Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse review
Great backwards step forward in the series

The good:

Ability to switch characters while playing. Many different paths through the game add replay value. Good graphics & sound. Hidden second quest adds extra challenge.

The bad:



The third and final NES Castlevania game is more like a prequel to the series rather than a sequel-instead of continuing to follow Simon Belmont, the game shifts the story's focus to his ancestor, Trevor Belmont and his quest to rid the world of Dracula and his Curse. But this time trevor can enlist the help of three "spirits" to aid his quest, including Dracula's own son! That certainly makes for an interesting little plot twist!
The graphics & sounds are nothing differnt from the previous two titles, but gameplay is the biggest change. It's worth noting with graphics, though, that when you first power up the opening cinema sequence plays in "classic movie reel" format, which is fun to watch. In addition to the three new characters, each with their own unique strengths & weaknesses, at many points throughout the game you must choose which direction to go-this directly impacts your path through the game and who you meet. Even one of the original stages from the first Castlevania appears near the end of the game! Additionally, there is now a password system for saving your game so you don't have to start over at the beginning every time! The difficulty level's about right, starting easy and getting tougher as you go along, and when you're through you can play a second time at a much tougher difficulty level!
Easily the class of the Castlevania series, this is a title worth seeking out. The tried-and-true gameplay still works well and the new characters and paths through the game add plenty of replay value.

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