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The good:

  • Impressive visuals and effects
  • Tag-team style gameplay brings an exciting new way to play to the familiar formula
  • A godly amount of weapons and items, and the ability to master them, really adds to the RPG-like aspects of the game
  • A ****load of bosses to thrash - including a few return appearances
  • Impressive orchestrated musical score
  • One of the largest castles to explore in the history of the series
  • Alternate endings, extra gameplay modes, and multiple levels of difficulty provide players with an endless amount of entertainment
  • Supports co-op gamepley via Nintendo Wi-Fi

The bad:

  • It's the same formula that you've come to expect from a Castlevania game: Someone wants to resurrect Dracula and it's up to you to stop them. No real changes from previous games.


Portrait of Ruin was my first real experience playing a Castlevania game, and one that has definitely turned me on to the series! I guess I knew what to expect, as I had seen gameplay videos of older Castlevania titles beforehand, but figured that for twenty bucks this game would tie me over for awhile. So I broke out the old DS and popped in the game card.

At first, I wasn't too impressed, it seemed like a cross between a typical 2D platformer and Van Helsing. After spending an atrocious amount of time dealing with the first boss (yeah, he's that tough) I decided to give up and find somethi...


Better Than Expected

The good:

- Varied Gameplay
- Graphics
- Different playable characters
- Simple. Easy to pick up and play
- Lots of Bosses
- Same old familiar Castlevania style

The bad:

- No multiplayer (Except to trade, etc)
- Sounds are okay, but less than good
- Controlling the Sisters can be tough
- Not much replayability


This is the second Castlevania game I've played (the other one being on GBA), and it was nice to see that the general game play had not changed. You're running around Dracula's castle killing creatures of the night and bosses, working your way to Dracula.

The way this has been set out on the dual screen for the DS is that the bottom screen is the screen you will be looking at, while the top screen is the map. You can change the top screen to give you enemy details; including how many enemies of that type you've killed, hp, skill points enemy gives, difficulty, experience gained from it, etc....

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