Castlevania: Symphony of the Night review
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The good:

The good, wow, this could take a while. Well I'll just make a little list of the good things here:

1.The castle is once again the greatest character in the entirety of the game. It's diverse, has personality, and you really don't want to piss it off.

2.The amount of equipment in the game is staggering. There are powerful weapons, weak weapons, useless weapons, weapons with funny names, weapons with cool effects, weapons that just look cool, weapons that break the game. Thats all just weapons. There is literally so much equipment and accesories that you spend countless hours trying(and most likely failing) to find it all. There is literally equipment that you can only obtain after you beat all 200.6% of the game, which brings me to..

3.This game has TWO castles. This was the first castlevania to do this. Between the two castles there is a whopping 200.6% to explore. It sounds impossible but it isn't impossible, just unbearingly hard.

4.Alucard. that is all.

5.There are two playable characters. Sadly one of them is only playable after you complete 190.0% of the castles.

6.GLITCHES. There are plenty of fun glitches and tricks to exploit.

7.The soundtrack is amazing. It is seriously one of the most beautiful soundtracks i've ever heard in any game.

This concludes my list of the good for this game.

The bad:

While it pains me to say it there are things that are bad about this game. I shall now embark upon the task of listing them for you.

1.Terrible voice acting. The voices in this game will literally make you want to punch an owl. Which thankfully you can do n this game, But it will really depress the Owl Knights.

2.Alucard. His movement is the most impressive and fluid animation in the whole game. So why is this on the negative side? It makes every other animation in the game look kinda crappy, not bad neccessarily, just not nearly as impressive as Alucard's walk.

3.There is no new game plus. Granted games of this age didn't really understand the concept of continuing with your same equipment but still.

This concludes my list of bad things about the game.


Well what can i say about this game that hasn't before been said? Probably not a single thing. This was my first game that I actually beat. Of course that was on the PSX and not the XBLA version but I own the XBLA one now. This is not a game made for those who like the game to hold your hand throughout. In fact quite the opposite.

This game will beat you down and tear you up. Literally about 2 minutes into the game your equipment gets stolen. You spend the rest of the game with lesser equipment, unless you can find your better stuff that is. This game won't tell you where to go or what to do. You'll spend large portions of the game backtracking to previous parts of the castle hoping to find that one area that just became accessible because you got the right relic (items with specific purposes).

You'll spend other times regretting that you haven't saved in the past ten minutes when you die and have to endure the crushing game over screen. All of that being said this is one of the most awesome gaming experiences that you will ever have should you play it. So have fun and remember, keep off the dirigible plums.

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MetaRaSeru Jul 27, 11
Brilliant review, and I love depressing owl knights, thank you.*brains an owl*
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