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Disclaimer: may crash more than just castles


Moving on from our shenanigans in Portal 2 and Trine 2, Lorx and I sought out another game to screw around in and potentially cause a few "accidental" deaths of the other during the course of the game. After some discussion it was decided we should crash some castles. So what came out of approximately 7.3 hrs of gaming? Something that very much feels like a "multiplayer comes first" experience.

After picking a knight (the natural choice being the DLC pink knight of course) and a cutscene later we got into the action. This is very much a game about progressing from left to right crashing thro...


An RPG to Parody Them All

The good:

- Numerous unlockable characters to utelise to fight your way across the riddled lands.
- Take an Animal Orb pet with you to increase your statistics, or aid in other manners.
- Multi-player: Up to four people can play together locally or on Xbox LIVE.
- A vast array of weapons lie at your disposal, but can you find them all?
- A level system based on the number of hits you deal to the enemy as opposed to the number of enemies defeated.
- Leaderboards to track your progress against your friends.
- Once you beat the game once, play again in Insane Mode.

The bad:

- Leaderboards have hackers that take up a vast majority of at least 10000 of the top places.


Castle Crashers is certainly a quirky title, and one that was released by The Behemoth following on from the success of Alien Hominoid HD. You play as any one of the denizens of the world to fight against a horde of evil minions in an attempt to rescue the four princesses of the home castle, and retrieve a powerful artifact that has been stolen by a powerful sorcerer and his allied armies.

The world comprises of a variety of different localities such as an industrialized castle, the lair of a Medusa vixen, a spaceship and many others. Hand drawn in beautiful detail that comes to life in HD,...

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