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Even the first three dimensional stakes have blunt ends


Like with life in the real world, in order to keep a species alive, it must evolve, and evolution in the mid/late 90s meant becoming 3D. Mario and Zelda had already turned from a mass of sprites to a mass of polygons, so why not Castlevania? I mean, Super Mario 64 and Ocarina Of Time were both considered successful, so what's to stop Dracula and friends from becoming a mass of polygons, too? Well, sort of. On the surface, it seems like a good transition from 2D to 3D. Not as good as Mario and Zelda, but good regardless. However, when you actually play the game, you'll start to notice that m...


A Leap and A Miss


Konami's vampire slaying series has been going strong since the days of the NES with a number of side scrolling adventures. The series has always been known for its gothic atmosphere and challenging difficulty and, like many other series, tried to move the series into the 3D realm when the Nintendo 64 arrived on the scene. This game marks a commendable effort towards that very goal, but certain series traits don't seem to translate as well.

The story is pretty much typical gothic vampire plot, where your chosen character has decided that they are a one person army who will slay an entire reg...


A great adventure.

The good:

Some amazing bosses
Interesting story
Two playable characters
Nice cut-scenes
Features some great battles
Very good music

The bad:

Some fogging
One level is not well-made at all


Graphics: They are a bit foggy, but pretty varied and detailed, pluss the bosses and enemies are looking great.

Sound: Strong and nice sound-effects, while the music is very good indeed, with some absolutely great tunes.

Gameplay: Good control, (mostly) very good level-design, satisfying variation and some truly excellent battles against bosses and enemies.

Lifespan: Pretty good replay-value with some secrets to find and two characters to finish the game with, making it last for a while.

Overall: A great game, in fact among the best action/adventure games on the machine, which is saying somethi...


Raynor Review


Well let me say that this game was the 3rd game I played in ym whole life. Not this actal game but when I had original Nintendo, I would play the first Castlevania game for years on, NO JOKE! Now let me talk about this game...

I say buy this game because mostly all the N64 games these days are about 5-10 bucks, and thats pretty cheap. Its a kick ass game where you go around killen beasts and creatures in Translvania. You kill bats, ghouls, skeletons, mummies, etc. Its really fun if you like Dracula. Two thumbs up from me.


I enjoyed this game

The good:

Good music. Interesting story line. Ability to be diffrent characters.

The bad:

A little difficult. Kinda sucky graphics


I really enjoyed this game. THis is the second game i owned on 64. You go around killing vampires and werewolfs and skeltons and eventually end up fighting Dracula and his bodyguard. Its a really fun game and i would recommend getting it. You should rent it and give it a try before you buy it through.

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