: : : : : Casebook Episode III: Snake In The Grass

Casebook Episode III: Snake In The Grass

  • Released on Nov 13, 2009
  • By Areo for PC

[edit] Background

When a killer escapes justice, Detective Burton takes it on himself to solve the case. He's outside the law, following a trail of unsolved crimes to an old haunt...

Welcome to Garden, a small town with a big problem. There's been a murder at the local chapel, and Burton's certain he knows who's responsible, even if the suspect claims to have reformed. Surely Burton's old enemy is covering up, but a little investigation points to someone else. Still, that's his style... right, partner?

As Burton grows more obsessed, it's up to you to sort truth from fiction. Talk to the locals and figure out where this is going, because an old snake's been whispering in folks' ears again...

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  • Publisher: Areo
  • Developer: Areo
  • Genre: Mystery Adventure (PC)
  • Perspective(s): First Person
Release Dates
  • North America: Nov 13, 2009