Catwoman (GC) Cheats

Catwoman cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Do no touch the controller and Catwoman will begin to undulate and dance.
Three Tips
Finding Cat Eyes
If you have problems finding Cat Eyes, press Y to use your cat vision. Some of them are hidden behind posters and other objects.

Midnight the cat
When Catwoman comes across this little feline she is in luck. Finding Midnight gives Catwoman nine lives. Hold Z and look around for its paw prints to help find it.

Level 1: Dodging bullets
While on the level 1, there will be a hail of bullets. To dodge them, hold L and run around. The chances of you getting hit will be decreased. To dodge the bullets you need to roll. To do this, hold L while running around then press R to roll. You can also roll to break some objects.


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Vault Code
The code 1940 will unlock the vault. This will unlock new galleries as well as a new comic book cover.