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snails move faster than this game


Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – or as Russell Allen would say, LORDS OF MEDIOCRITY – is the kind of game that could've been like a zillion times better. It presents the framework for a great hack and slash game, but executes everything so timidly, it's scared of its own shadow. Everybody had a sook about it stealing from God Of War, but then God Of War was pretty much a Castlevania game anyway. The thing is, though, Lords Of Shadow did a pretty lame job of nicking shit from God Of War. It should've taken its style with its substance so that its first five chapters wouldn't be so insufferably...


Oh lord, what have I gotten myself into...


Developer: Mercury Stream
Publisher: Konami

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow is pretty unoriginal. Seriously, just about every moment in this game has been done before. The combat engine was done by Rygar: The Legendary Adventure. The giant bosses have been featured and handled the same way in Shadow Of The Colossus. The platforming had been done in various Indiana Jones games as well as the Tomb Raider games (good and bad) and Uncharted. Quick time events had already been done in Shenmue (or, in its current form, Resident Evil 4). But you're looking at the box on the top right hand corner, and t...


Lord of tedious puzzles and awesome combat


Here's a game that's quite controversial in certain gaming circles... Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow, often regarded as "not a real Castlevania game" and "God Of War 4". Seriously? THAT'S bad? Hell, Lords Of Shadow isn't even that similar to God Of War... Oh wow, it's a hack and slash with no camera control, it MUST rip off God Of War! But if I was to try and argue all of that, I'd be here all day, and the same for the other argument of it not being a real Castlevania game. I don't normally condone that argument, unless the game in question sucked, like Contra Force (ineptitude backed up by D...


Lord of keeping stale concepts fresh


Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow is a good game.

Now take a few minutes to let that fact sink in.

Oh, I guess you're wondering what's going on. Well, what's going on is that this game gets a lot of shit thrown at it for almost no reason whatsoever. From "it's not a real Castlevania game" to "it's a God Of War/Shadow Of The Colossus ripoff", like any of that actually matters when the game itself is reasonably well constructed and is fun to play through. Honestly, the gaming community wouldn't know a good game if it hit them right upside the head, otherwise, I wouldn't feel like such an outcast for...


Return to Darkness, Return to Castlevania...

The good:

  • Amazing combat.
  • Dark & Gripping plot.
  • Fantastic visuals.
  • Stunning voice work.
  • Varied and well tuned gameplay.

The bad:

  • Poor load times between levels & after game over.
  • Frustrating & sticky camera.
  • Lack of original ideas.
  • May be disappointing to older fans of the franchise.



For years we have been long awaiting the day that Konami’s esteemed Castlevania series would break stride and transition from the 2D series from which it had stemmed into a full 3D adventure. The wait, I can proudly say, is finally over. Born from the capable minds of Mercurysteam, and with a helping hand from Mr Metal Gear himself; Hideo Kojima, Lords of Shadow is the first true 3D action adventure game in the franchise’s history and also the first iteration in its reboot. Obviously, expectations are quite high.


Breaking from the arching storyline of old, Lords of Shadow ...

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