Castlevania Cheats

Castlevania cheats, Glitchs, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Castlevania cheat codes.


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magic trick
on level 3 which is the manssion. There's a vampier slayer who gives you a key. Try to speak to him while holding the Z button. try to talk to him while he is coming your way to make it easier. then when your done talking to him, let go the z-button and your character(wether is cerrie or reinheart) will disappear.


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Get Lots Of Gold
During the Castle Center, in the place where you fight Abomination, look to the left of where the big crystal is located. You will notice a small crate. Go over and hit it three times. 2000g will pop out for you. Save, and repeat to get a lot of gold.


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Killer 9
The only thing you have to do is lower your whip at the very beginning of the game and dodge the first couple skeletons running at you. After that immediately after you hit the bridge just walk off at the 3rd rope strand. You should end up on a black platform over a white abyss. This may take a couple tries since your outside of the boundaries, and positioning is key. Now just start swinging your whip... and after about 9 - 10 swings just walk forward. You should appear on some mountain area that's inaccessible by foot. Just keep walking and everything around you is already dead. This means you can coast through the game w/o constant battles.
Shortcut to the Final Boss
After you beat the first boss and the ceiling falls, climb up the ledges and jump on the next building, then jump to the next. Go to the corner of that building and look down. You'll see some stepping stones way down there. Step back, run and jump. If you jump right you'll land on the stones. Theres a chicken one way and then go the other way and climb the ledges to fight the Final Boss!