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Castle Crashers Glitches

Catfish / Barbarian Boss Glitch
<font size=1>These are glitches you can exploit to get experience much easier. Although, you WILL need 1 thing first:

01 Boomerang (Obtained in the forest. Its in the bush where the Owl is crapping himself)

Once you've gotten your Boomerang, you head back to the Catfish or Barbarian Boss battle's and start trying this trick out. The steps to do this trick are:

01 Throw the boomerang behind the boss.
02 Align yourself with the boss.
03 Shield so you do not get hit.

For the Barbarian; You'll only need to be worried about his attack where he grabs the large piece of metal from his back and slam it onto the ground. That is the only move that will damage you when using your shield. He also uses a drink and burps after you've taken him down to half life. Those are the only 2 you'll have to dodge and re-throw your boomerang.

For the Catfish; You need to be a bit more accurate in your throwing with this boss. You first have to get on a log, Alligator, or thief and position yourself "above" the boat. You'll bring out your boomerang and let it get to max power. Once the Catfish has started throwing up the hairball, you may throw the boomerang. You next need to get in front of the boat and shield. Make sure you attack the hairball before it rolls into the boat.

Color Glitch; This happens while doing the trick to the Catfish most (The Barbarian one is random and hasn't been able to "stop" ). The problem is when your boomerang is back behind the Catfish, the Catfish may die just before the cannon is fired. Which will cause the cat to be hit as it's sinking and cause the game to have a "color" glitch. The only way to fix the glitch is not let the cannon fire before the cat dies. If you experience the glitch, head to the dashboard after you hear the Overworld music. You'll still have your experience you gained from that Catfish EXP Glitch run.</font>