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The exoskeleton of a vampire


Castlevania's first outing on a console was fantastic. It was pretty much everything you could've asked for at that time in a game; a dark atmosphere with challenging gameplay (sometimes, overbearing) and a kickass soundtrack. Castlevania's first handheld outing, on the other hand, was fairly mediocre. I won't trash it like other reviewers normally would, but I'm not going to praise it much, mostly because it feels like it was scaled down way too much to be a good title. I can understand trying to fit within the limitations of the original Game Boy, but it just goes to show that the origina...


Castlevania goes handheld, black and lime!

The good:

Simple yet working story
Game mechanics are, for the most part, a lot like the NES Castlevanias
Provides excellent replay value if you're willing to keep playing after credits roll
Graphics look nice
Soundtrack is quite catchy

The bad:

Frustrating in a bad way at first
Cheap deaths
Controls feel a bit stiffer than normal, especially the jumping
Controls are slightly delayed, though this is kind of rare
Precision jumping sucks


Castlevania: The Adventure is nothing short of an above average game made for the Game Boy. Its jump from console to handheld was received with mixed replies

The year is 1576 and you're Christopher Belmont (from here on out, he will be referred to as Chris). Dracula is terrorizing Transylvania and it's up to Chris to slay Dracula, just like Simon and Trevor do in the original NES games. It's like Castlevania 1 and 3's stories, there isn't much but hey, its 8-bit, so... moving on...

You'll be constantly whipping your way through 4 levels of monsters, among some platforming Konami decided to pu...

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