Castle Crashers Unlockables

Unlockable Weapons
This is going to tell you weapons and how to unlock for the Xbox 360 castle crashers
UnlockableHow to unlock
Necromancer swordBeat Necromancer or buy Necromancer Pack
King weapontry to make the king die in flowery feilds and collect his weapon or buy King Pack (about a 20% chance the king will die or just wait a long time without attacking anyone)
golden tubeGet it from a cult minion or buy Necromancer Pack( about a 30% chance to get it from the cult minion)
Golden Sword, Mace, ChainsawBuy every Pack
Dragon SwordGet It when you defeat the Cult Boss with the Dragon Sword
KnifeGo to Industrial Castle and go behind the bush
Barbarian axbeat a barbarian with it (about a 70% chance)
LollipopGet the Pink Knight Pack
Purple HammerGet the Blacksmith Pack
big swordbuy it in the swamp village store
bombsbuy them in the theif's store or volcano store
Ice swordBring Pazzo to the Ice castle by the wooden door
Alien GunBuy Alien Hominid HD and complete the first level
WrenchGet it in the tall grass fields by going behind the grey knight fixing a catapult with a wrench
fishGet it by defeating a bear in tall grass fields (about a 49% chance)
2nd fishget it by going to tall grass fields, then eating a PB&J and removing a boulder to the left side of a huge mountain of boulders and in a chest inside the mountain of boulders has a fish
2nd wrenchBring Pazzo to Industrial castle, Inside it there is a X that has a different wrench
Point sworddefeat a Industrial Guard that holds a Point sword (about a 45% chance)
Ninja KnifeUnlock the ninja, or defeat a ninja on pirate ship (about a 30% chance to get it from the Ninja's)
broken lampget it by unlocking the skeleton or defeating a skeleton( about a 35% chance you will get it from a skeleton)
lighting lampunlock snakey or get it from snakey (about a 30% chance you will get it from snakey)
lighting green square swordget it by defeating medusa or defeating a snakey who has it (about a 45% chance you will get it from snakey)
golden sworddig it up in the marsh it will be behind a couple of houses (It still will be really hard even with Pazzo) or defeat a skeleton who has it( about an 20-30% chance to get it with a skeleton)
Wood spoonComplete peasant arena/unlock peasant
2nd wood spoongo to Wizard castle interior and go to the zombie cone head and zombie cyclops and you will see a X made out of bones
Black maceget it from defeating a fire demon knight with a 20-37% chance or unlocking the fire demon knight