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The good:

In the beginning, if you wait in the starting menu (where you will choose to start the game, sound config, etc) and not hold anything, a (very) short anime will be shown.

Its graphics has greatly changes for the better. As you play it, you will realize that Soma's body is more detailed than his' in Aria of Sorrow (obviously with the help of DS's "Greater than N64" graphics"

Thank goodness, Soma is not a Belmont, so he can STILL use a variety of weapons yet, he can use the Vampirekiller whip and also the thing castlevania gamers all wanted, ALUCARD SWORD! (yup, with the help of THE glitch), and also ALUCARD himself (Julius Mode).

This game introduces "Soul Seal System" that lets you steal bosses' soul by using "Magic Seals" through the touch screen.

Characters fom Aria of Sorrow (such as Mina Hakuba, Yoko Belnades, Genya Arikado (ALUCARD) and even Hammer)are still here to support Soma. However it's quite obvious that their artwork have changed from Ayami Kojima's to cool Anime style drawings.

There are lots of new additions such as new souls needed to finish the game (e.g. Paranoia and Puppet Master) and the presence of Yoko's weapon Synthesis shop.

The bad:

The bad thing is, the only time you use the touch screen is when you seal bosses' souls, commanding fammiliars and in the pause menu and shattering blocks(Balore) during the main game. Not much use for tht "DS's Innovative Capabilities"

Also, as I said before, the anime style dominated the game's artwork. Some of it mede the charcter's appearance look good, and some don't. I didn't like how they drew Arkado (Arikado looked very differently here, bec he looked handsome rather than looking as cool as a vampire) and Julius Belmont (I just don't like it). It just proves that some characters appearance shouldn't be totally changed

Another thing that I didn't like here is it's short lifespan. Sure there are lots and lots to do after, like completing the map, finishing Julius(Yoko and ALUCARD)'s mode or beating your time in boss rush mode, but I have to say that the main game is quite short. I hope they would've made another unexpectable castle (which is surely possible because there are lots of wasted memory left in the cartridge.


Before, while I was playing Aria of Sorrow in my GBA, I was amazed at its graphics. I thought that its graphics was like symphony of the night's. I was completely satisfied with it (except for its lifespan of a day for castlevania experts). And then, more than 2 years since I bought it, I have myself the long awaited sequel that I've waited since I finished Aria.
My first reaction when I've played it is that it had a new style of drawing for the characters and as wel as some enemies. But other than that, I thought that the graphics didn't actually changed. Still 2D, still great.
But after I f...

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