Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Cheats

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin cheat codes.


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Boss Rush Rewards
Complete Boss Rush mode under the specified time in each course to unlock new items you can use in the main game
UnlockableClear Time
Course 1-
Astral Ring1 minute
Invisible Cape3 minutes
Course 2-
Record 13 minutes
Illusion Fist5 minutes
Course 3-
Record 23 minutes
Scout Armor5 minutes
Hard Mode Rewards
Complete Hard Mode with the following options in effect to earn special trophies and stat bonuses for your characters in the main game. Note that completing Hard Mode on lower level caps also meets the requirements for the higher level caps, so you can unlock all these rewards in one playthrough by completing Hard Mode with the Level 1 Cap in effect.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Vic Viper, +50 LuckLevel 50 Cap
Twin Bee, +50 IntelligenceLevel 25 Cap
Konami Man, +50 StrengthLevel 1 Cap


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Acquiring the Magus Ring
To earn the Magus Ring, complete all of Wind's side quests. This useful accessory allows your magic points to regenerate extremely fast.
Boss Rush Courses 2 and 3:
After getting the best ending; you can get Bosh Rush Courses 2 & 3 they're selectable from the Boss Rush menu.
Easy Level Ups
In the beginning place, where you met Crossbow Armor and Lilith just use knife and go into the left side door and get out and kill, keep doing this to get a fast level up, also if you have Shaman Ring and Magus Ring equip oit for helping you.
Easy Money and Easy Whip Memory Fight
For money, it's simple. Wait until you get through enough quests for Wind/Eric to get the one where you must bring him the beehive. The item he gives you sells for 12000 or some such amount. When you go to get the item, press up to talk to him, select the green highlighted quest. Press the A button, then press A again. Instead of pressing A the last time to confirm the completed quest and return to the menu, press start to stop talking to him. Talk to him again, and you will be able to get the sword again. Do this nine times and then go sell all of the swords. Wash, rinse, repeat. You're a millionaire. You can do this with any item he gives you that you can sell next door to Vincent. Silly ghost.

For the battle against Richter. All you have to do is do a double jump, then press down and B to stomp on his head and bounce back into the air. Keep going this and he won't be able to hit you except with his wicked cross summon attack, which you can just hop out o fthe way for and then get right back over him and keep stomping on his head. This takes a long ass time, but you can beat him without so much as using a single potion.
Easy way to kill Whip's Memory (Richter battle)
These eqiupments that I used to kill him:
Weapon: Jet Black Whip
Sub-Weapon: Knife (Max level)
Armor : Holy Mail
Legs : Samurai leggings
Head : Attica Helmet
Accessory 1: Miser ring (because my money is lot
Accessory 2: Assassins Cape

Relics equiped:
Double-Jump , Whip Skill 2 and Book of Spirit.

Fight carefully, with that equipments you can win.
Fast leveling and a few general tips and tricks
First off, you may find Hard mode fairly difficult in the beginning, as even the weakest monsters take a chunk of your HP, or if your just wanting to level really fast to increase LUK, so you can complete drop lists, well, here is the trick for you. You need Sancutary, or Undead Killer (preferably undead killer, as its MUCH faster,) and I would recommend this for the second time through the game, so that you also have a shaman ring, two if this is the third time through. play normally through the game until the Sandy grave level. Go to the other end of the pyramid, where the sand worm, corpse weed, and Bagh Nak are, go one map to the left, and there should be five red skeletons lined up in a row, Kill them, one hit each, for , if one shaman ring, 156 exp, two shaman rings, 197. this is way better than exp netted from nest of evil, and much sooner in the game you can get to level 50 in a bout 30 minutes. if only Old Axe Armor were this easy to kill... i killed 981 red skeletons to get to level 45 :[
another nice trick, is the same as the werewolf/back dash trick with killer clown, in Dawn of sorrow. try with each subweapon, but the boomerang, Yagyu shurikens, Darts, Bwaka knife( my personal favorite) work best. first, hold the up direction. always hold it down(make sure griffon wing is OFF) then, alternate the attack and back dash buttons as fast as you can, and look what happens. Everything dies. its uber spam of throwing weapons even better if you have the magus ring ;P. GREAT for hard mode. something even better to do, preferably with slow monsters (i.e: most bosses, wont work on golems or guards, they deflect the weapon) equip charlotte with the time stop spell, (again ,magus ring= MUCH BETTER) then throw the Bwaka knife or boomerang ( boomerang is slower rate of damage, but a little heavier, i think bwaka knife adds up faster) and if the weapon is on an enemy, it will be constant damage as long as the time stop spell lasts. even cooler, is to use boomerangs, throw 6 of them in the spell, and watch them converge on your enemies .
another neat trick for HARD mode, is i found zephyr really hard to beat , USE TIME STOP, all his weapons are pretty much useless his knives stop, and he cant use his own time stop spell ^^ .
Abbadon- Use stone circle. works every time.
Double frankenstien room, or just frankenstien in general, I hate this boss, but hes much easier if you dont have to worry about the bullets and missiles. use a FULL Clear skies spell. he is disarmed quite well .
Hard Diffuculty
Get the best ending in the game; and you'll unlock the "hard diffuculty mode" you can place a max level cap here too, meaning that after that certain level you won't level up anymore. Making the game even more diffucult.
Increase HP and MP early and fast!
When Wind/Eric allows you to complete the "mental training" and "build your strength" quests you will be given and increased Max HP or MP. Once you complete the quest press Up to talk to Wind/Eric Do not press any other buttons! Select the quest and press "A" twice to accept the Max MP/HP boost, then press start to exit the screen without the game acknowledging that you received the quest's reward. When you talk to Wind/Eric again the quest will still be available and you can repeat this until you have the Max amount of HP/MP.
Lvl 1 hard cap drac and death win
well for starting off u need ancient armor. second of all have like 500hp. ten percent of that is only 50. all you need is the master cross. jump up and nail death with it. it will hit like six times and will do about 34 dmgs per hit. when you think youneed it use charleotte's heal spell full charged. make sure you have sorceress crest with charleotte and magus ringto johnny.use three heal spells andthenswithch to johnothan with the magus ringand boost back your mp. keep following that and you'll reach true dracula. like I said you need cross and true vks critical art. all his attacks do 50 except his ultamite. if his wings close on you it does about 300 damages 50dmgs 6 hits. after that hel and keep attacking. all you need to do. repeat that and he'll go down in no time.
Sisters Mode
Get the best ending and then start a new game and you'll have a different pair of people.
Sound Mode
When you get the best ending in the game you can select the sound menu at the main menu here you can hear all the various sounds throughout the game to your hearts content; pretty cool.
Start a new game with Items!
Once you get the best ending start a new game on your clear data, and you'll start the game with extra items that will help make your game easier =).
Strange Door sound
When you closed your DS and open your DS again you will hear a strange door sound


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Duplicate Quest Rewards (NA version only)
Note: This glitch only works with North American copies of the game, it has been fixed in the European version.

When you complete any of Wind's Quests, return and speak with him to open the Quest list. Press the A button twice. As soon as you hear the sound effect that plays to confirm you have completed the quest, quickly press the START button to exit the quest menu.

If you performed it correctly, you should receive the quest reward but the Quest has not been confirmed as completed on Wind's menu, meaning you can keep doing it to get the rewards again.


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Birthday Cake
On your birthday, if you go to Vincent he will offer you a Birthday Cake for $3000.
Heal all HP in Boss Rush
This will only work if you do not have record player or any records.

In Boss Rush, if you used up the super potion (but NOT your super tonic) and are running low on health, open the inventory and use the tin can. Your HP will drop to 1. DO NOT PRESS X, Y, B, OR ANYTHING ON THE D-PAD. Just keep hitting "A", and your health will eventually reach max.
Japanese Voices
On the main menu, point the arrow to "Game Start," hold L, and press A. You'll hear Johnothan say, "Show Time!" to confirm. All the English voices have been replaced with Japanese!

Play as Old Axe Armor!
to play as Old Axe Armor, you must be playing a file that has Johnathan, select it and go kill 1000 Old Axe Armors (yes, 1000, it will take awhile). after doing that, save your game and select an empty new game slot. You will notice "OLD AXE ARMOR" in the character select window. Ta-da! you can now play as Old Axe Armor!
Vincent's Comment
With Charlotte as your main character, stand in front of the shopkeeper, Vincent, and hold up for a bit (around 10 seconds) and he will say something funny.