Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness FAQ/Walkthrough v2.2
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: : : : Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness FAQ/Walkthrough

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness FAQ/Walkthrough

by Evil Sponge   Updated to v2.2 on
                          CASTLEVANIA: Legacy of Darkness

                       This FAQ/Walkthrough by Evil Sponge
                           Version 2.0 September, 18 2000

Table of Contents:
  I. Introduction
  II. Version History
  III. Items
  IV. Characters
  V. Walkthrough
  VI. Enemies
  VII. Boss Descriptions
  VIII. Secret Stuff
  IX. Frequently Asked Questions
  X. Legal Stuff


     Welcome to the most complete FAQ for this game!  This isn't trying to lower anyone's self-esteem or anything, it's actually true.  Meanwhile I am NOT, I repeat NOT, going to answer any questions that you can find answers for below.  I have too much email to answer everything, but if you don't understand some directions, then I'll help you and correct them.  But if you want to know how to get, say, the Thorn Key, you're going to have to read.  Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I've got way too much email for this game.  
     On a more positive note, I hope you enjoy my second walkthrough.  I believe it's informative as well as humorous.  This one was harder to write than the Castlevania 64 one.  In that one, me and Fat Tony had the Nintendo sitting right beside the computer.  Now, it's in different houses (don't ask) and my partner in crime didn't have the game, so it took quite awhile.  But, now that it's done, I've got the only complete walkthrough that I've been able to find on the net.  Well, at any rate, enjoy!

Evil Sponge


Version 0.1; 1/26/00: Started the FAQ.

Version 0.4; 1/30/00: Walkthrough and Bosses complete through the Villa.  Also added a couple secrets and a new intro. 

Version 0.7; 2/2/00: Complete through the Outer Wall, Underground Tunnels, and Underground Waterway.  All of Henry's kid locations revealed.  Scrubbed Fat Tony from walkthrough since it looks like I'll be done before he gets the game.  Sorry dude. 

Version 1.4; 2/21/00: Complete through Castle Center and all 6 towers.  Fixed the hedge maze directions.

Version 2.0; 2/22/00: Complete!  As far as I know, the only things not on here are the GameShark codes.

Version 2.1; 5/17/00: Added GameShark codes and more sites that post this with my permission.  Also some real FAQ's, fixed the saveing Henry section, and added directions for the towers in the Ruins, as well as a couple more secrets.


Red Jewels: These allow you to use your throwing weapons and allow Cornell to 
            use his werewolf attribute.

Throwing weapons: Weapons that you throw (see above).  They can each be powered 
                  up three times.  To gain power, pick up more.
         Knife: A knife that you throw in a straight line.  Power levels 2 and 3 
                add flame to the knife.
         Axe: Thrown in an arc toward an enemy.  Extra levels cause lightning 
              bolt(s) to strike where the axe lands.
         Cross: A boomerang-ish weapon.  More levels means you can hit more 
         Holy Water: Splash it on the ground and hurt anything evil that walks 
                     into it.  I think extra levels increase the "blast radius".

White Jewels: These allow you to save your game.

PowerUps: These power up your long-range weapons (see Part IV).

Roast Beef: Restores 80% of your energy.

Roast Chicken: Restores 50% of your energy.

Purifying: Cures VAMP status, used when bitten by a Vampire.

Cure Ampoule: Cures POISON status.

Contract: Scroll that summons Renon, a demon salesman.

Gold: Allows you to buy items from Renon.

Healing Kit: Restores full health and status.

Sun Card: Move time forward to Sunrise (6:00 a.m.)

Moon Card: Move time forward to Sunset (6:00 p.m.)


Reinhardt Schneider:
          Heir of the ancient Belmont clan of vampire hunters, his blood dooms him to oppose the might of Count Dracula.  Wielding the holy whip of his ancestors, the young vampire killer begins his quest.  
          Long Range Attack: Level 1) Whip
                             Level 2) Chain Whip
                             Level 3) Laser Whip
          Short Range Attack: Short Sword

Carrie Fernandez:
          A young girl gifted with great magical powers.  Sensing Dracula's return, she sets off alone to the dark castle.  Now she must wield her inherited power in the fight against evil.  
          Long Range Attack: Level 1) Energy Ball 
                             Level 2) Stronger Energy Ball
                             Level 3) Strongest Energy Ball
          Short Range Attack: Rings

         A Man Wolf out to rescue his sister.  His surrogate sibling, Ada, is to be sacrificed to resurrect the Lord of Darkness.  Taunting him along the way is his former friend, Ortega.
         Long Range Attack: Level 1) Projectile Slash
                            Level 2) Stronger Slash
                            Level 3) Strongest Slash
         Short Range Attack: Close combat slash

        Saved by Cornell in his youth, Henry grows up to be a knight of the church.  He is sent by the church in Reinhardt and Carrie's wake to rescue the six village children.  But, he only has seven days before Dracula is defeated and the castle crumbles.
         Long Range Attack: Level 1) Six-Shot Pistol
                            Level 2) Stronger Bullets
                            Level 3) Strongest Bullets (I don't know how, maybe 
                                    they're hollowpoint-grenade bullets or 
          Short Range Attack: Short Sword


     A few quick things before we delve into the walkthrough.  The first is that I'm absolutely not going to tell you what is in every single torch.  I'll tell you only about special ones, so take out the rest on your own.  The other is that I can't just copy and paste from our other one, because most of the levels have been totally revamped (no pun intended), which is why this has taken so long to get started.  Beyond that enjoy.  

                                 | FOGGY LAKE |
     You are rowed across and lake toward a ghost ship.  The fog is so thick you can barely see.  You reach the ship and climb aboard, and your adventure has just begun.
     Playable by: Cornell, Reinhardt, and Carrie.

     Barrels on this level can be broken, much like torches.  First thing you do is hop up onto the main deck.  Fish Men leap out of the water and attack you.  After one or two die, a platform appears and allows you to climb up to the next level.  Once you get up there head over to the White Jewel and save your game.  Walk around smashing barrels and climbing crates to smash more barrels to your hearts content (or until you run out of barrels) and then make your way to the lever on the mast.  Pull it and the mast rotates around.
     Climb onto the...ledge?...that swung around and look about you.  Once you can see the next mast platform, jump to it.  Make your way to the other side and cross the netting and smash the torch.  After collecting your meat, find the lever and pull it to rotate more mast sections.  Climb up to the new section.  On one side there's a torch that contains the Deck Key, get that.  Now make your way to the other side and face the front of the ship.  The torches that you can see from there can be reached by running across the invisible walkway.
     After getting those extra torches, make your way down to the main deck.  The door for the Deck Key is left of the platform that gets you to the upper levels.  Unlock the door and enter the inner sanctum of the ghost ship.  Kill the skeleton and save.  Now, ride the elevator (yah! No muzak!) and you face a Fish Man and two skeletons.  Kill them, kill them all!!
     *Ahem* sorry 'bout that, that was the evil in me coming out.  Open the door behind the late Fish Dude and you'll find yourself in the cargo hold.  Three more Fish Men, I think you know what to do with them by now, just watch out for the spitting one.  After you defeat them disaster strikes.  Or rather, and gigantic Sea Serpent strikes, and pokes holes in the ship which promptly begins to fill with water.  Luckily the water only comes waist-high, because if you've played any Castlevania game you know that you can't swim.
     Find the floating crate and hop aboard little buddy.  From there leap upwards and grab the ledge, then pull yourself up.  Walk the plank that your on until you come to a gap and a swinging lantern.  Time your jump so that you don't hit the lantern (duh) and continue along the plank.  Leap to the plank along by the wall, and head toward the light.  
     Whew!  Made it out just as the ship sinks!  How fortuitous.  Save, then make your merry way across the flotsam and grab the goodies on the destination platform.  One more hop and you're on a long bridge that leads to Stage 2.  But wait!  What's this!
     *Warning, this is a plot complication!  Warning, this is a plot complication!*  The Sea Serpent erupts from the watery depths and you must now battle to the death!  See Boss Descriptions.  After sending the oceanic behemoth back from whence it came, continue down the bridge.  Welcome to the next level.
                                | FOREST OF SILENCE |

     The pier stretches far into the distance.  At the very edge of your view is a forest.  The trees look to have been imbued with the very aura of evil surrounding the castle.  You hear the wail of the undead, the rattle of bones, and the gnashing of sharp fangs.  Otherwise, the forest is silent.
     Playable by: Cornell, Henry, Reinhardt, and Carrie

     The first thing you should notice is your lock-on square centered on a Goblin.  There are about 5 Goblins on the pier, and you should kill every last one, while smashing torches.  At the end of the pier is a cliff face, and a stone platform.  Jump up, climb up, and repeat for the upward trail of similar platforms.  At the top is a dirt trail, the obvious path choice is to follow this single trail (although it is interesting that they felt an arrow was necessary).  At the end of the path are very large, wooden doors with a crest on the front.  Castlevania 64 vets should know what's coming.  Hit the crest 3 times (except for Henry, he seems to need 4 or 5), and it explodes revealing a Gigantic Skeleton (see Boss Descriptions).
     After the scardy-bones runs off a bridge will rise from the water.  Cross it and save on the other side.  Follow the short path and you'll find yourself in an area with a statue-plaza-thingy in the middle, three other branching paths, four torches, and emerging skeletons.  You _can_ hit the statue and the outside will crumble away revealing a pointing statue, but that's really not necessary.  Simply take the path left of the one you entered.  Cross the broken bridge, and run around the small pillar and pull the switch.  After you pull the lever, you're attacked by a Weretiger (see Boss Descriptions).
     Once you dispense the lycanthropic menace, return to the plaza and take the path straight ahead of you.  The path contains Goblins and torches.  The end of the path reveals a shallow pit, and two stone structures with levers in them.  Pull the one on the far side of the pit first (ignore the steps) then run to the second one and pull it.  Face the pit and you'll see two pillars have appeared.  They don't stay up for long so quickly jump across them to the other side.
     After that is a very short path which leads to two bridge pieces.  Jump your way across them and you arrive at a path with a tree, and save point, and another switch.  Save and then pull the switch.  After the gate opens, a Blue Skeleton and two regular Skeletons appear.  Take them out and smash the new torch for a PowerUp.  By now you should have noticed that the bridge pieces are gone.  You must carefully make your way down the cliff via the platforms, jump across the fallen bridge sections, and scale the other side via the platforms.  Now head back to the plaza area and turn right onto the last remaining path.
     Hmmm...two bridges.  Quite the dilemma.  Either bridge will take you to your destination, but the right one will crumble beneath you.  Past the now open gate there are two crypts and a white jewel.  The crypts each contain various goodies and Red Skeletons.  Go for it if you want some extra sun and/or moon cards, but I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Find the path strewn with dead villagers and bravely traverse it.  At the end of the path is a semi-shallow pit.  Hop on in, and you get attacked by a Werewolf (see Boss Descriptions).  Once it's dead part of the pit rim crumbles, allowing you to leave.  Once your out, to the left are two torches and a save point, and to your right is a cliff with more platforms for you to scale.  Yippee!  First though, one of the impaled skeletons has a chicken.
     Scale down the cliff and hop to the small island.  Pull the switch and climb back up.  If you've noticed the platforms on the other side, don't even try you can't make it (see secrets).  Look out for Fish Men on the island (except for Henry, that lucky guy gets Blue Skeletons).  Once you're back up head through the gate to face round 2 of the Gigantic Skeleton (you know where to go).  After decimating the boney foe, head toward the castle and be treated to a cut scene with the first of many feet shots.

As Henry:
     Henry needs only use the shortcut to find Edward.  At the part of the forest with the levers which make the pillars rise, scale down the cliff via the platforms by one of the levers.  At the bottom of the platforms, attack the wall and run through the tunnel (watch out for blue skeletons).  On the other side is the kid.  A short hop to the other platforms and a leap to the small island bring you to the lever which opens the gate to Gigantic Skeleton: Round 2.
                              | CASTLE WALL |
     One step closer to the castle and the aura of evil is stronger still.  It's palpable presence makes it hard to stay focused. Fear begins to gnaw at you, but you push it away.  To be afraid now will surely get you killed.
     Playable by: Cornell, Henry, Reinhardt, and Carrie.

As Cornell:
     First save.  Now, you'll notice two doors on each side of you.  One has a sun that can only be opened during the day, and one has a moon that can only be opened at night.  Your first instinct will be to charge through the only one that you can.  I recommend, however, that you go through the moon door first.  
     Great, no floor.  I hope Dracula didn't pay his architect.  There are also glitches a go-go here.  Some of the platforms don't rotate, and sometimes they're missing.  This part is pretty straight forward, time your jumps and keep trying.  A few general tips though: At the first rotating spike block wait along the very edge of it to be dumped onto the ledge above the door that has a torch that has a sun card.  Also, at the part with four spike blocks there is an invisible bridge between the second and third block leading to some beef (I've found it best to jump to the ledge and walk back to the blocks).  At the top is a door that you must go through.  Get any torches and pull the lever.
             Don't go back through the door, instead, go through the opened wall. You should land on a platform, if not you missed it and will get hurt by the fall. Drop down from the platform. Kill the Skeletons and whack the torches for useful items. The broken pillar in the center has a power up.  Once done, drop down from there into another room. There is one torch in this room, a Bone Pillar, and a Winch Lever on a shelf. On the other side of the wall by the shelf is a hole, hop right on in. Does this place look familiar? 
      Save and whack any torches that you want to.  Now it's time to head through the sun door.  This part is actually easier than the moon door.  The ledge above the door has a moon card.  Other than that it's very straightforward.  At the top, save, hit the torch, and go through the door.  Whoa...Giant Bone Pillars (see Boss Descriptions).  Once they're dead put the Winch Lever back where it belongs and pull it.  Now head back down to the first save point and go back through the moon door.  Climb up, go through the door, pull the lever, head back down, and exit.  That wasn't too hard, now was it?

As Reinhardt and Carrie:
     The moon and sun doors are now normal doors.  The left door is now locked, however.  Climb up the right door, fight the Giant Bone Pillars, head back down.  Save and get the center torch in the newly opened room for the Tower Key.  Use it on the locked door.  Climb up, enjoy the cut scene (Reinhardt and Carrie only), head back down, save and exit.  The other main differences are the sun card in the right tower, and the moon card is in the left.  Instead of the Winch Lever, you get a PowerUp.

As Henry:
     Henry's got it easy.  Take the left tower (the one without the floor) and climb up to where there are four rotating blocks.  Between the second and third is an invisible bridge leading to a platform with a child named Bess.  You can shorten your journey even more by climbing down and through the door.  Now just walk out into the villa area.  This kid was found by MisLedYOUTH.
                                 | VILLA |  

     The wind whispers through the trees, and a dog howls.  Wait, three dogs are howling in unison.  You've never heard dogs cry in perfect unison before.  The eerie sound sends a chill down your spine.
     Playable by: Cornell, Henry, Reinhardt, and Carrie.

     The first thing that happens is you get attacked by three Cerebuses (Cerebi?  Cerebusi?)  Kill them and a gate opens.  Hold your ground soldier.  Two fire breathing Cerebus appear, and you must also kill them.  Walk until you're about halfway between the two gates and wait.  It grows dark and another firey Hades guardian appears.  This one can turn invisible.  Kill it while you can see it.  Now head through the gates.

As Cornell:
     This small gardenish area has lots of goodies.  There are two wooden crosses along the perimeter.  Smash 'em and you get roast beef and a PowerUp.  To get the stuff on the fountain you must pull the switches on the tombstones in the correct order.  There's a clue in the archives, but if you can't wait that long check the secrets.
     When you're done, head through the doors.  Go up the steps, and a vampire attacks.  Kill it and head up the steps.  To the left is a vase that contains the archives key, to the right is a couch that has a purifying.  Go to the center into the almost-balcony and jump off and hit the chandelier.  Repeat this twice and it will dissolve revealing goodies.  Go back down the steps and turn left.  Go through the door, save and hit the torch, and go through the next door.
     Go through the gate and follow the path.  Kill the Biker Skeletons and the torches.  Now go through the door and enter the hedge maze.  Take these directions to get to the Rose Garden Key: left, right, left, left, left, and left under an arch.  Get the key and retrace your steps.  Go back into the Villa and go up the steps, now enter the door at the top.  Go through the next door into the rose garden.  At 6 a.m. a red rose will appear and you can find the Thorn Key there.  You must be in the rose garden as the sun rises, though.
     Now, exit through the other door and climb the steps.  Take the first door on your left and walk in on a cut scene, read conversation.  I think you know what to do with the vamp.  That's right, KILL!!  Now head into the other room and grab the Garden Key and talk to the vampire's wife.  A quest, huzzah!  Check the other table for some gold and smash the vase.  Go back into the hallway and follow it to the last door.  Check the mirror for a purifying, and head through two more doors into the archives.  Read the book to get a clue about the tombstones.  Back to the hallway, and enter the first door you find.  Along the left wall are two vases, one has a Storage Room Key.  The middle chandelier also has some value.  Exit through the other door, turn right, and enter the first door.  Meat and a save point.  The Madonna has a purifying.  
     Before you save Henry, I'd recommend a side trip first.  Go back to the hedge maze via the foyer.  Dodge the undead bikers and enter the door.  Turn left and then climb up the stairs and whack the torch to get a crest half.  From the base of the steps turn right then go left and follow the main path until you get to the large fenced area.  Use the Thorn Key in the gate and collect the goodies and Rose Brooch.  Take the Brooch back to the fountain in the beginning area, climb to the top and check out the sparkle.  You now have the other crest half.
     Alright, back to the Villa, into the room that had the Storeroom Key, and go through those double doors.  Down the steps is the famous gift shop.  Alright, you got me, it's just Renon's Contract.  Save and head through the doors.  Go through the gate and into the hedge maze.  Take the first left and you get a cut scene and Henry.  You must now lead him out of the hedge maze.  Fun.  From the bridge you need to go: left and then wait at the door for Henry to catch up with you, go through the door, turn right at the next intersection, straight past the arch, right, right, right, straight past the arch, left, follow the wall and round the corner to the left, right, and open the door.  Now go back into the Villa and talk to Henry's mom.
     Woo-hoo the Copper Key!  Now, enter the hedge maze through it's main gate.  Go straight into the area with the torch-on-steps and make a right.  Go through the door.  Follow the path and climb up and over the bridge to find some beef.  Now, get onto the bridge and walk into the open area with a torch and a white jewel. Save and go to the door.  If you have both crest halves, you can open the door.  Walk on in and fight Gilles de Rais (Boss Descriptions).  Jump into the coffin to reveal a hidden path, and then jump in again for the next level.

As Reinhardt and Carrie:
     This small gardenish area has lots of goodies.  There are two wooden crosses along the perimeter.  Smash 'em and you get roast beef and a PowerUp.  To get the stuff on the fountain you must wait until midnight, when a pillar will rise allowing you to collect all the items.  When you're finished in this area, enter the doors.
     You find yourself in a lobby area with candles. All the candles but two contain red jewels, the other two contain 300 gold. As you ascend the stairs a vampire appears. Fight it, kill it. At the top of the steps turn around and line your character up with the chandelier. Jump off the ledge and hit it a few times and it will show you its impression of a pinnate. Turn right at the top of the stairs and check the first couch for a purifying. Head into the door on the other side, down the short hallway, and through that door. If it is between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. you get to meet Rosa, if not come back between those times since you need to meet her to progress.
     Go through the other door and up the steps. Enter the first door on the left. Open the door on the other side of the room and meet Vincent. After this startling encounter, talk to him. If you've already met Rosa he'll give you the Key to the Archives. Let yourself into the room that Vince was in and check the desks for money. Now, leave the way you came and go back into the hallway. Kill the stained glass dude and enter the second door. Turn left and go into the alcove, jump onto the thing and check the lion headed plaque for some chicken. Back in the room, attack the vases for the Storeroom Key and chicken. The middle chandelier relinquishes a purifying. Kill the ghosts as necessary. Now leave the room and go into the door I told you to skip earlier. Get the meat and the purifying in the statue, then save.
     Leave and go down the hallway to the last door, which is around the corner. Fight the vampire and kill it. Check the mirror for a purifying and go through the door. Traverse the short hallway and go into the other room (I hope you got the Archives Key). MAKE SURE YOU GET THE HOLY WATER! Now explore the room, check the desk, and get the key. Go back into the stained glass hall and go back in the room with the double doors. Go through the double doors and down the stairs. Check the knight in the corner, and be sure to visit the gift shop. Ok, this next step is extremely important: SAVE!! If you don't save or have holy water at this point you're going to have trouble. Back through the double doors, down the stairs, and outside. Open the large gate, and let the fun begin.
     We now come to the dreaded Hedge Maze. There's nothing really important deep inside, so just take the first left. After the cut scene, attack the Hell Hounds and run like mad. Follow Malus to the left and open the door now go: right, straight past the arch, right, right, right, pass the arch, left, left, right. Of course while you're doing this, the two Hell Hounds and a chainsaw wielding Frankenstein Monster are chasing you. When the hounds catch up to you hit them with your short range attack before they latch onto your leg. Use holy water to stun Franky and the devil dogs (sounds like a band).
     Whew! Can you guess what to do now? That's right! Follow the path <trumpet fanfare>! The first left is an alcove that contains a torch containing the copper key. Follow the trail some more and open the gate. Open the door, get the meat in the candle and save. Make your way through the villa again and go back into the garden. Don't worry, just take the first right past the arch, and go through that door. Follow the water, go left at the bridge, and save. Head through the door.
     Now you face yet another Vampire. Defeat him and the dead girl becomes undead. Defeat her and grab items from torches. Now walk up to the coffin and hop on in.

As Henry:
     Head into the Villa, take the door on the right that leads to a save point.  Through the door and through the gate.  Head down the path with the motorcycle skeletons and through the door.  Make a left and then two rights and turn right under an arch to rescue the kid.  Now head to where you'd kill the vampire and exit the level.

                                    | OUTER WALL |

     As you step out onto the ledge, the wind almost blows you off.  It whistles around the corners of the building.  You edge you way along the wall, knowing that one false step means your death.
     Playable by: Cornell and Henry

As Cornell:
     The first thing you should do here is smash the torches and then save.  Now, head outside but don't go to fast because the camera whips around and you could run off the ledge if you don't stop in time.  Walk along the only path available and under the ledge to get the torch.  Go back to the ledge and climb up.  Jump your jolly way up the platforms.  At the top is a very narrow ledge, I shall call  Anyways, you can grab onto that and move hand-over-hand along it to the next ledge.  Whack the torch and follow the path around the corner.  Go through the doorway and hop onto the elevator platform.
     Torches!  Cornell smash!  Now save and walk around the corner.  Hmmm...a door.  What wonders reside within?  One way to find out, open the door and waltz in.  Crikey, saw blades.  Don't worry, these aren't as bad as they look.  Wait until the first one passes and jog along the right hand wall.  When the higher one approaches, slide under it.  If you time the slide right, you can make it to the large stone button.  If not, just walk to it and stand on it.  Now leave the room the same way you came it and walk around the corner to the new pillar.
     Climb onto the pillar and look right.  Jump to the ledge and pull yourself up.  Get onto the path, that's gonna take you back to the roof.  Once you climb onto the roof, turn around.  Jump to the ledge and then jump to the walkway with the torch on it.  Head around the corner and destroy the torch in the alcove for the Wall Key.  To the roof, me boy-o!  Now, run to the other end of the roof.  On the ledge are two curved pillars (I'm not an architect, all right?!).  Hop to the first one and then to the second one in a similar fashion.  Position yourself and the camera so you can see around the corner.  Yes, Virginia, there is a way onto that ledge.  Jump, you silly fool.  Grab the goodies and head back the way you came.  On the platform below the curved pillars is a door.  Unlock it with the Wall Key and enter.  Ride, Cornell, Ride...Upon your mys-try elevator (hmmm...that's the second song reference that didn't work...maybe I should stop...nah).  
     Walk out onto the balcony and enjoy the lovely view.  You're not enjoying the view.  Look humor me alright?!  Thank you, see that wasn't so bad now was it?  Now, jump off the balcony and land on a ledge (it's a good idea to hold A while jumping in case you miss).  Get the torch and then hop to the mini-ledge.  Shimmy along and drop onto the first platform.  Get to the second platform similarly, then make your way down the moving ledges.  Or, halfway between the first ledge you were on and the first platform you get to with the mini-ledge, let go and you can land on the last slider without losing any damage.  Follow the thin path to the doorway and entre vous.
     Bonjour! Vous allez tout suite de la poulet de majick (Hello!  Go quickly to the magic chicken).  Actually, wait until the boulder passes and then dart to the niche to the left.  Now you can dart to successive niches after each boulder passes you.  At the end of the hallway of peril is an elevator.  At the top save the game and grab any items that happen to be in the torches.  Follow the path and climb onto the ledge above you.  Alright, more sliding platforms.  Well, I think you can handle these, you're a big man-beast now.  At the pathway turn to see more bloody blades.  Now, try and aim yourself at the corner of the next ledge and jump when the blade is at it's highest point.  Use the same method with the next one, and jump when the last blade is at its lowest point.  Now haul yourself onto the roof.  Walk along the path for a little and look to the side.  Holy extremely long plummet to your death, Batman (tm)!!
     Stay calm and follow the walkway to the torch.  Break the sucker open and walk forward once more and slide down the roof to the next narrow ledge.  Keep up the pattern of torch butchering and sliding until you reach the bottom.  Now save and ride the elevator.  When it stops, hop off and fight a Harpy (Some people call it a Sphinx, but it damn well looks like a Harpy to me.  At any rate, see Boss Descriptions).  Cornell's next level is the Art Tower.

As Henry:
     Follow Cornell's walkthrough until after the first elevator.  Climb the pillar, jump your way to the roof, turn and make your way up to the path to the alcove.  At the end of the pathway, look down.  You need to line yourself up with the small square platform.  Once you're lined up, drop onto it.  You now must drop onto about two successive platforms to reach the child.
Important Note:  I've only been able to find the child after entering the coffin after 6 p.m. with three days to go.

                             | UNDERGROUND TUNNELS |
     All is silent.  You can smell the guano of bats as well as...something else.  It's something you've never smelled before.  Oh, well.  What you don't know can't hurt you...right?
     Playable by: Henry and Reinhardt

As Reinhardt:
          Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the underground lair.  Run down the short corridor and hit the torch.  If you run down conveyor belt you can zoom right past the rock crusher.  Stop right before the next one to cause it to fall and then jump over it.  Walk onto the elevator and then view the cut scene at the bottom.  That's really gross, huh?  Take out the Spider Women and hop across the rock islands to shore.  Save the game and continue through the tunnels and kill the spiders.
     Turn right at the intersection and follow the path until you reach the water.  Hop across the rocks and get the beef and holy water in the torches.  Go back to the intersection and take the other path.  At the new intersection take the left, the right path is a dead end.  Kill the bats, and go up the elevator.
     Follow the tunnel and take the next two lefts.  You reach a door with a moon on it.  Wait for night or use a moon card to enter.  Inside you will find a contract.  It's like a mall without a food court, isn't it?  Ok, start back and take the first left.  Make your way across the platforms.  Head toward the light, or in this case the fires.  Drop down a couple ledges and walk across the thin bridge, then up you go.
     If you go straight you'll find a sun door with a lot of beef beyond it.  The other path brings you to more rock crushers.  At the top of the second conveyor belt there is a save crystal immediately to the left.  Continue on and you will be swarmed by bats after a short distance.  After dispatching the winged rats, jump onto the red gondola.  Ride until it reaches a platform, and get onto the platform.  Get the money in the torch, and hang out and kill the ghosts.  After a short while a blue gondola appears.  Watch out for the bars that fly by or you'll be knocked off the ledge.  Get on the blue gondola and ride until it stops.  Please wait until the ride has come to a complete stop before exiting the gondola.  Save the game at the save spot and ride the elevator.
     Continue through the tunnels.  Make your way over the ledges to the other side of the pit.  If you keep going straight through here you will reach the exit.  If you feel adventurous, take the other paths and see what's over there.  The exit is a sun door, through which is the Queen Spider (see Secrets, look around for a while trying to find info on her, and then see Boss Descriptions).  Once she has been fumigated, walk through the sun door.  Watch the movie and continue on to the Castle Center.

As Henry:
     Follow Reinhardt's walkthrough to the end.  At the end you should feel adventurous and check out some of the other paths.  Cross either of the poison water pits, and cross another, to the path.  Follow the path until you see a shovel.  Turn left (or go straight, depending on which path you took), and follow the path to a save point and a moon door.  Behind the moon door is the child.  This kid was found by MisLedYOUTH.

                              | UNDERGROUND WATERWAY |
     You hear the sound of running water.  The roar of waterfalls is nearly deafening.  Off in the distance, a high pitched squealing can be heard.  It is answered by two more.  You hear all three getting closer, and you ready yourself for battle.
     Playable by: Henry and Carrie

As Carrie:
     Take the left and the floor crumbles, so jump.  At the big pit, jump forward and grab onto the thin ledge and scoot across to the other side of the gap.  The torch to the left has gold.  If you take the left, the left torch has gold and the torch on the other side of the ledges has a cure ampoule.  Go the only other way you can and meet up with this level's major enemies, the Lizard Men.  Beat two, find the third and stand on the switch to stop the waterfall.  Continue on and take the right, then go straight and save the game.  
     Then go back and take the other path.  Caution, there are two crumbling floors in a row.  Up the stairs and across the gap.  If you brave the ledges, your reward is 500 gold.  The hallway contains two more collapsing floors.  Down the steps and along the path.  At the left, slide under the wall.  Make your way across the jumps to get a moon card and some beef.  Go back under the wall and resume the path.  Take the next left and head up the stairs.  Save before you hit the torch so that if you die you can get the PowerUp that's in the torch.
     Go back to the path and make the next left.  Jump across the platforms to another relatively safe pathway.  Going straight will lead to a switch, and going left you can shimmy across a paper thin ledge to reach a contract.  Once done go back across the platforms and take the next two lefts.  Follow the path up the steps, and take out the lizard waiting for you.  Now you have to jump over to the falling spikes, across where the falling spikes are, hit the switch and go back to the room with the thin paths.  After you hit the switch there will be two blue skeletons waiting around the corner.  Beware!  When you are once more traversing the low-fat paths, take a right and then follow the path out.  The door with the sun can only be opened during the day.  On the other side you must fight Medusa (not a Medusa, there was only one; but you could say a Gorgon and be correct.  Oh, see Boss Descriptions btw).  After defeating her, head through the sun door to see a movie and the Castle Center.  

As Henry:
     This level's kid is waiting for you in the alcove that was once the source of the first waterfall.  To reach it, follow the normal path around and up the steps.  At the top of the steps, jump across the gap in the bridge.  Find the small platforms on the left hand wall and get onto the first one.  Hop to the second one.  You have to be at an angle to make the jump.  If you miss the first couple times, just go back and adjust your angle.  Once inside, talk to the kid.

                                  | CASTLE CENTER |
     You can feel the evil pressing all around you.  Its presence chokes you, and makes you feel claustrophobic.  But you must press on.  The fate of all that is good and holy rests in your hands.
     Playable by: Reinhardt and Carrie

          Save.  No really, save.  Now you may continue.
     Carrie will find a biker skeleton in this hallway and Reinhardt will find two Cerebus, so kill them before you collect items from the torches.  The door straight ahead is locked, so take the right hand path.  Go through the door on the right.  On the other side is a fun little room that contains three vamps.  Once you hit one, the other two will realize you're there and come after you.  After they're dead, head up the stairs and open the door.
     There are only two things to do in this room right now.  Collect items from torches and walk up to the Goddess Statue.  After approaching the statue (are we freaked out yet?) kill the Blood Born and examine the statue.  Cryptic, no?  You must remember the first part of the inscription.  Now, up the steps and out of the room.  Up yet more stairs and around the railing and...whoa!  Two doors!  Which on is the correct one?  Well, both are but we recommend you use the one straight ahead and come back to the one on the right later.
     What's worse than a horde of Lizard Men?  A room with doors that won't open until you defeat said horde.  So there's only one thing to do in this room, kill, kill, and kill some more.  Two of the torches in this room contain sun and moon cards.  Now into the other room.  Get the torch and knight items, then up the broken staircase and save.  Now, exit this room.
     Stained glass guys inhabit this room, and red jewels are in the torches.  In the next room are two butler-like vampires.  Kill them so you can exit.  The torches here contain a red jewel and a purifying.  Onward, troops!  Now you're in a hallway with lion heads that shoot fire.  After four fireballs, they rest and you can sneak past.  Head left for a cure ampoule, head back and take the right for some chicken.  Take the only path left open to you and enter the door.  This lizard seeks vengeance for those who gave him this shape, so he gives you the Torture Chamber Key when you talk to him.  Go through the other door, view the sequence, and save.  Now pick up the magical nitro, and head the warning.  Go back into the fire hall, round the corner to your left, and place the nitro in front of the badly cracked wall I'm sure you noticed earlier.  
     Go back to the door you I told you to skip earlier and go through.  Careful, all the enemies reappear (vampiric butlers and lizard guys).  In the next room, examine the goddess and kill the torches.  These lizards can't be killed, so don't even try.  Exit and you find yourself in a small room, collect the items and exit.  Watch out for the maids in the next room, they are fast.  After they are slain destroy the candles on the tables for a purifying and a cure ampoule.  Now, through the door.
     There are sun and moon cards by the doors and a contract in one corner.  Hop up onto the thing on the table to the left of the entrance, and from there onto the lead zeppelin for some beef.  Now go into the next room.  Groan.  Dodge the spikes and get to the other side and open the door.  Hurray, more fire shooting lion heads!  Chicken to the right, nothing to the left.  Enter the other door, save, and get the nitro.  Now comes the insanely difficult part.  Go back to the room with the contract and kill the Hell Knights.  From there make your way back to the room with the fire-breathing lizards.  Walk across the incredibly thin walkways, the iron plates drop so don't stay on them for too long.  Got across?  Good, but don't celebrate yet.  Walk over to the gears and get in between the teeth.  Follow the teeth and you'll see another gear.  Ok, you've got to be walking into the gear tooth in front of you.  Wait (while walking) until you're between two opposing teeth and there is a gap betwixt the gears and get yourself out of there.
     Remember the hall with the motorcycle skeletons?  Well, you need to go there, and turn right, then left and through the door.  Run to the other side of the incredibly large room and place the nitro by the cracked wall.  Whew, wasn't that fun!?  Alright, go back to the locked door in the beginning.  Kill the zombies inside the room.  Climb onto the shelves beside the Mandragora and jump onto the rafters.  Make your way to the other side for some beef.  Now pick up the Mandragora.
     Do not go back to the large room with the dead bull.  Instead, go to the other room where you put the nitro (near the lizard guy that gave you the key).  Place the Mandragora, watch the pretty explosion, and head into the hole.  The torch has beef, and the door on the right is the only one that opens.  Past it is a contract and an exit.  No blue light specials, but if you need supplies buy them.  Once you exit you're in a library.  Examine the goddess statue to the left.  Run all the way to the other side of the room and climb onto the bookcase.  Hop across to the walkway.  Follow this and climb onto the pillar.  Now climb into the ceiling, step on the tile, and climb into the ceiling.  There is a save crystal along the wall you should take advantage of.  Approach the large circular structure.  Examine the small pedestal in front of it and place the goddesses.  Remember the clues?  I'll give you a hint, the planets are Venus, Mars, and Neptune.  Still stumped?  Check the secrets.  Once done, the crest in the bull room is magically removed.  
     Now, get more Mandragora and blow up the other wall now that the seal is gone.  Inside is a save crystal and a clear white jewel look-alike.  Examine that after saving to activate the crystal.  Exit and you fight the Undead Bull, see boss descriptions. Once it is vanquished head back to the room where the vampires were and fight a boss.  Carrie faces the Unnamed Fernandez and Reinhardt faces Rosa.  See boss descriptions.  Thwart the evil being and leave the room.  Walk around the central structure and look for an orange square with a blinking purple light.  Examine it and head on into the elevator.  Save the game and head over whichever bridge is intact.  Carrie's next level is the Tower of Science, Reinhardt's is the Duel Tower.  If you have been playing the easy difficulty, you're finished here.  Play again on normal to continue on.

                                 | Art Tower |
     The musty smell bombards your heightened senses.  In the distance you can hear the clank of metal.  All else is silence.  You set forth into the art gallery of evil.
     Playable by: Cornell

     Jog forward and save.  To your left is a sun door, and to your right is a moon door.  It really doesn't matter which way you go first, so just enter the door that corresponds with the current time of day.  When you find the contracts, don't waste money on sun and moon cards.  You can get those from the Hell Knights.
     Sun door: Enter the room and kill the Hell Knights. Behind the other sun door and the moon door to your right are miscellaneous items.  The moon door on the left leads to a room, which leads to a key.  After you enter the room you see a track running down the middle of the room and some platforms along the side.  After a few seconds a mine car, leaden with treasure, slides down the track and explodes.  What you're supposed to do is run up the track, jump to a platform, wait until the mine car passes, and go back to the track and repeat.  The easy way is to jump at the side of the track so that you're hanging on by your hands, and shimmy your way up to the top.  Either way, at the top is a platform leading to a ledge.  Climb up and enter the sun door.  Now get the Art Tower Key 1, and exit.  At this point you can either outrun the mine car or shimmy your way back down.  Once at the bottom, exit and exit to get back to the foyer and save.  Go through the moon door if you haven't already.
     Moon door: Enter and kill the Hell Knights.  One of the sun doors (I don't have my Nintendo with me, ok?!) leads to a room which leads to a key.  The other doors lead to some items, and a PowerUp.  When you enter the next room you'll see a ramp running down the middle of the room, some platforms along the walls, and if you've got good eyesight or squint just the right way you can see fire shooting heads along the walls.  The way you're supposed to get down is by riding the platform and jumping on the ledges to avoid the fire.  The easy way is to wait until a platform passes you then jump on the track and run down to the bottom.  Once down there, climb up and step on the switch to change the direction of the platforms.  Enter the door and grab the Art Tower Key 2.  Go back through the door and get to the top however you choose, and make your way to the foyer and save.  Go through the sun door if you haven't already.
     Once you've gone through both doors, go to the large double doors.  On your way there you'll be greeted by a maid and a butler...vampire style.  Just kill them.  Unlock the first door and kill the Hell Knight.  Careful, there's an invisible one lurking around.  Now enter the other door.
     Run around the room hacking at torches and save.  Now find the platforms and climb up them.  Ooooo...a tight rope.  Just position yourself so that the camera is directly behind you and walk across, avoiding the swinging chandeliers of doom of course.  If you want to get the items on the pillars go to the first chandelier and jump forward and to the right.  Now jump to the other pillar and back down.  Now you have to climb back up to the beginning of the tight rope.  At the end of the rope you can make a running leap to your right to grab the items on the ledge and then start over on the rope, or you can jump left and save.  After you save, enter the doorway.
     Egad, another track.  This one has a flaming treasure cart on it.  Wait until it moves to the other side of the room and step out onto the track.  Take out the bone pillar, then quickly take out the next one and jump to the previously occupied ledge.  Wait till the cart passes, then jump on the track and exit the level.  Onward to the Tower of Ruins!

                                | Tower of Ruins |
     The smell of death and decay are overpowering.  Zombies pull themselves out of the earthen floor and attack you.  And you kill them...again.
     Playable by: Cornell

      First, save.  Now trot up the steps and enter the door. Kill the Zombies in the room and look around.  Four doors and a square thing in the middle.  Look down at the square thing and you'll notice that it's a map.  Since there is a map, I'm not going to give you step-by-step directions for this level.  The square parts are the rooms, the yellow shapes are buttons that you must step on, and the red circle is a "You are here" indicator.  The floors come in four basic types.  Floors with maps, floors with switches, floors with spikes, and floors that crumble beneath you.  On the crumbling floors, walk along the wall to the door of your choice.  If you happen to fall, there's a save point, and a door leading to an elevator.
     You need to head toward the yellow shapes to the left on the map.  Once you depress them, head to the last one on the far right.  You'll notice when you get to where it should be that it isn't there.  That's because it's under the floor, so find the crumbling spot nearest to it, and fall through.  Kill the goblins, hit the switch, ride the elevator, and follow the map to the exit.
     Right now you're thinking, "Wow, that was a short and easy tower."  Wrong!  That was part one of three.  The second part is rather difficult.  You must bravely traverse the walkways and some sections crumble beneath you.  It's generally a good idea to hold A most of the time.  That way, if a section falls away, you stand a chance of grabbing onto the ledge.  Usually, I jump when the walkway gives way, and hope I find a ledge before I fall.  If you miss, then you fall and start over but at least the sections are still missing when you return.
     Anyways, head forward and take the right path.  A section near the end of this crumbles so be careful.  Once you reach the pillar climb up and hop onto the new walkway and head left.  A section around the middle falls away, so watch out.  Hop your way to the next section and down the steps.  The section right below the ledge you're on is safe, but right in front of it isn't.  Jump over to the next available stable section, and walk to the end of it.  The next ledge you must get onto slides in and out of the wall.  Wait 'till it's all the way out, then jump on it.  Jump to the next section, but don't move right away.  There's a block in front of you, a block to the right of that, and a block to the right of that.  Jump to the last block, because the other two fall.  Make your way along the next three sliding blocks and onto the pillar.  Follow the next walkway around a corner and jump for the white jewel, or you'll fall with the floor.  Save, step on the button, then get back off.  The button slides down to the floor.  It's backtrack time.
     The short cut is to hop down to the upper part of the floor, and find the elevator.  At the top of the elevator is a new button.  Step on it.  A new, and totally solid, walkway appears.  Get on it, and follow it to the torch.  The next section isn't very stable, so you may have to jump every couple of steps.  At the end are two pillars.  Jump across them and go through the door.
     Last section.  Save, then make a jump to the path around the wall.  Make your way along the wall, collecting items along the way, and memorize the crest emblems.  Once back at the center, look at the two pillars.  One of them has a crest like the ones on the wall, the other doesn't.  Got some directions:

     About he pillars with the crest symbols on them. I got the order, but 
       I'm pretty sure u know it too but here it is: Right pillar, right pillar, 
       left pillar, right pillar, left pillar, left pillar.

     Sir Timothy

Thanks dude!  Cornell's next level is the Tower of Science.

                              | TOWER OF SCIENCE |
     All you can hear are machines.  The clank of metal, the sizzle of electricity, and the humming of energy surround you.  You grow nearly deaf, but you press on, for you must press on.
     Playable by: Cornell and Carrie

     As always, save.  Now, turn right and you'll see large blocks shooting out of the wall.  Time your jumps to miss them, and then do the same for the next set of blocks.  Now you can smash the torch and run up the steps.  The next section has tasers, just avoid them.  Up the steps and you find more blocks and more tasers.  Time your jumps and your running to avoid them.  Run up the steps and you're faced with spiky blocks on a conveyor belt.  Weave your way between the blocks, but jump to the next belt or you'll die.  At the top of the steps are spiky blocks and tasers on a conveyor belt.  Simply time everything accordingly.  There are two more sections of the same basic thing, and then you come to normal blocks and an elevator.  Wait until two blocks in a row shoot out and then dart past them and onto the elevator.
    At the top, save and enter the door.  Just ahead of you is a turret gun in the ground.  It'll pop up once you're close enough.  Avoid getting shot and kill it.  Now smash any hapless torches nearby and enter door II.
    After rounding a couple corners, you run into a turret gun.  Hide in a niche and hit it, hide, and hit it until it's dead.  Up ahead is another one, kill it similarly, then run up the steps.  There's a turret gun to the right of the intersection ahead.  Kill it, then search the niches for a PowerUp.  Just ahead is a rapid-fire turret gun, with grating that falls at regular intervals in front of it.  The best way to take that out is to attack with a throwing item from a distance.  Around the corner are some Goblins and door III.  
     Beyond the door is a fun little section.  You have to avoid the gunfire while running along a walkway, and if you get hit you fall off and have to start all over.  Wait for the first one to stop shooting, then dash for the small wall.  In the next part, wait for the upper gun to move to the right of the lower one, then run to about halfway and slide underneath it.  Now wait for the nearest gun to go behind the wall and slide your way to safety.  Next up, wait until the lower gun slides behind the wall and slide under the rotating ones.  Now exit through door IV.
     A white jewel and some Goblins, I assume you know what to do with both of them by now.  Take a left up the steps and enter door V.  This room is not as hard as it looks.  If you keep jumping from pillar to pillar, the giant lasers can't hit you.  After many pillars there's a walkway leading to the Control Key.  Along the way is a red jewel and a contract.  Once you get the key, you must get back to door V.  You can take a shortcut by hopping down to the floor and taking the elevators up to the entrance.  Once through V, save, kill stuff, and enter door VI.
     After rounding several corners, you will find the Power Core (see Boss Descriptions).  Once it's been shut down, exit through door VII.  Cornell's next level is Duel Tower, and Carrie's is Tower of Sorcery.

                                   | DUEL TOWER |
     Grates rise blocking your escape.  Before you, a hideous lycanthrope appears.  It's eyes stare through you as you drop to an attack stance.  And then you strike.
     Playable by: Cornell and Reinhardt

     It behooves thee to save.  Now walk across a short walkway to a large square platform.  Gasp!  A Werething (I still don't know what else to call it) enters the arena and you must kill it (see Boss Descriptions).  Two fence pieces fall away, save if you want to, and then continue onward.  Follow the walkway and jump off the end as it crumbles.  You are now led to a platform with whirling blades.  Wait until one passes then jump up and follow it around to the other side.  Once there, you can see three round stone platforms.  Jump across them quickly, but don't linger too long because the sink into the acid stuff.  Once you get to the far platform, a Werewolf appears (Boss Descriptions).  Once it's dead, look for a small ledge along the wall with a torch on it.  Jump down onto the stone and up to the ledge for a PowerUp.  
     Once back on the Werewolf platform, look for the new series of round stones.  Make your way across them and kill the Lizard Man on the last stone.  Once you leap from the last stone to the next platform, hang there until the next blade passes you, then haul yourself up and follow it around to the right side.  You need to make a daring leap to a platform with two torches.  Run up the ramp and take out the bone pillars.  The next section has a long row of platforms separated by spinning blades.  Just time any jump or movement so that you avoid them.  The dark brown squares crumble, so don't stay on them any longer than you have to.  Eventually you'll pull yourself onto a ledge with a save point and a contract.  Climb up to the next ledge and run past the Hell Knights and up the ramp, then turn around and kill them.  Grab stuff from the torches.
     At the top of the ramp is another large square platform.  If you run along the edge you can get the PowerUp and chicken from the two torches if you need them, then run into the center to fight the Minotaur (see Boss Descriptions).  Once it's dead, jump to the new platforms.  Beyond that is another jumping-while-avoiding-blades section.  When you jump past a horizontal blade, move to the upper-left corner to avoid the same blade swinging past and hitting you.  After you get past them, run up the ramp to fight the next boss.  Cornell has to fight the Deformed Werewolf, and Reinhardt only has to fight the Weretiger (see Boss Descriptions for both).  While fighting both, avoid the glowing red sections since they'll hurt you.  After the battle, hop to the doorway and enter the Tower of Execution. 

                             | TOWER OF EXECUTION |
     As you run, sweat instantly forms.  You have a brief moment to wonder why there is lava in a tower, and then a large blade swings down toward your head.  You dodge it, and vow to be more careful. 
     Playable by: Cornell and Reinhardt.

     Here's something new, save your game.  Now head across the trail of debris.  Don't jump to the tower, you won't make it.  The trail consists of fallen towers and sinking stones.  Near the end is a Bone Pillar which you can kill, but you don't have to.  Eventually you'll jump yourself onto a walkway wrought with bladed pendulums.  Avoid the pendulums by waiting until they pass and then running underneath them.  Make your way to the gap and jump across.  On the other side are more pendulums, some spikes that rise from the floor, and a Bone Pillar.  
     First, turn right and head up the steps for some treasure-yielding Sarcophagus.  Take out the Pillar, and avoid the other obstacles.  The next gap has two pendulums, so wait until you've got a clear shot before you jump.  On the other side is more of the same.  After a few more timed jumps, you come to a doorway leading to the next section.
     The next section has more round stones and a sarcophagus on either side.  Those don't have anything extremely valuable, so just save and head straight ahead.  Make your way into a hallway with giant meat cleavers shooting out of the wall.  My general strategy is to hug the left wall and dart forward just as the cleavers retract.  At the end is a blue skeleton, kill it and turn left to find more hero tenderizing action.  After deftly dodging more blades, enter the doorway.
     This next section contains a grate walkway.  Steam means that flame is about to shoot out of that spot, and the darker grates will fall when you step on them.  Following the path will lead to two cul-de-sacs flanking the path, each one containing a sarcophagus.  Keep walking and you'll get to an intersection.  The left path will lead you to a save point and a contract, but the right path will lead to the end of the level (eventually).  Heading right, you find some pendulums and a couple Lizard Men who breathe fire.  Dodge the fire and pendulums and enter the doorway for yet another section.
     Turn right and follow the path along the wall.  Be wary of invisible Hell Knights, and save at the end of the path.  Down some steps and you're confronted by a daunting new obstacle. A small path leading to a half hexagon with a large iron ball falling into the middle and splashing liquid hot magma.  I recommend lining yourself up with the side of the hexagon and jumping as soon as the splash begins to subside, then run along the grating to the other side and hop off before you get splashed.  At the top of the ramp are two more sarcophagi, and further along are more falling balls.  Use the same strategy as before, and then use it again on the full hexagon.  After yet another ball dropping, enter a doorway.  
     Follow the walkway around until you reach the impaled bodies.  Position yourself between the spikes and step out onto an invisible bridge.  This leads to a torch which contains a roast beef.  Head back along the bridge and take out the skeletons that appeared there.  Now head through the doorway and save.  You're almost out!
     Begin following the walkway and avoid the spikes and pendulums.  At the double flame pillars, there is a safe spot in between them.  Turn right and hop across the sinking stones to another ballsy area, then across more stones to solid ground.  Pass some more cleavers and pendulums and the like to a stone structure with more iron balls.  Save and get the nearby sun card.  Follow the short path and look for two red arrows that mark an invisible bridge if you want to get the item on the right.  The structure has three different paths.  The left one leads to a sarcophagus, the right one leads to two plus a path over the lava, and the one straight ahead is where you ultimately need to go.  So, after you've collected any items you want to take the last path.
     Time your jumps across the sinking stones to avoid the shooting flames and the pendulums.  On the other side, round the corner and dodge three more pendulums and exit the level.  Cornell's next level is the Tower of Sorcery, and Reinhardt's is the Room of Clocks.

                                | TOWER OF SORCERY |
     The air is chilled.  All around are walkways made out of a substance you cannot identify.  Perhaps ice, perhaps crystal.  You step out onto it, and one step closer to Dracula.
     Playable by: Cornell and Carrie

     Save and ignore the crystals floating to either side, they don't do anything.  Follow the path and take out the two Crystal Born's.  At the end is a floating platform.  Jump on that and follow the platform path to its peak.  Along the way, you run across some tesselacrystals: two crystals with a beam of electricity between them.  Time your jumps for those.  At the top are some platforms orbiting a larger platform.  Jump onto one of the little ones and ride it.  Once you're in sight of a platform, jump to it if the height is right but if it isn't just ride around once more.  The platform leads to more rotators, and they lead to another platform.
     At the other side are two paths of disappearing platforms, take the left path to the white jewel.  Hop across two more vanishing platforms and you're on a path.  Visit the gift shop, then start on the path.  There are two pairs of tesselacrystals along the path, both of which can be avoided by ducking.  At the end of the path is a laser crystal, just take it out before it can shoot you.  Now comes a not so fun part.  Take out the next laser crystal and climb onto the platform.  Now jump across the vanishing platforms while avoiding tesselacrystals and take out the laser crystal as soon as you can.  Make your way onto a large platform with three item crystals and a white jewel.
     Jump across the next set of platforms while avoiding tesselacrystals and laser crystals.  More dodging and jumping brings you to a new set of vanishing platforms that lead to a path.  Take the path into the doorway and exit the level.  The next level is the Room of Clocks.

                               | ROOM OF CLOCKS |
     The ticking of countless clocks fills the room.  To the right is a solitary elevator.  You step on, and rise toward the unknown.
     Playable by: Cornell, Reinhardt, and Carrie

     This stage is pretty short.  First of all, save it.  The candles contain beef, attack items, PowerUps, or nothing.  We recommend you get and/or keep the axe at this point, especially if you're Reinhardt or Cornell.  There is also a contract, it's no Wal-Mart but it'll have to do.  Walk down the only open hallway and hop on the elevator.  Now you fight a boss.  Cornell will fight Ortega, Reinhardt fights Death, and Carrie fights Actrise.  See boss descriptions for details.  Go back down the elevator and save.  Now exit through the new hall.  Easy, huh?

                               | CLOCK TOWER |
     The cacophony of gears surrounds you.  The loud creaking of wood, the soft clink as gear teeth gnash together.  Not welcoming sounds to the average adventurer.  Fortunately, you are far from average.
     Playable by: Cornell, Reinhardt, and Carrie

          The first thing you notice in this room is a ledge.  Get onto the ledge and then onto the floor above.  Head left and climb up onto the ledge on the wall.  Jump across to the third gear.  Warning: no matter which direction the gears are going you will be crushed if you get stuck in between.  From the third gear, use the wooden beam connected to it to get to the other side of the room.  Watch out for Medusa Heads along the way.  Jump onto the big gear and from there to the rising and falling platform.  Up two ledges and you will be under a big gear, with torches on the ledge to the right.  One has a red jewel and the other one has the Clock Tower Key A.  Grab the key and keep going.  Go onto a big gear, up two ledges, across more gears, and out the door.  In the hallway is a save crystal, take advantage of it and kill the Goblins.  Now go through the other door. 
     You are now in a room with gears on their sides.  There is a bone pillar two gears away from you, and torches on either side of the room.  We recommend you stand in the doorway and take the pillar out while avoiding fireballs.  Carrie can use her energy balls, and Reinhardt and Cornell should use the axe we told you to get.  Once taken care of, jump to the first gear.  Grab the items in the torches if you want to.  Now, jump to the gear in front of the first one (where the bone pillar was) and take out the other two pillars.  Make your way to the gear where the bone pillar was and then jump to the thin ledges on the right.  Get into the tiny square room and pick up the Clock Tower Key B.  Drop back onto the ledge and make a daring leap to the ledge in front of the door.  Open it up.
     Go through this hallway and enter the next room.  Climb down the ledges to your right, smash any available torches, and SAVE.  Now turn towards the vertical shafts and walk to the left one.  Wait until you see the ledge in the base and climb up.  Move to the next climbing position and haul yourself aboard.  I believe there's one more climb before you end up on a small ledge.  Turn to face the other shaft and jump to the small ledge on that one.  Several more jumps await you, my advice is to keep the camera behind you at all times.  Another tip: there is one ledge that you can walk around, do so and jump from the other side.  Eventually, you'll make it to the top of the left ledge.  >From there leap to the platform.  Climb up and turn around and walk through the alcove to the gear shaft.  Walk along it to the other side and jump to the torch, and pick up Clock Tower Key C.  Make your way down and to the right, then head toward the right side of the pit and unlock the door.  Ride the elevator to the top, walk along the path, and then drop down.
     Save and walk to the shaft.  This shaft has the same base as the other one, but for an added bonus it has fire shooting out of the wall.  The fire is easy enough to avoid, just make sure the next ledge you need to get on is beyond the fire.  When you're high enough jump to the large ledge with the other shaft.  Take out the pillar in the corner for a plethora of items.  Now face the shaft you came in on and jump to the small ledge.  Make more jumps between ledges as before.  At the top is some fire.  To avoid it, simply climb up onto the top of the shaft.  Once at the top, jump to the gear and then into the alcove.
     Now make your way along another gear shaft.  Wait for the flame to stop shooting at the end, then make your way to the torch on the right.  It yields Clock Tower Key D.  Now get back onto the gear and hop over to the door.  Cornell gets treated to a cut scene here, but the other two just walk through the door.  Walk down the small hallway and through the next door.
    The first thing to do here is to save and, if you want to, go on a shopping spree.  Head up the steps, and outside.  They use the same trick as the Outer Wall here, so don't head out too fast.  Walk along the clock hand and destroy the torch for Clock Tower Key E.  Now go back inside and go straight after getting off the steps and unlock the door.
     Walk through the next door and into a large room.  Run around and find torches, then head left of where you came in.  Pull yourself onto the ledge and then jump onto the gear.  Wait until the flame stops and walk in front of it.  Jump across the gap to a small ledge and pull yourself up. Climb up again and get any nearby items.  Jump your way over to the three gears.  Now, jump across the three gears and grab onto the uber-thin ledge.  Shimmy to the right and avoid the flames.  Once on solid ground again, turn and jump to the smallish platform.  Save and pull the lever.  Now jump back to the mini-ledge and shimmy to the left.  Dodge the flames, and drop onto the platform.  Climb up, and then make your way to the top.  At the top is a gear shaft with flame shooting along the middle and a blade swinging past.  Wait until the flame stops and dart across, slide under the blade only when absolutely necessary, and jump toward the door.  Enter the door.
     Go through the next door and save.  Look for the swinging ledges and line yourself up with them.  Jump to the first one while it's swinging toward you, and do the same with the second one.  Jump from the second one onto the platform and turn right.  Repeat process for the next set of swingers, baby.  Now make your way along the wall to a large metal slope.  Look down and line up with the wooden ledge and slide down.  From there drop of slightly to the left and slide down to the metal walkway.  If you fall through one of the holes, simply backtrack and take the elevator to the top.  Walk along the walkway and pull the lever.  Go to the save point and then up the steps.  Walk along the clock hands and exit the level.

                                    | CASTLE KEEP |
     The final stage in your journey is nigh.  You gaze up at the keep and set your jaw.  "Dracula," you whisper, "It's time."  You mount the steps, and let destiny guide you.
     Playable by: Cornell, Reinhardt, and Carrie

     Climb the steps and enter the door.  Before you get any torches, walk to the other door.  View the cut scene, and if you were thrifty enough you don't have to fight anything (see Secrets and/or Boss Descriptions).  Now get the items, and exit.  Climb up more steps and enter the next door.  Reinhardt and Carrie may or may not have a boss here (See secrets and/or Boss Descriptions).  Enter the next door, and climb up the steps to the final door and walk through.  Save.  Walk forward to the coffin.  Now you fight Dracula Form 1(see Boss Descriptions).  After you defeat him:

As Cornell:
     You get to fight Dracula Ultimate (see Boss Descriptions), you lucky dog you.  Once you kill him, you get to view the ending.

As Reinhardt or Carrie:
     If you're on your way to the bad ending (see Secrets) then you're done.  If you're on the way to the good ending, you have to run down the steps and hop onto the elevator at the end.  At the top you fight Dracula Form 2 (Boss Descriptions).  After you kill him, you get transported to a desert somewhere to fight Final Dracula (I think you know where to look).  Once that's dead, you're done.  Now sit back and enjoy the ending.



Skeletons: Easily defeated even during nighttime.  Some of them throw bones at you.

Goblins: They're green, ugly, and they hop around a lot. 

Snakes: If they jump on you, use short range attacks.  One long-range attack can also take out several snakes in one fell swoop. 

Motorcycle Skeletons: Skeletons that ride on motorcycles.  Jump to avoid then
hit them from behind.  Some of these have sidecars with a skeleton shooting at you.  If you stay to the right, you stand a very good chance of not getting hit.

Blue Skeletons: Carriers of magical nitro?  Who knows?  These guys explode after
a certain period of time, or when hit.  Some of these throw bones that have the properties of dynamite.

Zombies: the living dead.  They move slow, so they're easy to hit.  Just attack them a couple times and they'll be killed...again.

Bone Pillars: Dragon heads that shoot fire balls at you.  If you get too close
they shoot a wall of flame at you.  There are variations, which are three of these stacked on top of each other.

Medusa Heads:  More annoying than deadly.  While they don't cause much damage,
they can knock you off ledges to your death.

Cerebus: Three headed hound that guards the gates of Hades.  Why there are more than one in the game I don't know.  Just hit them, run around jumping like a mad fool to avoid attacks, and hit them again.

Ghost: These slowly drift toward you.  Just keep pounding away and you'll be fine.

Flaming Blue Skull: Slow and easy to kill.

Stained Glass Knights: These die easily, but come back when you reenter the room.

Vampire:  Avoid its bite at all costs.  Use a Purifying immediately if bitten.

Bats: Well...they're bats.  Kill them.

Hell Knights: These sentinels come alive and attack.

Hell Hounds: They don't die.  Stun them with an attack and run.

Frankenstein Monster: What's an undead menace without a chainsaw?  Use 
Holy Water to stun this behemoth. 

Spider Women: Just keep attacking them, and watch their poisonous spit.

Lizard men: Kind of like spitting cobras, only they're lizards.  Keep your distance and attack.

Fish Men: Like the Lizard men, only fish.

Blood Born: It's made of blood.  Gross, huh?  Just keep your distance and hit it.

Crystal Born: It's made of crystal.  Its spray poisons you so hit it with long ranged attacks whenever possible.

Mud Born: It's made of mud.  Watch out for its muddy spray, it poisons you (go figure).

Red Skeletons: These don't die.  Never waste time on these guys, use hit and run tactics.  Can be killed only if there is a Flaming Blue Skull around that you can kill. 

Fire Breathing Bats: Well...they're bats that breathe fire.  Kill them.

Turret Guns: Guns.  They will shoot you when hit them, or if you get caught in their laser sites.


Sea Serpent: This has two attacks, it grabs you and smashes you onto the bridge 
             or spits water onto the bridge causing a geyser-like effect which 
             hurls you into the air.  Its tricky move is spitting green glop 
             that makes you stick in place before it grabs you.  To defeat it, 
             run back and forth along the bridge and use long range attacks or 
             throwing weapons to hit it.  This thing's a piece of cake (ice 
             cream, in fact) and will be gone in no time.

Giant Skeleton: Run up to it and hit it.  Fairly simple.  It takes a couple hits 
                before he gets hurt, so keep pluggin' away.  Once its energy is 
                gone it runs away.

                Round two gets a little more difficult.  After you hurt him for 
                the first time, he gets electrified.  He jumps up and causes a 
                shockwave when he lands.  He also sprays you, 
                this can best be avoided by getting underneath or behind him.  
                After you hurt him, he'll revert back to normal until you hurt 
                him enough that he loses his arm.  Once he looses his legs, just 
                pound away and he'll die shortly.

Werewolf: In the forest he's easy enough, wail away until he gets close and 
          move.  Rinse and repeat.  In Duel Tower he's tougher.  Jump away from 
          him when he attacks, and hit him whilst he's recovering for another 
          attack.  Just don't let him knock you into the acid stuff.

Weretiger: In the Forest as well as Duel Tower, just hit him and avoid being 
           grabbed and thrown.

Giant Bone Pillars: The first attack pattern they have is to shoot fire balls at 
                    you.  While they do this, concentrate your attacks on one of 
                    them.  Once you hurt one enough it'll switch to attack two, 
                    breathing a line of fire at you.  Hide behind the door to 
                    avoid it, then jump out and attack, and then hide again.  
                    Eventually it'll die, then you need to use the same process 
                    on the other one.

Gilles de Rais: I'm not even sure why he's in the boss section.  Just treat him 
                like any other vampire.  His only special attack is to shoot 
                fire at you.

Harpy: Yes, I'm sure this isn't a Sphinx.  I forget where I read that, but this 
       is quite definitely a Harpy.  Anywho, USE LOCK ON TECHNIQUE is says.  
       She's a smegging pain in the rear to hit with Cornell's attack, so use 
       long range weapons when she's far away.  Henry can just use his gun.  The 
       she-bird shoots feathers at you, and dive bombs you.  I think she grabs 
       you in her claws, but I can't remember for sure.  Run to the side to 
       avoid the feathers and dive-bombing attacks.  Another way to avoid 
       attacks is to hit her before she can launch them.

Queen Spider: In her first form, she shoots little spiders at you and tries to 
              ensnare you in a web.  If the web catches you, you will die so 
              avoid it at all costs.  You have to get in close to hit her, but 
              when you do she shoots poisonous spray at you.  Eventually she is 
              defeated and you move on to form two.  She now moves around.  Keep 
              your distance whenever possible.  She'll use a poison spray and 
              more webbing.  If you get caught, you just get hurt though.  If 
              you get close, she'll slash you.  Hit her when you can and she'll 
              go down like a bottle of potatoes in an ocean.

Medusa: Keep your distance and attack.  When she shoots snakes at you kill them.  
        She will also pick up a shield and slither toward you.  When she reaches 
        you, she'll swing the shield and whip her tail.  Jump away to avoid the 
        attacks.  A few hits to the shield and she'll drop it.  She also picks 
        up a bow and shoots snake arrows at you, dodge them.  Her last attack is 
        to turn you to stone.  If you get hit by her gaze, it only lasts until 
        you get hit.  She isn't too hard, just keep hitting her.

Undead Bull: This thing charges around the room and attacks you.  It has three 
             basic attacks.  It will try to head butt you, it will fire a short 
             blue energy beam at you, or it will fire a long yellow energy beam 
             which causes a large explosion.  Jump to the side to avoid all 
             three attacks, and then hit it.  After a certain amount of hits to 
             a specific part, that part will dissolve leaving skeletal body 
             parts in its wake.  The three sections are its posterior, its 
             torso, and its head.  Once dissolved, they take a few more hits and 
             then something else happens.  Keep hitting its butt and the legs 
             will explode, as it crawls around and if you keep hitting that 
             section the whole posterior will be destroyed.  The head is 
             destroyed after a few hits.  Once the torso is dissolved, destroy 
             it to destroy the entire creature, even if it still has a lot of 
             energy left.

Rosa:  Get close, attack, and move away.  Her attacks are: a shockwave like 
       thing, fireballs that hover for a moment and hurl toward you, a slash 
       from her sword, and something that she throws at you.  Dodge anything she 
       throws at you and hit her.  Rinse and repeat. 

The Unnamed Fernandez: This member of the Fernandez clan floats around and fires 
                       three energy balls at a time.  If you get too close she 
                       summons mist that hurts.  Dodge her energy balls by 
                       running around her and jumping constantly.  Simply fire 
                       when your sphere of pain at its full power.

Werething: Run after it and hit it.  When the elevator is on its way up, you can 
           jump in and wail away at it.  When it's charging up to attack it will 
           take a lot of damage when hit.

Minotaur: Keep your distance and attack.  If you get too close it will slash 
          you.  When the red ring appears around him, he is getting ready to 
          charge.  You can jump around like a maniac and hope he doesn't hit 
          you, or you can smack the crap out of him while he's not moving.  
          After he charges and gets burned by the fire, hit him while he's 
          reeling from being burnt.

Deformed Werewolf: He's so big (how big is he?) that you can never fully get 
                   away from him.  He will leap up in the air and try to body-
                   slam you, just don't be underneath him when he lands.  He'll 
                   also slap you with his huge arm, or create a shock wave.  
                   Just keep your distance and attack as much as you can.

Power Core: Take out one of the turret guns by the path to the large crystal (or 
            all of them if you feel adventurous) to cause the shield to drop.  
            Now run up to the Core itself and hack away at it.  It is possible 
            to kill it before the shield rises again, but if you can't just kill 
            another one of the guns and repeat.

Death: This is a slightly hard.  Dodge the flying sickles, and hit him when you 
       can.  When he flies to the middle and swings his scythe, it means that 
       strange fish that fly out of pentagrams will attack.  If you hit him 
       before he finishes swinging, it cancels the fish.  If you missed that 
       opportunity, just run around to avoid them.  Repeat process.

Actrise: Very easy.  Simply run around her and aim energy balls at a short 
         crystal in the barrier, and then her.  Keep on the move to avoid rising 
         crystals.  If you take out part of the barrier, do a 180 and fire again 
         to hit her.

Ortega: He wanted to control his beast-man powers, so naturally he morphs into a 
        chimera.  Being a werewolf here is helpful, but using throwing weapons 
        is also helpful, the choice is yours.  When he jumps into the air he'll 
        either try to land on you or shoot circles that make you loopy if they 
        hit you.  Run around to avoid either.  When he shoots poison or fire try 
        to get behind him to smack the crap out of him while he's busy.  Jump 
        out of the way when he slashes at you.  As he takes damage, the snake 
        and goat heads eventually die.  Once they're both gone, he'll use the 
        jumping and slashing attacks a lot.  Just avoid him and keep hitting him 
        and he'll be history.

Renon: See Secret Stuff for how to get to him.  Use the same strategy as is used 
       for Death.  He even has the fish move!  Death should sue for copyright 
       infringement.  His Fireballs hurt a lot so make sure you dodge them.

Charlie Vincent: See Secret Stuff for how to get to him.  Just stand against a 
                 wall and wail away.  Once he starts throwing his Unholy Water 
                 non-stop, move around to avoid it and keep hitting him.

  Form 1: If you play as Reinhardt or Cornell I recommend you throw axes at his 
          head.  Carrie should keep back and fire her energy balls.  My strategy 
          is to stay away when he appears and fire the weapons mentioned above.  
          Don't kill him too quickly if you don't have PowerUps or a lot of 
          meat.  Wait for him to shoot flaming bats at you and kill them for 
          meat and power.  His other attacks include: a shock wave along the 
          floor followed by a higher one, a fire attack similar to the giant 
          bone pillar's only smaller and easier to avoid, the "Hoover Maneuver" 
          where he attempts to suck you within his vampiric grasp.  When 
          fighting a Cornell he uses electricity instead of fire, and also has a 
          wall of electricity.  If you hit him before or during any of these 
          moves, they will be canceled out.  To dodge the fire, electricity, and 
          vacuum attacks you can just run out of range.  Start jumping away when 
          he tries to suck you in.  The shock waves can be dodged by jumping 
          over the first one and ducking under the second one, or running out of 
          range.  Once your weapons are at full power (if you're Reinhardt you 
          can get more in the next round), take him out with the same weapons 
          you were using.  Cornell, however, should save as many red jewels as 
          possible.  Also, I've had a MINIMUN of 7 of each meat as Cornell.

  Form 2: Run down the stairs as the towers collapse.  Basically, just hit him 
          when you can.  Reinhardt should stay back when he appears at a corner 
          and hit the fireballs, but Carrie can hit him.  His shockwaves are 
          reverse of Drac1, the first one is up.  When he summons green flame 
          heal immediately if you're below half, then hack away at him until 
          you're hit.  Reinhardt can hit him easier if he jumps before striking, 
          and he can get PowerUps from the fireballs.  Carrie can hit him from 
          the ground, but she'll find it harder to hit the fireballs.  Keep it 
          up, this isn't too hard, but it can be long.  Oh, if you have any red 
          jewels left save them!

  Final Dracula: This guy's bark is as bad as his bite.  Don't stay in front of 
                 him!!  He'll use his claws to swipe you, doing massive damage, 
                 or breathe flame at you.  He will also summon energy balls, 
                 which cause a nuclear explosion.  If you hit one it multiplies 
                 and becomes closer to exploding.  The explosion will hurt 
                 Dracula if it is close enough, but don't risk getting the 
                 timing wrong.  If you get close for too long, he will send a 
                 shock wave, you can tell this will happen when electricity 
                 flows between his hands.  Get away!!  Reinhardt should get 
                 close and attack, then jump away.  Having red jewels left and 
                 the axe helps him as well since he can attack from a distance.  
                 Carrie should run around him and fire her energy balls.  To 
                 ensure a hit on Dracula, face him and run toward him a little 
                 before firing.  After he takes some damage, the Lord of 
                 Darkness summons two gold dragons, just avoid them.  Keep it up 
                 and eventually you'll beat him.

Dracula Ultimate: This guy just sucks.  That's sucks as in it sucks to try and 
                  hurt him.  You can give him miniscule damage by hitting him, 
                  but to really hurt him you have to hit the face in the 
                  stomach.  When you hit the face, he gets briefly stunned and 
                  you can get 3 or 4 more good hits on him.  When he's off in 
                  the distance he'll either shoot fireballs, ice-cycles, or 
                  undead worms.  All of those can be destroyed before they hit 
                  you, take out as many as you can to avoid damage (you need all 
                  the health you can get).  When he's up close he'll either: 
                  grab you and throw you into the air, then shoot you; summon up 
                  a large blast that'll hurl you into the air; or summon beams 
                  to fall and hurt you.  You can't avoid him throwing you, and I 
                  recommend healing as soon as you land.  You CAN hit him while 
                  he's charging up for the colossal blast, but you have to by 
                  very fast.  Run to dodge the beams, and hit the face if you 
                  can.  The only other tips I have are to heal if you get below 
                  50% and he's close to you, and to use the Werewolf aspect to 
                  get the extra defense and attack power.  That's all I've got, 
                  good luck!


Use Cornell's Werewolf aspect sparingly, since it eats up your red jewels.  I myself only used it on Ortega and Dracula Ultimate.

There are two possible endings for Reinhardt and Carrie for this game.  To get the bad ending you have to use more than four of either sun or moon cards.  Then, when you get to the second room on the way to Dracula you will fight Charlie Vincent.  See Boss Descriptions, and now you can only fight form one of Drac and you'll get the bad ending.

Be thrifty when buying from the contracts.  If you spend more than 30,000 gold 
throughout the game, you sell your soul.  When this happens you must fight Renon 
when you talk to him on the way to Dracula.  See the boss descriptions, and you will still be able to get the good ending.

Forest of Silence shortcut: At the part with the two levers to raise the two pillars (to cross the pit), there is a set of platforms along the cliff by one lever.  Climb down and Attack the wall at the bottom.  Run through the short tunnel.  Once outside hop to the next set of platforms and leap to the small island.  You are at the lever that opens the gate to Round 2 of the Gigantic Skeleton.

Henry's Kids:
  Each of Henry's kids unlocks a new feature when rescued.  Here is a list that I believe to be accurate:
Forest of Silence: Hard Mode
Castle Wall: Cornell's Second Costume
Villa: Reinhardt
Underground Waterway: Reinhardt's Second Costume
Underground Tunnels: Carrie
Outer Wall: Carrie's Second Costume

In the Tunnel level, you can stand in the buckets.  This serves absolutely no practical purpose, but it looks funny.

To get the last three of Henry's levels, you need to jump into the coffin at different days.  Here's a list:
7 left (yes, it's possible): Outer Wall
6 left: Tunnels
5 left: Waterway
4 left: Waterway
3 left: Tunnels until 6p.m. then Outer Wall (the only time you can find the kid)
2 left: ? 
1 left: ? 

Still stumped on the planetarium?  Well, the order of those planets is 2, 4, 8.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.

To get the goodies on the fountain in the Villa as Cornell you must pull the switches on the gravestones in the proper order.  That order is: the Master, Mary, Henry, and the unreadable tombstone.

This is sweet:
  I thought this was a cool and funny trick/glitch.  Make the Werewolf commit suicide!  In the Dual Tower as your on the platform with the Werewolf, quickly run to the platform(before it submerges) which makes it possible to reach the ledge with the power up.  If your quick enough, which should not be a problem, jump back to the main platform, grabbing the edge.  The Werewolf will chase and then jump at you, but will find the water to be his demise!  This trick/glitch works about 90 percent of the time, I've done it like 12 times and the Werewolf didn't jump at me 2 of those 12 trys.  

GameShark codes:
*note: these codes will only work in Low Res mode*

Clocktower Key A 	801cab6f0001 
Clocktower Key B 	801cab700001 
Storeroom Key 	801cab600001 
Garden Key 	801cab610001 
Copper Key 	801cab620001 
Chamber Key 	801cab630001 
Execution Key 	801cab640001 
Deck Key 	801cab650001 
Rose Garden Key 	801cab660001 
Thorn Key 	801cab670001 
Clocktower Key C 	801cab680001 
Clocktower Key D 	801cab690001 
Art Tower Key 1 	801cab6a0001 
Art Tower Key 2 	801cab6b0001 
Control Room Key 	801cab6c0001 
Wall Key 	801cab6d0001 
Clocktower Key E 	801cab6e0001 
Purifying 	801cab4d0001 
Cure Ampoule 	801cab4e0001 
Powerup 	801cab4f0001 
The Contract 	801cab540001 
Magical Nitro 	801cab550001 
Mandragora 	801cab560001 
Sun Card 	801cab570001 
Moon Card 	801cab580001 
Winch Lever 	801cab590001 
Oldrey's Diary 	801cab5a0001 
Crest Half A 	801cab5b0001 
Crest Half B 	801cab5c0001 
Rose Brooch 	801cab5d0001 
Archives Key 	801cab5e0001 
Left Tower Key 	801cab5f0001 
Infinite Health 	811cab3a2710 
Infinite Gold 	811cab422710 
Infinite Throwing Weapons 	801cab450064 
Special 1 	801cab470001 
Special 2 	801cab480001 
Special 3 	801cab490001 
Roast Chicken 	801cab4a0001 
Roast Beef 	801cab4b0001 
Healing Kit 	801cab4c0001 


Q: are there two endings for cornell? does he have a good ending and a bad one?        
A: Not that I've found.  However, there's a rumor that you can use too many   
   Sun/Moon cards and fight Henry's mom at the end.

Q: Josh you are such a retard.  Man I think working with you has totally 
   shrunken my brain LMAO  Well see ya at work dear LOL (Jcrew03)
A: How do these people find me?  My name's not even Josh...

Q: Yeah ok heres my question: in nintendo power and the instruction manuel there 
   i spoken of a fifth character that can be found in the game after beating it 
   with all the normal characters. please respond and tell me if I am mislead      
A: Well, not that I've noticed.  Anyone find one?

Q. How do I find the (insert name here)?
A. Read the walkthrough.  I wrote it for a reason you know.

Q. Can you give me specific directions to find (item or event)?
A. No.  If you know my email address, I assume you have internet access.  If you 
   have internet access, then you can read the walkthrough and the specific 
   directions therein.

Q. How do I get to (insert destination here)?
A. See previous answers.  I will no longer answer email about any of these three 

Q. Why are you so mean?
A. I'm not mean I'm just lazy.  I went through a lot of trouble to write this 
   document, and I'm just getting tired of writing parts of it over through 

Q. Are you going to write another outstanding FAQ/Walkthrough?
A. Maybe.  Depends on the game, how many others there are, and how much time I 
   have.  If you have games you'd like me to try, email me.


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