Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

  • Released on Oct 23, 2007
  • By Konami for PSP

Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles Cheats

Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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DXC and SOTN: Richter wide whip swing
Here's a tip for people who need to cover a bit more area with the whip to hit moving targets, such as bats and fireballs.

This works both in Dracula X Chronicles, and the Symphony of the Night game.

When standing or ducking, swing the whip straight forward and then tap, and release the duck button multiple times. Richter's whip will stay outstretched for the normal duration, but it will do so while you enter the duck or standing position, allowing you to attack in both the high and low quadrant. Great for batting away bats, headstones, fireballs, and other bothersome pests.
In the room with the zombies just start destroying every in sight and wait for more to respawn. In the room with the merman just wait till they ump out of the water and attack. You can reach lv. 4 or 5 this way.
Rondo of Blood: Level Select
Enter the following code in the password entry screen for Dracula X: Rondo of Blood to unlock the Level Select option:


You may note that this code is exactly as the same as the 99 Luck code you enter in the Name Entry screen for Symphony of the Night.

Easter eggs

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Unlockable minigame: Peke
First complete Normal Boss Rush mode three times to unlock a new minigame called "Peke", which is accessed from the game select screen along with the other Castlevania titles.

This game is a reference to a minigame that you can play in the original PC Engine CD release of Rondo of Blood by starting the game with the wrong format system card inserted into the hardware.


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CV:DXC - Unlock kid Maria Reynard as playable character
To unlock Maria Reynard as a playable character, do the following...

In Stage 2: "God, grant me strength", you will come across an area (cutscene) where a disembodied beast (Behemoth) breaks through a passage and begins to chase you. Along the path are candles, as usual. One of them contains a key sub item.

Grab the key, and continue onward to the right, avoiding falling into the pits and the sub-levels below. (That leads to an alternate boss, and to Stage 3b)

You'll come to an area that leads downward. Head down the stairs (optional- before heading down the stairs, break the wall to your right to obtain a pot roast health restorative). The sub-level here is filled with mermen.

Continue to the right. You'll see a stairwell leading up, but also a locked door on the right wall. Use the key item (not item crash- it does nothing) when standing right next to the door.

Once the door is opened, enter the room to trigger the cutscene to unlock Maria Renard.
Maria's Guardian Fist
Maria has a secret move called guardian fist. press up, down, forward, square. Maria will summon a red dressed lady that will charge forward and punch rapidly. it's like pressing alucard's hellfire.
Symphony of the Night- Character name cheats
Clear the game once (any ending, any percentage) to obtain this feature.

Start a new game in a new save slot (do not overwrite the original save!). Enter the following as profile names for said effects>

Start as Alucard with Lapis Lazuli ring, and 99 luck.

Start as Alucard, with the Axe Lord armor equipped (turning him into an Axe Lord while equipped).

Play the game as Maria Renard.

Play the game as Richter Belmont.