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Westwood are missed

The good:

Plenty of missions and units
Super Weapons' power reduced

The bad:

Too much time spent on making the game 3D
Thought in missions was lacking
Relation to contemporary terrorism drew criticism


Westwood had no say in this game as they were bought out by EA, so this game was done entirely by EA. It didn't involve any of the teams we'd seen before and only a couple of units are still here from the original game. But this time you have the ability to rotate the screen 360 degrees and see all around the buildings. Good as that may sound, it only came at the expense of the gameplay in my opinion.

You can play as one of three sides here, the USA, Chinese and the Global Liberation Army. The USA are the 'good guys' and the GLA are the 'bad guys' and I don't know about the Chinese. The USA ...


Hot Game Ever!

The good:

Realistic Graphic, ALL!!!

The bad:

Nothing Bad! But you


To tell you the truth this is the best and the hottest PC games I've played so far because this is like a real live game ever!

Everything seems real! The surroundings! Towns! Wow!!! Especially those effects like the explosion of a Nuke or how about those flames from the Dragon Tanks, how about the shooting sound effects from an infantry like those Red Gaurds/Rangers ... etc etc ... how about the Rankings?

Everything I'm tell ya'!!! It is the hottest game ever! They made Artilleries! The Patriot Missle is able to shoot ground units! The massive tank Overlord! Those toxic freak Toxin Tractor .....


Get ready to get into the battle


This is my first Command and Conquer game I've ever played. I've always heard about how good the series is, and I knew that it was a futuristic type game. I hate those kind of games. But then I heard a modern strategy war game came out. I looked at the box and saw that it said COMMAND AND CONQUER. I was suprised they actually made a game that had modern things in it.

Graphics-5 The graphics are amazing if you have a good video card

Sound-5 You can hear the tanks rumble through the roads of Baghdad, you can hear people scream as they get shot. Amazing sound!

Difficulty-8 This game is hard,...


One of the best RTS games so far

The good:

Story line reminds you of real life. Real weapons, like the MIG aircraft or the Comanche helicopter. You get to pick between three countries. The GLA (Global Liberation Army), China, and the USA.

The bad:

What sucks is that the US can't build ICBMs or anything but China can.


I reccomend this to any person that likes strategy games. The people that don't like those kind of games will change their minds once they get this. Theres only one problem with this game. China can build nuclear weapons but the US can't.

The Chinese can use hackers, MIGs, and nukes.

America can use Rangers, Stealth bombers and partical weapons.

The GLA can use tractors to spread chemicals, suicide bombers and RPG troopers.

For those people that find this game offensive because they use Arabs as terrorists, ALMOST EVERY TERRORIST HAS BEEN ARAB. (except the IRA)

To conclude this review, buy this...


And I Saw It Was Good

The good:

Just check the details!

The bad:

Yes, these too.



Phenomenal, all I can say. A new standard in RTS gaming. It's even better than Age Of Mythology. The enormous atmosphere that is created by the 3D technology is astonishing. Explosions, units, buldings, all detailed to the bone and nice to look at.

Of course you also have the ability to turn the screen 360 degrees. No, not like 90 degrees at a time, THE FULL 360! There's also an ability to zoom into the action. It looks great and there's no lag what so ever. The tanks look a bit childish from close up tough. You will see that in the various in game movies. But still, you won't be pl...



The good:

An extremily enjoyable game. Beutiful graphics and far more diverse than any other Westwood game before it.

The bad:

No cutscenes! Is on the most shameless and tastless games ever made.


Since the release of the subline Emperor: Battle for Dune, I've been itching to see a real Command & Conquer game in 3D. Enter Generals, and I'm not dissapointed.

This game strays away from all other Command & Conquer games in many ways. Firstly, setting. Its not the distant futuristic setting of Command & Conquer and Tiberian Sun, and its not the alternate reality setting of the fatastic Red Alert and merely decent Red Alert 2. This game, in a shameless way to keep up with world events, it set 12 years from now, in a world where American technology and the Chinese war machine try to take on...

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