Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance GameShark Codes

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Master Code (GBA) North America Master

7AD490B3DE3C This must be on for any other code to work.

Assorted Gameshark Codes (GBA) North America

Enable Code 946AB4E2 AB57 44C9B060 1809 FF9AD7E0 B075

All Spellbooks 02018832FF

All Relics 02018833FF 02018834FF

Infinite Money 3DD55D14 0F42

Infinite HP 8F0EFFA4 3734

Max HP 032EC7A6 D11A

Infinite MP DD08FB20 7534

Max MP 5128C322 931A

Infinite Hearts 1DC65F05 8FA0

Max Hearts 4328C3A2 D11A

Max STR CF08FBA0 3734

Max DEF 1D0EDF24 D530

Max INT 0F0EDFA4 9730

Max Luck 5D08DB20 D530

Quick Level Gain D5E27110 AB04