Castle Crashers Unlockables

Animal Orbs pt2.
This list is what the Animal Orb does to you rather than where to find them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Beholder+2 Magic
BiPolarAttacks enemies (and allies) with low health.
Bitey BatLaches on to the head of an enemy randomly and holds him in place.
Burly Bear+2 Strength
CardinalFinds secret items hidden throughout the game.
Chicken+1 Strength +1 Defense +1 Agility
FroggletPicks up items with his tongue.
GiraffeyIncreases XP gain (supposedly by 10%)
HawksterAttacks downed enemies and will occasionally recover a food item from defeated enemies.
Install BallShoots enemies with it's laser beam.
Meowburt+3 Agility
MonkeyfaceIncreases chance of finding items.
Mr. BuddyAllows you to dig faster.
OwletFinds food hidden in trees.
PazzoWhen a buried item is onscreen, Pazzo will hover over above the item. Dig with your shovel to recover the item.
PiggyMakes food you eat give you more health.
RammyAttacks and knocks down enemies randomly.
Scratchpaw+1 Strength +2 Agility
SeahorseAllows you to move through water faster.
SherbertAllows you to jump higher.
Snailburt+5 Defense -5 Agility
Snoot+2 Strength
Spiny+2 Defense
TrollSlowly regenerates health.
YetiProtects you from being frozen.
ZebraFinds food hidden in grass.