Command & Conquer: Red Alert Retaliation Cheats

Command & Conquer: Red Alert Retaliation cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Battle Styles
Everyone has a special tactic style they use, So I am going to give five most used Tactics (that connect to smaller other Styles) and describe them then add the best units classified in that section.
All Out Attack: The most risky at some points.
This needs a good base defence, other wise surviving enemy counter attack could do something bad or cumbersome (Turrets lining out side, pillboxes out and in. Tesla coils lining base, One-three inside.). Good units are-Allies: Artiliry to kill defense, 20 Machine gun infantry in APC With 2 small and one medium tanks for outside base men, Many Bazooka Troopers for ore trucks to silence enemy funds and tanks. And lastly, 4 demolition Trucks, on north, one southeast and one southwest almost all at the same time, then send one for the construction yard. 8 Rangers and 3 medium tanks added to what is left. 30 infantry or more to sweep enemy area. if this fails, make a strike force of any good size and finish your prey.
great strategy for command and conquer red alert retaliation
strategizing an attack- V2 Rockets can shoot over walls, buildings, and just about anything, use a v2 rocket to shoot a tesla coil that is behind a wall but remember a V2 rocket has weak armour and takes too long to reload, so a v2 requires protection and support from other tanks. If you want to be really sneaky send an attack of v2 rockets, rocket men, and heavy and or mammoth tanks at your opponents, the tanks will fight off other tanks, the rocket men will fight off any planes or choppers, and the v2 rockets can blow up any tesla coils from a safe distance, make it a big attack.

protecting your base- find a map with only one entrance to your base.
at the entrance put up a wall, behind the wall put up tesla coils,rocket men, samsights, and v2 rockets, from what I have learned people will do anything possible to win, anything.

don't forget to put up samsights all around your base, and rocketmen. Depending on what map you choose, maybe put up some extra tesla coils with walls, rocketmen, samsights, with v2 rockets all around the ridges. Also put flame tours and a couple tesla coils within your base in case any para tpoopers get by or anything.

if you choose a map with water, and are attaked with boats or subs, then from what I know, a good defense for subs or boats are, helicopters, air planes, tesla coils, v2 rockets, sometimes a flame tour, and a non missle sub, sometimes tanks and men too but don't rely on only them.

from what I know I don't think there are any defenses for a nuclear attack so watch out for that.

ooh and don't forget tesla coils require alot of power, but don't put all of your power plants together incase of a nuclear attack.

try to build your base close to an ore field for fast access to ore.
Definition=Nonstop Troops pouring out of your base before it is finished or striking before your enemys base is fortified or stable.
Allies: 10-25 APC's With two Rocketeers,two machine gun units and one medic. Back it up by taking out the enemys radar and lining machine gun units and ranger trucks around the enemys base. Send in the cu deg'ra with 10 small tanks and 5 medium tanks. You need multiple barracks and war factories for speedier building and lots of ore silos and refinerys for funding. STRIKE HARD AND FAST!
Soviet's:Send in small groups of Grenadiers from all sides and Machine gun units backed up with Rocketeers and Attack Dogs. Send in tanks for Heavy Duty ACTION(V2 Rockets recomended before infantry to sap defences)! Finish them how you please.
Tactic- Siege
Surrounding the enemy base with increasing numbers.
- Simple, surround the enemy base with troops that have slowly increasing numbers and then 1-Make them all close in on the base. 2- surround the enemy base and send in airforces. 3- send in missle strikes or parabombs. You could also send in tanks to kill the enemy ore trucks or use radar jammers to kill enemy comunications. Tip-CONSIDER THE NAVY, AIRFORCE and thier Chinook and Water Transports.
Volkov, The super cyborg.
This is some thing i learned from experience, in soviet mission level, Rank:General. Difficulty,Simple, unless you screw up.The level you must rescue Volkov (Duh), you must never let the 1:30 the timer go off before all enemy radar domes are in a crater as burning metal mesh/or blown up. if the time passes Volkov will come out of the fake factory and attack. he has a sniper rifle, hand cannon, super speed, and a heck of a lot more health they ever gave him under our control. tesla coils damage do nothing on his hit points. Dogs are the key that cracks his armor. Dead! but I swear he made it all the way to my construction yard when my base was built with in 1:30 minutes! be careful.


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1000 doller code
When in the battle field, press T then the menu will show up. With the O button type in this:
X,X,S,O,O,O then you will get 1000 dollers. You can use this as many times you want. Also if you
mess up then press X then try it again.
==:Multi Nukes-(5 at once)
First go to campaign and start a level.
next u might want to see the full map
(full map = t,t,x,c,t,s)
then pick a target and use the para bomb cheat
(parabomb = x,x,x,o,t,s)
when the bombs hit the ground they explode but they will be nukes instead of the normal bombs.

***this will only work on campaign mode ***

Atom Bomb
While in battle feild, press T then there are buttons with a triangle, square, circle, and a X.
With the O button push in this code: O,O,X,O,S.
then the game will tell you to choose a target.
Cheat List
Open the side bar. Next, go to the team icons and press cancel (circle) on the following buttons for the desired effect:

More Money: x, x, s, c, c, c.
Win Mission: c, c, t, x, x, s.
Lose Mission: c, x, c, s, s, x.
Get A Nuke: c, x, c, c, x, s.
Get A Parabomb: x, x, x, c, t, t, s.
Get Iron Curtain: s, x, c, x, t, t.
Get Cronoshift: s, c, t, x, c, c.
Give Civilians Names: s, s, c, c, t, t.
Harvest people, not ore): s, x, s, x, s, x.
Unshroud Map: t, t, x, c, t, s.

T = Triangle
C = Circle
S = Square
X = X
Easy Money
To enter this code, place the cursor over the corresponding symbols on the sidebar, then press cancel [the circle button on the default settings]: X, X, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle.
Secret Message from Kane
Hold Select and turn the game on.
Steath Tactics Allies
Allies:Get by the enemy base and put a Mobile Gap Generator, and radar jamer side by side 15 squares from the enemy radar dome guarded by 10 machine gunners and 5 bazooka troopers with every on around the mobile gap generator, the enemys will lose all contact radar wise. Use Helicopters to attack enemy defences with artillary(Gaurded) shoots anti Heli defences. With all defences dead, use the helicopters again at the war factories and power suplies, then kill the radar dome so you can get those men out and save thier lives, (Less casulaties=Better score ad rep) then cover the helicopters with the artillary shooting at enemy infantry and tanks. Use this simple diversion to sweep enemy area with Infanty units. They are doomed, if not, repeat this, or after the radar dome has been destroyed kill the Construction yard. You win. Note: Tactics come seperate for allies and soviets

Gives u teleportation

unblacken the map
When you start a new game the map will be mostly black so press T and with the O button type in :
T,T,X,O,S,T. Then the map will completly unblacken
if you whant the black map back type it in again.