Barrow AFC 
Nationality: English

Sergey Semak   
Age:         25
Value:       £650K 
Position:    AM C 
Club:        CSKA 
Nationality: Russian 

Sergio Berti    
Age:         31 
Value:       Free 
Position:    AMLC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Argentinian 

Steve Barnes    
Age:          25 
Value:        £50k 
Position:     AML 
Club:         Harrow Borough 
Nationality:  English

Steve Blatherwick    
Age:         27 
Value:       £150k 
Position:    DC 
Club:        Chesterfield 
Nationality: English

Steve Househam    
Age:         25 
Value:       £30k 
Position:    MC 
Club:        Barrow AFC 
Nationality: English

Steve Palmer    
Age:         24 
Value:       £16k 
Position:    AM L/C 
Club:        Telford 
Nationality: English 

Tallan Martin
Age:         16
Value:       Free
Position:    SC
Club:        Free Transfer
Nationality: Australian

Terje Pedersen    
Age:         22 
Value:       £1,500 
Position:    M R/C 
Club:        Ostad 
Nationality: Norwegian

Thomas Hughes    
Age:         19 
Value:       £60k 
Position:    DC 
Club:        Cobh Rambelers 
Nationality: Irish

To Madeira    
Age:         22 
Value:       £75k 
Position:    SC 
Club:        Gouveia 
Nationality: Portuguese

Tommy Gløsen    
Age:         27 
Value:       £20k 
Position:    DMR/C 
Club:        Strindheim 
Nationality: Norwegian

Age:         26 
Value:       £150k 
Position:    AM C 
Club:        Calahorra 
Nationality: Spanish

Vladan Lukic    
Age:         31 
Value:       Free 
Position:    FC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Yugoslav

Wouter Kos    
Age:         22 
Value:       Free 
Position:    MC 
Club:        Free Transfer 
Nationality: Dutch

          -=                  TACTICS                      =-

Index Number: v

Diagram Info
^ is a short run, just into the next sqaure

| is a long run, over one square

\ is a diagonal run

T is the number 10 player
E is the number 11 player

                  =-       Internet Tactics        -=

Search Field: v-a

I will have these in the next version. I am currently compiling
a list of them. If you have any tactics you'd like to see here
post about it on my message board.

                  =-          CPU Tactics          -=

Search Field: v-b

If you have seen any tactics used by the CPU that I haven't, post
them on my message board. And also try and explain how to break
them down/defend against them. If you have any strategies to be
used against these formations, post them too.

3-5-2 V2
Mentality:       Attacking            <-9   T->
Passing Style:   Mixed
Tackling Style:  Normal             ^  8  E  7  ^
Pressing:        Yes                3     ^     2
Offside Trap:    No                    5  6  4
Counter Attack:  No
Men Behind Ball: No                       1

Description:     The only 3-5-2 formation I have played
                 against since starting this guide, so I
                 will post more info once I have something
                 to compare against. To effectively counter
                 this, have a 5-man defence to stop the
                 movement of the forwards.

Mentality:       Attacking              9   T
Passing Style:   Mixed               ^          ^
Tackling Style:  Hard                E  6   8   7
Pressing:        Yes
Offside Trap:    No                  3  4   5   2
Counter Attack:  No
Men Behind Ball: No                       1

Description:     This is your basic 4-4-2 formation.
                 There wingers run forward when
                 attacking. Simple enough formation.
                 No real vulnerabilites except lack
                 of flair.

4-4-2 V1
Mentality:       Attacking              9   T
Passing Style:   Mixed
Tackling Style:  Normal              E  6   8   7
Pressing:        No                  ^          ^
Offside Trap:    No                  3  4   5   2
Counter Attack:  No
Men Behind Ball: No                       1

Description:     The Wingbacks run forward in this formation
                 leaving the flanks open to quick counter

4-4-2 V8
Mentality:       Attacking           ^  9   T   ^
Passing Style:   Short               |          |
Tackling Style:  Normal              E  6   8   7
Pressing:        Yes
Offside Trap:    No                  3  4   5   2
Counter Attack:  No
Men Behind Ball: No                       1

Description:     This is one of the most attacking basic
                 4-4-2 formations. Strong wingbacks and
                 wide midfielders can close this formation
                 down easily.

4-4-2 V9
Mentality:       Attacking              ^   T
Passing Style:   Mixed               ^  9       ^
Tackling Style:  Hard                E  6   8   7
Pressing:        No 
Offside Trap:    No                  3  4   5   2
Counter Attack:  No
Men Behind Ball: No                       1

Description:     The most unique 4-4-2 variant. This is
                 similar to the formations of many top
                 European sides with a forward dropping
                 off the main striker. Close it down
                 the same way you would close down the
                 default 4-4-2.

4-4-2 V10
Mentality:       Attacking              9   T
Passing Style:   Direct              ^     \    ^
Tackling Style:  Hard                E  6   8   7
Pressing:        Yes
Offside Trap:    No                  3  4   5   2
Counter Attack:  No
Men Behind Ball: No                       1

Description:     With a good central midefielder(the number 8),
                 the computer can use this to great effect.
                 Without, this formation is nothing. A strong
                 DMC can block the runs of the #8, thus stopping
                 this formation.

4-4-2 Push
Mentality:       Attacking              9   T
Passing Style:   Mixed               ^          ^
Tackling Style:  Normal              E  6   8   7
Pressing:        No
Offside Trap:    No                  3  4   5   2
Counter Attack:  No
Men Behind Ball: No                       1

Description:     This tactic is very similar to the basic 4-4-2
                 formation, except with lighter challenges. A
                 worse formation that the basic 4-4-2.

4-4-2 Wide
Mentality:       Normal                 9   T
Passing Style:   Short               ^          ^
Tackling Style:  Hard                E  6   8   7
Pressing:        No 
Offside Trap:    No                  3  4   5   2
Counter Attack:  No
Men Behind Ball: No                       1

Description:     Again, similar to the basic 4-4-2. The short
                 passing makes this a very quick formation.
                 Any good formation with a DMC should be able to
                 stop this formation.

          -=                   TRAINING                    =-

Index Number: vi

Here I will list all the various training schedules that I have
found. The one you use is decided by you. Different people find
different methods effective. If you have your own training scheme,
and it differs from the ones listed here, drop me a line.

N : None
L : Light
M : Medium
I : Intensive
Note: New Position/Side are set to None unless stated.

                  =-     Goalkeeping Training      -=

Search Field: vi-a

Name             Fitness Tatcics Shooting Skills Goalkeeping
GK                     M       M        N      L           I
GK2                    M       M        N      M           I
GK Intense             M       L        N      M           I
Goalkeeper             L       L        M      L           I
Light-GK               L       L        L      L           M
PreSeason-GK           I       M        L      M           I
Regular-GK             M       N        L      L           I
Res GK                 I       I        N      I           I

                  =-       Defence Training        -=

Search Field: vi-b

Name             Fitness Tatcics Shooting Skills Goalkeeping
Def                    M       I        N      M           L
Defence                M       I        M      M           N
Defence2               I       I        M      M           N
Defence3               M       I        L      M           L
Defender               M       I        L      I           L
Defender2              I       M        L      I           N
Light-Def              L       M        L      L           L
Preseason-Def          I       I        M      M           L
Regular-Def            M       I        M      M           L

                  =- Defender/Defensive Midfielder -=

Search Field: vi-c

Name             Fitness Tatcics Shooting Skills Goalkeeping
D/DMC                  M       I        L      M           N

                  =-      Midfield Training        -=

Search Field: vi-d

Name             Fitness Tatcics Shooting Skills Goalkeeping
Light-Mid              L       L        L      M           N
Midfield               M       M        M      I           L
Midfield2              L       M        L      I           L
PreSeason-Mid          I       M        M      I           N
Regular-Mid            M       M        M      I           N

                  =-Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder-=

Search Field: vi-e

Name             Fitness Tatcics Shooting Skills Goalkeeping
M/AMC                  M       M        M      I           N

                  =-   Forward/Striker Training    -=

Search Field: vi-f

Name             Fitness Tatcics Shooting Skills Goalkeeping
Forward.Striker        M       N        I      I           N
Forward                L       L        I      M           N
Forwards-Strikers      M       M        I      M           N
Light-Att              L       L        M      L           N
PreSeason-Att          I       M        I      M           N
Regular-Att            M       M        I      M           N
Striker                M       M        I      I           L
Striker2               L       M        I      M           N
Strikers               M       L        I      M           N
Strikers2              M       M        I      I           N

                  =-       General Training        -=

Search Field: vi-g

Name             Fitness Tatcics Shooting Skills Goalkeeping
AcademyA               I       I        I      I           I
AcademyB               M       M        M      M           M
AcademyB-PreSeason     I       M        M      M           M
Fitness                I       L        L      L           N
Fitness GK             I       L        N      L           L
Injury                 M       M        L      L           N
Npst Def               I       M        N      L           N
(New Position: Defender)
Npst Mid               L       I        M      M           N
(New Position: Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder)
Npst Fwd               L       M        I      M           N
(New Position: Forward)
Over27                 M       M        L      L           N
Preseason-General      I       M        M      M           N
PreSeason-Youth        M       M        I      I           N
Relaxing               L       L        L      L           L
Reserves               I       I        I      I           N
U23(A)                 M       L        M      M           N
U23                    M       M        M      M           N
U27                    M       M        M      L           N
U27F                   I       M        I      I           N
U27-2                  M       M        L      L           N
Young                  I       I        I      I           L
Youngsters             I       I        I      I           I
Youth                  L       I        M      I           L

          -=                  CHEATING                     =-

Index Number: vii

                  =-        CM for Cheaters        -=

Search Field: vii-a

This scetion deals with cheating, becuase at one time or another
we all cheat. And if you're easily tempted, read on....
(All these are discovered by me unless stated)

Getting more money
In order to get more money for your poor team, add a manager to
the richest team(s) in any of the leagues you are playing in.
For a list of the richest teams, see section 3 of this guide.
Put one of your unwanted players on the transfer market, and
triple his asking price. Then come in with a bid of double that
with the other team. If this bid is not too outrageous for that
player, the board won't block it, and you'll get loads of money
for your crap player. Repeat over and over again.

Getting better players
Add a manager to a pretty good team, and put their best reserves/
old players on the transfer list. Discipline them a few times until
the feel they are being victimised/forced out of the club. Bid for
one of your proper teams crappy players, and exchange a good player
for that player. Voilá, your squad has improved. NOTE: Some players
wont come to your club, no matter how much the other manager abuses

Winning every game
The day after each game, add a manager for the next team you are
playing. Switch your formation to the Sarxos' patented All-out-crap

           ST ST ST ST ST
           AM AM AM AM AM

There is no goalie, but the game thinks the MC is the goalie. Play 
a striker in goal, and play as many goalies outfield as possible. Try 
to fill the remaining team places with Greyed-out(imaginary) players, 
anyone with an orange injury/low fitness, or your worst players. When a 
player gets injured during the match, don't bother replacing him. You 
should win the game by 17 or more goals. After the game, retire with the
losing manager, wait a day, and add a new manager. Luckily in CM01/02,
there is no max number of managers(like in CM97/98), and you can do
this forever, and win everything(even the Champions League, if you
get drawn against teams you can manage).

                  =-        Codes & Secrets        -=

Search Field: vii-b

Lower Players' Status without lowering Morale
If you want to lower a player's Squad Status, but don't want 
him to get angry/unhappy with you, do the following: 

Firstly, Put him on the Transfer Market. 
After this, change his squad status to ''Backup'' or 
''Hot Prospect'' (while still Transfer listed) 
Wait 2 or 3 days. Come back and remove him from the transfer 
market. You can then give him a new status if you like, and 
he will be still Happy with his Role at the Club. 

Note: This works with all players, even Superstars like Figo, Zidane.

Manage International teams
(My Variation of well-known code)

If you want to manage an international team without earning it, 
go to Add Manager. Then choose a club to manage, click on 
Competitions from the menu bar at the left of the screen and 
go to International - World Rankings. Choose the nation, and 
then click on Take Control of Team.

Sell players for more money
When someone comes in with a bid for one of your players, 
Choose 'Exchange Player' and choose to exchange a player 
who is alot more expensive than your player. Then negotiate 
the deal. The other team will come back in about 2/3 days 
with a much higher offer which you can gladly accept.

          -=                USER STRATEGIES                =-

Index Number: viii

As this is version 1.1 (almost the first version) of this guide, there
are no User Strategies. But with a little help from you(yes, you!),
there will be something in this scetion in the next update. Right?
Post it on my message board, please.

                  =-         My Strategies         -=

Search Field: viii-a

Use your Scouts
Scouts are one of the most underused features by many CM players.
At the beginning of the game, send out your scouts to various
regions to find underrated talent. You can also send out
scouts to look for Promising Players. After a few weeks your
scouts will come back with info on all the players they looked
at. Don't worry, most of them will be totally useless, but
if your scouts are good at judging ability and potential,
they will have surely found two or three good if not great
players. After you have shortlisted(or bidded for) these players,
send your scouts off again to look for more players. You can also
get your scouts to search a specific country or team.

Scout Next Opposition
Always have one of your scouts set to "Scout Next Opposition".
This will help you see who is a threat to your team, which
formation the team is likely to use. And unlisted in the game
manual, if you click on the team name in the news article,
you can see what ratings your scout gave each of their players.
Sometimes, the scout will list the weaknesses of the other team.
The scout will also say what he thinks of this team compared to
yours - this is very helpful, as you can find where the other
teams' weaknesses are, and with the help of this guide(i.e the
Tactics section), you can use these to your advantage.

Offering Trials to Nobodies
*Used when you have the Fog of War on*
This is a great strategy if you are managing a lower division
side. Go to Find - Player on the main menu, and type in "No Club",
exactly as I have typed(with the exception of the quotes, obviously).
You will get over 200 pages with the maximum database on. Now offer
one week trials to as many of these players as will fit in your
squad. Alot of them will accept, and if they're no good, it doesn't
matter, coz they'll be gone in a week. If the players are any good,
offer them a contract. After the week's trial is over, do it again.
NOTE: If there is a squad maximum foreign player limit in your
country, try not to offer trials to too many foreigners or you will
not be allowed to buy other foreigners.

Finding great Nobodies
*Used with Fog of War off*
This strategy is almost the same as the last strategy. Search for
"No Club" players again, but this time you can see whether they are
any good or not, so once you've found a good player, offer him a
contract. Simple, but very effective.

          -=          FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS           =-

Index Number: ix

This section is for all questions about ChampMan. Unlike the other
sections, it contains its own Table of Contents to help you find
the question you're looking for. If you have a question that is not
listed here, don't hesitate to post it on my message boards.

ix-a) What is the WWW2 tactic?
  -b) How do I get a question to appear here?/Answer my question...

Question 1
Search Field: ix-a

What is the WWW2 tactic that everyone on the net seems to talk about?
I can't find it anyhwhere in the game?

The WWW2 tactic is widely used by bad managers around the world. It is
supposedly the best tactic in the game. You have to download it from
the internet. But if you use it, it will surely take some of the fun
from the game.

Question 2
Search Field: ix-b

How do I get a question to appear here?

Post it on my board!!!! It will be answered on the board, and if it
is helpful to others, it will be posted in the next update.

          -=              MY CM ACHIEVEMENTS               =-

Index Number: x

Note: Do not tell me of your achievements, these are here to show you that
I know what I'm talking about when I'm talking CM. Anything below semi-finals
or 2nd place is not listed. Also, I did not cheat in any of these games. I
did it fairly, cheating is only fun once, then it gets boring.

River - Opening Stage Champion
        Copa Libertadores Semi-Finalist

Perth Glory - League Champion(x2, once unbeaten)
              Ocenaia Champions Cup Winner

Aston Villa  - League Champion
             - FA Cup Champion
             - League Cup Champion
             - Inter-toto Cup Champion
             - UEFA Cup Runner-up
Forest Green - FA Cup Champion
               Conference Champion
               FA Trophy Champion

Clermont - National Champion
         - Second Division Champion

Kashima  - League Champion
         - Asian Club Championship Winner
         - Japanese Emperor's Cup Winner
         - Japanese Super Cup Winner

Republic of Ireland
Kildare County* - League Champion
                - First Division Champion
                - Senior Challenge Cup Runner-up

*I created Kildare County as they are now in the Irish First Division,
I replaced Home Farm. I made them with around the same stats as Kilkenny
City, so as not to give myself an advantage.

Torpedo Moscow - Russian Cup Runner-up

Albion Rovers - Third Division Champion
              - Second Division Runner-up

Vastra Frölunda - First Division Playoff Winner

United States
San Jose - Western Conference Champion
         - US Open Cup Winner
         - Playoff Runner-up

Austria             - Qualified for the World Cup
Republic of Ireland - World Cup Champion
                    - Qualified for the World Cup

*Note: I earned the right to manage these teams, I did not use any cheats.
Amazingly I got the Austria job during my first week in charge at Kildare

          -=                    OUTRO                      =-

Next Version:
-More CPU Tactics
-More Players
-Internet Tactics
-More User Strategies
-More FAQs
-Whatever you request

-"A" Tadeo for the Disclaimer
-CJayC for putting this FAQ on his site,
-SI Games for this Game
-Microsoft for Windows and Notepad
-Dell for my 1.8Ghz animal of a PC
-You for reading it

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