[edit] Background

Catherine is a puzzle based platformer with various possible endings that are influenced by the player. The game is about a man named Vincent who lives in a neighborhood where strange occurrences have been happening, men have been dying in their sleep with terror on their face.

After he encounters a woman named Catherine, he begins to have nightmares every night where he and several other men must escape the monsters in order to live. Dying in the dream, means dying in reality. Vincent must also decide between his fiance, Katherine, and the new woman he has found with a similar name.

It was first released in 2011 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

[edit] Gameplay

There are three gamemodes; the first is the Golden Playhouse which is the single player campaign, the other two modes can be played with two players. Babel can be unlocked by collecting Gold prizes from the single player mode and the Colosseum is a two player mode where both players compete against each other, it is only unlocked once the Golden Playhouse has been finished once.

During the day, the player can explore the Stray Sheep Bar and talk to friends there; they can also do other activities such as order drinks, play arcade games or send and receive text messages. This is also the time that the player will see the story regarding Katherine and Catherine play out; how the player responds during the day will affect the cutscenes and also the ending of the game. Drinking alcohol can cause Vincent to become drunk however this has no negative affects during the day, being drunk during the Nightmare scenes is a positive and will increase his movement speed.

The Nightmare stages are where the main gameplay takes places as an action platformer; in these stages, all humans are depicted as anthropomorphic sheep where the aim is to reach the top of the tower within the time-limit. The player must move blocks to create a path to the top as the tower slowly collapses or to outrun a boss that has special abilities.

There are different blocks that the player can move and each one has unique abilities that will help the player or kill them if it is a trap block. Additionally, there are various items that Vincent can use to help him in the Nightmare stages; these items can either be found during a stage or can be bought at the Landing between each stage. The Laddings are safe areas where the player can interact with the other sheep and can buy items. There are checkpoints during each Nightmare stage where the player will respawn if they die; players have 9 stages to fight through which is made up of 28 levels altogether.

In total there are 8 possible endings to the game which are influenced by the players choices during the daytime and also by their morality meter. The morality meter changes depending on how the player responds to NPCs.

[edit] Features

Three gamemodes – Climb to victory in three unique modes

Multiplayer – Play with another friend in the Babel and Colosseum gamemodes

Choice based – Different choices will influence the cutscenes in the game and a different ending

Race to survive – Move blocks and fight to reach the top of the tower

9 stages – Fight through 28 different levels to and escape the Nightmares

8 Endings – The ending to the game changes as the player makes various choices through the game

[edit] Players Liked:

  • Unique story arc
  • The puzzles platformer is well executed
  • Great visuals

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Feels like two games stitched together
  • A little too difficult at times
  • The transition between gameplay styles needs some work

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