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This stake may hurt a little


Introduction: Castlevania is definitely an excellent series, especially during it's early days. The first, third and fourth games manage to showcase some excellent level designs and tough challenges for the player to overcome. But what about the second game? What makes this one so different? It feels more like an expansive adventure game than an action platformer, with some things that were ahead of the time, but unfortunately, it just didn't turn out that great. There are a few flaws that turns the game from a rather ambitious experience to dog shit.

Story: Continuing from the first game, S...


A Quest worth passing up

The good:

Good storyline. Unique time factor that affects gameplay. Excellent variety of weapons. Some good RPG-type elements.

The bad:

Not a traditional Castlevania game like the others. Redundant, tedious gameplay. Fairly difficult.


The sequel to the first Castlevania took the franchise in a whole new direction-instead of a standard platformer, they instead put in more of an RPG-type game engine and story: Simon has been cursed by Dracula to the point that he's strong by day but weaker by night. Of course killing the Count himself is the only way to lift the curse, if that's possible.
The biggest difference here compared to the first Castlevania is that Simon's Quest plays more like an RPG, building up experience rather than points, and collecting various items, some of which are needed to finish the game. Also there's ...

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